Unknown Destination – Intro


Unknown Destination

Swara, a student from the United States, has just arrived at Charles de Gaulle in Paris, the airport that greets a million visitors to Paris every day. Paris. Finally. It’s always been a dream of Swara’s: to live in the City of Light, the city of fine arts, of the Latin Quarter, of wine, and, who knows, perhaps the city of a little love story.

She plans to study in France for one year, to get her degree in Computer Science at the University of Versailles St. Quentin-en-Yvelines. It’s the university that offered her a scholarship to study. Plus, her friend Ragini studies there and Swara can live with her in a small apartment.

She takes the RER which brings her straight to the St. Lazare station at the city center. After arriving there, she looks for the platform that will take her to the train for Versailles. She boards the train, and soon it’s heading into a black tunnel toward Versailles. Swara iis a little disappointed because she has to stay in Versailles when she’d like to live in Paris. But she tells herself that Versailles is only a few minutes by train from the big city of Paris, and moreover, there are several attractions in Versailles.

The train exits the tunnel, and while passing the big city she sees a large cemetery, the Eiffel Tower, and Montmartre with the Sacré Coeur cathedral nearby. A few moments later she arrives at Versailles station.

She has arrived. This is her destination. In front of her is the grand château of Versailles where Louis 14th, the Sun King, had parties and lived the high life with his mistresses. To the right is the avenue St. Cloud where the apartment that she’ll live in with Josephine is. Tired, but joyful, she starts looking for the address of the apartment. “All alone in a new country, knowing no one, future, I’m ready!” Swara says to herself.

Hello People.I hope u love me and have read my 2 one shots 🙂 Just to tell that i will be regular only after the 23rd and cant promise anything cause i have my exams on..Forgive me

Credit to: Barbie (angel_Swalakian)

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  1. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Interesting concept.Plz Continue.

    1. Angel_Swalakian

      Thank You. Hope to keep your expectations high 🙂

  2. Interesting

    1. Angel_Swalakian

      Thank you mahjabeen

  3. Deeksha

    gud intro……what about the pairs?????????????

    1. Angel_Swalakian

      Pairs will be revealed soon but i would like u to read the story more than pairs
      DOnt take me wrong

  4. keep swasan yaar

    1. Angel_Swalakian

      Will see but till then read the ff 🙂

  5. Awesome

    1. Angel_Swalakian

      Thank you CrazyGirl

    1. Angel_Swalakian

      Thank YOu 🙂 <3

  6. Nice dear..

    1. Angel_Swalakian

      Thank You Anu Ann

  7. really gud

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