“That Unknown Feeling”- Chapter 28: The Blame Game

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Krishna watched as the designer etched intricate designs onto her right-hand palm. There were swirls and stripes of the dark henna on her hand. Bhavna sat down next to her, overly excited.

“You know Krishna, if your Mehndi turns dark, that means the person who initials are written on your hand truly loves you” she whispered, as if concealing a secret.

Krishna blushed, looking away, and smiled to herself as Bhavna giggled, walking away. She was lost in her thoughts, when she felt a soft tap on her shoulder. She looked up, and the designer smiled, asking her whose initials was to be written on her palm. Krishna opened her mouth to answer, when the front door opened, and Sayyam staggered inside, followed by Yuvaan.

“Sayyam!” Krishna gasped quietly, seeing the condition he was in. His shirt was stained with mud, the cut on his forehead had been reopened, and there were bruises lining his jaw and knuckles. She was unaware of the fact that the designer -oblivious to whatever that had just happened- had drawn a neat, curved ‘S’ in the middle of Krishna’s palm. Yuvani noticed and walked over, whispering something in the woman’s ear, who immediately corrected her mistake, modifying the ‘S’ so it appeared to be a ‘Y’.

Yuvani and Suhani grabbed Sayyam and Yuvaan respectively, and dragged them into the nearest room, making sure none of the guests saw them in this state. Yuvani examined all of Sayyam’s wounds, concern evident on her face, while Suhani looked at Yuvaan, who also had a couple of bruises and was bleeding, but was in better shape than Sayyam.

“Mumma,” Yuvani said quietly, “take a look at Sayyam; he’s gotten hurt”.

“Yuvani, go bring the first aid kit,” Suhani said, tenderly touching Sayyam’s face. He moved back, shaking his head.

“No, I’m fine; I don’t want first aid.” He tried to protest.

“Chup!” Suhani frowned with concern. “How did all this happen?”

“Exactly maa,” Yuvaan cut in, “How did all this happen? Ask your darling son Sayyam”.

Sayyam glanced up, confused as to what Yuvaan was trying to imply. “What do you mean?” he questioned Yuvaan, his eyes narrowed. Suhani looked between both her sons, wondering what was going on.

“Don’t try to pretend like you don’t know anything Sayyam,” Yuvaan warned. “You knew that I was going to the shop to collect the wedding cards-

“But beta?” Suhani questioned, “Didn’t we already collect the cards?”

Yuvaan froze, and tried to blame everything on Sayyam in a last-ditch effort. No one could find out that he had gone there to meet her, otherwise everything would be ruined.

“Maa, there was some last-minute work; but the point is, Sayyam sent goons there; then to avoid suspicion, he came and pretended to rescue me.” Yuvaan was angry and Sayyam was equally riled up by now.

“Yuvaan! Stay in your limits! My car was damaged, so I went to a mechanic shop to service it. How was I supposed to know that your precious card shop was next to it?” Sayyam retorted. Yuvaan opened his mouth to argue, when Sayyam pointed a finger at him, “Listen carefully, because I will only say this once; I only saved you out of humanity; even if you were not my brother, even if I hated you, even if you were my enemy- I still would have helped you the way I just did.”

“Humanity?” a voice sounded throughout the room. They all turned their heads towards the source of the sound, shocked to find Krishna standing there. “Sayyam, look at yourself! From which angle do you have even a pinch of humanity? You know what? I can actually believe that you would do something like this. You disgust me.”

Sayyam grabbed her arm, holding it at the exact same place Yuvaan had hurt her. She winced in pain. “Krishna! That’s enough!” he bellowed, angry with her for misunderstanding his intentions, again.

Suhani watched the events unfold in front of her eyes in shock. Her head started to hurt;

‘“Suhani, you love me, right? Sambhav was gazing maliciously at her, as she faced him indignantly.

“No Sambhav,” she spit his name out like it was some poison, “I only love Yuvraaj, and that will never change. You disgust me.” Sambhav stormed forward, holding Suhani’s arm in anger.

“Suhani! That’s enough!” he twisted her arm, and she gasped in pain.’

Suhani rushed forward and pushed Sayyam back, tears streaming down her face. “Stop Sambhav!” she cried out, sinking to the ground. Sayyam immediately softened, and reached out for her, but was stopped by Krishna.

“No. Not this time,” Krishna pushed Sayyam back further, choosing to blame him for what had just happened. “Get out. This is your fault.” She knelt down, coaxing Suhani to stand up.

Sayyam’s eyes hardened; every time he got involved with her or Yuvaan, bad things were bound to happened, and Suhani would always get hurt. He rolled up his sleeves, taking a last look at his mother and walked out.

Yuvani stood frozen as Sayyam walked out of the room; his hands were stuffed into his pockets. She had seen everything and tried to stop him, but he didn’t seem to care, continuing to walk down the hallway.

She entered the room and saw Yuvaan and Krishna hugging Suhani, who was now sitting on the bed. She sighed, setting the first aid box down and headed out to find her dad.
By the time Yuvraaj showed up, Suhani was sitting on the bed, feeling guilty.

“Yuvraaj!” Suhani said, looking up. “Sayyam didn’t do anything, I know him…Yuvaan must have misunderstood everything…”

“I know, Yuvani told me…”

“I hurt him Yuvraaj- what if he doesn’t come back now?”

“Don’t worry Suhani, Sayyam will definitely come- I know it”, Yuvraaj reassured her.

Sayyam didn’t show up for the rest of the day.

Alright guys, this is a short chapter, so I’m posting the next one today as well.
Sayyam’s back at square one and now it’s Krishna who’s pushing him away. When will these two ever learn? 😉

See ya guys!
– Shreya <3

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