“That Unknown Feeling”- Chapter 27: Unwanted questions

(Recap: Sayyam talks to a recovering Tiger about his hidden feelings. Krishna overhears his words, but misunderstands him once again, growing impatient with his attitude.)

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The next week, everyone were busy preparing for so many of the ceremonies. The whole house was buzzing with activity and joy. Sharad and Bhavna were in charge of the decorations, and Yuvraaj and Suhani were constantly bustling around, either checking up on Krishna and Yuvaan, or making sure all arrangements for the functions were perfect. Sayyam contributed wherever he could, whether it was hanging up something that was too high for everybody else, or carrying trays of flowers.

Yuvani, needless to say, was in charge of Krishna’s makeup and dresses, and was the only family member, other than Sayyam, who was unoccupied most of the time, except for scolding Krishna when she messed up her makeup. Sayyam and Yuvani were almost always together, Sayyam constantly making sarcasm-laced jokes, and she, occasionally trying to explain what the difference was between different makeup products, or new fashion trends, while he shook his head in playful frustration.

Once in a while though, Sayyam would catch her glaring at him, like she knew something he didn’t. There were a lot of unanswered questions in his mind, but Sayyam always shook off the feeling; he’d tried to apologize once or twice, finding her alone wherever he could, but she’d always look away. It was obvious she wanted nothing to do with him, and Sayyam decided that it was for the best. After all, avoiding her would get rid of the feelings.


Krishna hated him; she hated him for making her feel things she wasn’t supposed to feel; she hated him for being so complicated and emotionless; she hated how rude he could be. But most of all, she hated him for what he had said that day. She didn’t feel guilty now either for everything she’d said to him that night- she wasn’t allowed to feel guilty. He deserved it. She’d found him looking at her expectantly a couple times, it was as if he had something to say. But it didn’t matter, she was always the first one to forgive. And it always end up hurting her the most.

She didn’t dwell on those thoughts though; she was getting married next week, to Yuvaan. She smiled, thinking about the time they had spent together the previous evening on the terrace. Suhani and Yuvraaj had wanted them both to spend some more time together before they were married. Yuvaan had gifted her a silver necklace, with an emerald pendant.
She looked at the necklace now, holding the pendant between her fingers. This felt typical, she smiled happily to herself. Today was the mehndi, and tomorrow would be the engagement. This was nice, the normality of it all. She remembered the moments spent with Sayyam. Every second with him was like a roller coaster of emotions, too fast and too unpredictable…but there was one question stuck in her mind that bothered her. ‘Did she prefer it that way?’

Yuvaan appeared suddenly, disrupting Krishna’s train of thought, “Krishna! I came to ask you something,”

“Yeah?” Krishna replied, smiling slightly.

“Can I have the necklace back?” he furrowed his eyes, looking like he was in a hurry.

“But Yuvaan…” Krishna frowned.

“Just give it to me, okay?” Yuvaan gripped her arm tightly, his gaze darting everywhere.

“Y- yes, of- of course, sorry Yuv- Yuvaan.” She averted her gaze, staring at the floor in front of her. Yuvaan held her chin, tilting her head back so their eyes met.

“I just need it for a while, all right?”

“Okay Yuvaan,” she said submissively.

“Okay, Krishna…anyway…I have to go somewhere, I’ll see you later.”

“Oh, no mister”, Yuvani walked up to them laughing, “boys can’t come during the mehndi function…you’ll just have to meet your fiancé tomorrow.”

Yuvaan raised an eyebrow, looking uninterested, while Krishna looked away, not knowing how to respond.

“Okay, okay Yuvani,” he smirked, as if he hadn’t just been scolding Krishna, and walked away hurriedly.

“Come Krishna” Yuvani held Krishna’s arm, and Krishna took a sharp intake of breath, as she flinched away, rubbing the sore skin tenderly.

“What happened?” Yuvani questioned worriedly.

