“That Unknown Feeling”- Chapter 17: Misunderstandings

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(I accidentally labelled two chapters as “Chapter 16”, so we’re just gonna continue from ’17’ 🙂 )

The next day, Krishna woke up to see Yuvaan staring down at her and jerked upwards. “Yuvaan!” she sat up, rubbing her back.

“Where were you yesterday?” Yuvaan’s eyes were cold and unfeeling.

“Yuvaan, I told you, I went to the market…”

‘Since when have you started lying to me?” he roared. “Maa told me you came back empty handed.”

“Yuvaan”, she whimpered, “Please trust me-”

Yuvaan’s eyes narrowed, “Were you with him?” He furiously grabbed her arm, twisting it back. A few tears escaped from Krishna’s eyes, as she writhed in pain.

“Yuv-Yuvaan, I wasn’t wi-with him”, she lied. He let go of her arm roughly and she fell over, blinking back fresh tears. Yuvaan had a short temper, but she had never seen him this angry; it scared her.

“Why don’t you understand Krishna? Sayyam is not a good person; he destroys everything he touches. He’ll hurt you too- then don’t come crying to me.” Yuvaan warned her.
Krishna slipped into her thoughts, remembering everything Sayyam had said to her the previous day, all the spiteful words he’d hurled at her, and every scorching look he’d given her. Then, a thought creeped into her head, refusing to go away, ‘Maybe Yuvaan was right…’

“Yuvaan,” Krishna asked gently, “What exactly did Sayyam’s father do?”

“I never told you, did I?” Yuvaan’s tone softened, “Sayyam’s father first befriended maa, they both were close at first, but no one knew how cheap a man he really was. He married her- forcefully, and after their marriage he tortured her, he would hurt her endlessly. Then, one day, he crossed his limits: he forced himself on her; that’s how Sayyam was conceived- and maa, she decided to have the baby. I don’t why, but she did- she sent Sayyam to an orphanage afterwards, and he was forgotten, until he showed up again recently.”

Krishna sat motionless, still processing what Yuvaan had just told her. How low could anyone stoop? Especially regarding a woman’s respect- yet, even so- a tiny voice inside her still tried to convince her that Sayyam wasn’t like his father- he couldn’t be judged like this, but she silenced the voice and looked at Yuvaan, opening her mouth to ask another question.

“You’ll understand later Krishna,” Yuvaan sighed, “I’m only saying this because I care.” He stood up and started to walk away.

“Yuvaan?” Krishna got out of the bed, while Yuvaan turned around, his eyebrows raised. “Thank you- for telling me.”

“Yeah,” Yuvaan gave her a thin smile and walked away, leaving her to tend to her bruised wrist alone.


At breakfast, Suhani noticed that Krishna was absentmindedly pushing food around on her plate, Sayyam was glaring down at his piece of toast, and Yuvaan was looking rather disturbed. ‘They were fine yesterday’ she thought, puzzled at their behavior.

Sayyam looked up from the bread he was holding, noting that the butter was near Krishna. Purposely avoiding her, he turned to Yuvaan,” Bhai, will you pass me the butter?” he requested.

“Don’t call me that.” Yuvaan looked irritated. Suhani, made eye contact with him, shaking her head. Yuvaan looked down.

Sayyam sensed that Yuvaan didn’t want to talk to him and faced Yuvani. “Yuvani?’ he tilted his head, pointing at the butter.

“Of course, Bhai”, Yuvani smiled warmly, handing him the butter. Sayyam started applying the butter on his bread. He felt Krishna shift her gaze towards him, staring heatedly in his direction. Feeling uncomfortable, he stood up and carried the plate with him, walking towards the outhouse.

Krishna stood up a short while after, having lost her appetite, and walked towards her room. Yuvaan left shortly after her.
Suhani watched them all leave, one by one, wondering why everyone was acting strange, especially Sayyam and Krishna. She needed to talk to them, she finally decided, moving towards Krishna’s room.

Hey guys, sorry for the wait, the next chapter will be out soon!
I think I can safely say that Yuvaan is turning out to be a grey character…let’s see what happens 😉

Until next time!
-Shreya <3

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  1. It’s amazing plz update next part asap. Its amazing to see yuvaan as a villain

    1. Fanficwriter

      Thank you,? and I know right! Isn’t Yuvaan an awesome villan???

  2. Amazing just amazing post soon
    LOVE IT #kriyam

    1. Hey we have the same name! R u Bengali?

    2. Fanficwriter

      Thank you Aisha??

  3. Hey shreya thanks…….. you updated. Last 2 days there are no kriyam ff. And today’s episode amazing yaar. Watching yuvaan as a villain superb. Utilize him fully. Don’t end him like the cvs. And saiyyam the best character ever. Plz guys update regularly. Can’t wait to read the next one. Update ASAP

    1. Fanficwriter

      Thank you Yura!?
      I’ll be sure to make use of Yuvaan’s full potential as a character?

  4. Its superb epiosde. Plz update asap .becauae 2 days without kriyam ff i specaliy became very sad.

    1. Fanficwriter

      Thank you??
      I’ll try to update more frequently??

  5. Prethiga

    it was awesome…and tanks for updating…

    Why is yuvaan being so rude towards krishna… how dare he twist her hands… reading this episode i just felt like yuvaan and not sayyam has become like sambhav … and i think it is high time that krishna takes a stand… and krishna knows the truth hope she understands sayyam… and suhani is worried like a typical mother… and yuvaani i just love her…and i think yuvaan’s character is turning dark and i love that… pls update the next one as soon as possible…

    1. Fanficwriter

      Thank you for commenting Prethiga,
      I always felt that in SSEL, Yuvaan had a better chance of turing into a person like Sambhav, than Sayyam did…

      Let’s see what happens??

  6. Update soon!! With more kriyam scenes❤️?

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      Thanks Aman?, there will be more Kriyam?

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    After a long time!!…nice episode…post next epi soon.missing kriyam sooo much…

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      Thank you Mithila?, I’m missing Kriyam too??

  8. nice try..but i don’t understand why krishna always faces rudeness towards her…why she is not able to answer anyone? poor krishna

    1. Fanficwriter

      I know, but Krishna gonna get stronger, it’s part of the journey?
      Thnx for commenting?

  9. O my god so many days I have been dying for ffs but really nice ??.

  10. AnahitaAnnie

    Wow.. Fantastic episode.. If I were in Krishna’s place and saw Yuvan staring at me in my room I would be like,”boy, get the hell out of my room and quit staring”. And after the story I would lash on him with a tight slap instead of a smile.. Anyways, let me end my funny behaviour description. The episode was terrific. Especially the dinner table scene..and ur words are as always something that should be praised.. I love ur writing style girl.. I am not being able to update mine due ti sheer business but I will try to update within a day..but eagerly waiting for ur one.. Love ya..

    1. Fanficwriter

      I think I really like badass Annie???
      True though, Yuvaan kinda snuck in, and that’s creepy…
      Thnx for gracing my episode with that short realistic funny description Annie, it was awesome

      Btw, l love your ff, it’s amazing???

      Love you girl!?

  11. Fidato

    Wow… Shreya… it’s really amazing as usual… Your chapters name all apt for the episode… Please don’t make them apart… Clear the misunderstanding…

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      Thnx Fidato?, it’ll take some time for Kriyam to find themselves, but that’s all part of the journey! ?

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    Fantastic episode shreya…. Yuvaan a villain… Plz clear misunderstanding☺☺

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      Thanks Missu??
      I’ll do my best to clear everything up, but what can I say? This story just writes itself?
      Kriyam is such an intense pair?

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