“I… uh…I- I fell!” Krishna managed to say, and Yuvani raised an eyebrow, clearly not believing her.

“Forget it, I’m ok,” she smiled, tugging at Yuvani, “Come, they all must be waiting.”


Those in favor of Yuvaan, please raise your hands…Yeah, that’s what I thought 😉
I know, this was a pretty short and stupid chapter…there’ll be more drama in the next chapter, I promise! Also, about Kriyam scenes, they are on their way. Like I said, there’s gonna be a lot going on between them, but I will be including some fun plot arcs once the fights cool down. Don’t expect me to cool down Kriyam though! They’re gonna be on fire 😉
The next chapter will be coming out on Monday, thanks for reading!

Until next time,
– Shreya <3

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  1. I have been a silent reader of your fanfic since chap 1. I love your writing. Now kriyam has ended your fan fic is the thing that makes my happy. Thank you and keep writing! Excited ed to see what happens .??

    1. Fanficwriter

      Hey, thank you so much!!? It means a lot that you took the time to comment. Glad my writing satisfies your craving for more Kriyam, honestly they had so much potential on the show??

  2. I missed your ft sooo much!!!!! Update the next one soon!!❤❤❤can’t wait??

    1. Fanficwriter

      Thank you Aman!!? The next chapter is coming out on Monday?

  3. Rai

    Finally ur back ?
    I loved both the chapters …….. poor saiyyam ?feeling sad about his situation ?
    I look forward to reading the next chapter update soon ??

    1. Fanficwriter

      Thank you Rai, I’m glad to be back too ?? Sayyam is getting misunderstood, while Krishna is just trying to negate her own feelings for him. Let’s see what happens ?

  4. Amazing epi yaar u come back with rock

  5. Fantabulous u explained their feelings so creatively

    1. Fanficwriter

      Thank you so much! Your words mean a lot??

  6. It’s amazing dear
    U r fantastic writer
    Post soon

    1. Fanficwriter

      Thanks?, your praise means so much. I’ll be posting the next chapter on Monday??

  7. Hey its Amazing I read all chapters of your ff its really good I m just waiting for that epi when kriyam will Unite update next part soon plzzz

    1. Fanficwriter

      I’m glad you took the time to read my ff??
      Kriyam are gonna go through a lot before they finally get together and accept their love. Until then, enjoy the ride ?
      Thanks for commenting ?

  8. Jhanvi14

    I am sorry Shreya… I could not comment on your previous chapter…. I was busy with college work… This is amazing as always!!! Love you Yaar!!! ???

    1. Fanficwriter

      Hey, you don’t have to apologise Jhanvi?? besides, I completely understand: college work is so time consuming?
      Knowing I have your love and encouragement is more than enough for me; thanks for the praise, it means so much?

  9. Prethiga

    Loved this chapter… You have raised my expectations… Yuvaani is in charge of make up and dress so surely its going to be the best… why don’t Saiyyam and Krishna just talk and clear the misunderstandings… they don’t trust each other now… but I am sure that if they ever start trusting each other… their trust is going to be damn strong which no one can brake easily…

    Saiyyam should understand that avoiding Krishna won’t help him get rid of his feelings… Krishna forgives people first and ends up getting hurt… It would be awesome to see Saiyyam protecting Krishna and Krishna getting Saiyyam out of the “It’s-all-my-fault” bubble he has made around him…

    I feel that deep down Krishna wants to spend her life with Saiyyam even if it is a roller coaster of emotions, too fast and too unpredictable… I feel yes she prefers it that way….

    How dare Yuvaan mistreat Krishna… and I think he is taking the necklace back to give it to Baby… Just guessing… And Yuvaan oppresses Krishna… wish Saiyyam saves Krishna and gives her the treatment she deserves… and I am not at all in favor of Yuvaan…

    this chapter was awesome as always… eagerly waiting for the next chapter and last but not the least… really love you for giving us such a story… Its not that everyday you get to read a story like this 😉

    1. Fanficwriter

      Wow Prethiga, I have to say, I always look forward to your comments. The way you analyse situations is just amazing, and I love reading your opinions on the dynamic relationships and emotions that lie beneath the surface.

      Sayyam and Krishna are so drawn to each other, I guess it scares them; and they both are so willing to find faults in each other, just so that it’ll be easier to avoid the confusion of where their relationship truly stands.

      Krishna is drawn to Sayyam’s unpredictability and the excitement she will never find with Yuvaan. She’s willing to take the risk, but she continues to suppress the feelings she has for him and convinces herself that she hates him.

      I must admit, your guesses about the future plot arc are pretty smart? Let’s see what happens?

      I love you guys for reading my story and constantly motivating me, it’s because of you guys I’ve come this far and written so much so far.

      Thanks again Prethiga, love ya?

  10. Fidato

    Huh… I will kill this Yuvaan… How dare he.. I hope their misunderstanding will sorted out .Soon.. Eagerly waiting for next… “Krishna’s train of thoughts…”I loved it..

    1. Fanficwriter

      I know, Yuvaan sometimes gets on my nerves too?
      Sayyam and Krishna are going to take some time, but the end result will be worth it?
      Thanks for everything Fidato, it means a lot??

  11. Muniya

    Awesome as always…??
    Just loved every bit except Yuvaan’s part..just hate him to the core..wanna kill him…???
    I don’t know why i feel like Baby is gonna enter the scene??
    Hope things become normal very soon…
    Waiting to see Kriyyam on the fire of Love for eachother…i know thats not gonna happen anytime soon..???
    Impatiently waiting for Monday…
    Love u dear???

    1. Fanficwriter

      I’m sorry if I’m taking this at a really slow pace Muniya, I just want to make this more enjoyable and realistic?
      I agree though, Yuvaan is pretty annoying right now; he might be hiding a secret…Your guess might turn out to be right, let’s see?
      Thank you so much, love you too??

      1. Muniya

        Don’t say Sorry dear…its fine…i m definately enjoying the way u r showing their unanswered emotions annoying them…it seems to be so real…loving it.

  12. AnahitaAnnie

    Wooow shreya.. That was splendid episode.. Sorry for not being able to comment earlier I was facing problems with TU… Now, I am so happy u are back.. No problem if u update two days a week at least u are updating.. I also submitted my Kriyam ff chapter today..

    Now coming back to ur writing all of my praises always seem so little.. The way u surmised all those scenes and the whirlpool of emotions are fantabulous.. I was always a crazy fan of ur writing but with each chapter I am getting crazier..

    I know next update will be up soon.. Seriously I missed u soo much.. Thank u for posting in ur busy schedule..

    1. Fanficwriter

      Hey don’t apologize Annie, knowing that I will always have a supportive, talented friend like you will always provide me with that extra motivation ??

      Thank you for the praise? I honestly don’t consider myself that cool of a writer ?but thank you nonetheless ??

      I love both your ff’s (“Just an Act?” and “When the Lover plays”) they’re amazing and just beautifully written, keep it up girl??

      I’ll try to post often, though I know I would never be able to stop writing, I love it too much to pause doing it??

  13. Shaz19

    Oh Sayyam, avoiding your feelings won’t make them go away, it will only make them stronger! I’m really loving your story. They both can’t deny there is something there between them. Although Krishna is marrying Yuvann, she can’t help thinking about Sayyam.

    I really love the way you describe feelings. Your chapters are short, every time I find myself wanting more! I can’t wait for the Kriyam scenes! Update soon! X

    1. Fanficwriter

      Thank you Shaz?
      Sayyam and Krishna really are avoiding their feelings for each other, just wait until the attraction gets to a point where they both can’t deny it??
      I’m updating very soon, thank you for everything ??

  14. Fenil

    nice update.

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      Thank you so much Fenil bro??

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