Unknown Destination – Episode 5


Unknown Destination

Chapter 5

“Ragini I am so excited ” Swara exclaimed

“First lets get out of here” Ragini said


They were talking on the platform .A few distance away from them was Sanskaar standing there waiting for his brother Laksh.

I doubt laksh coming today.I better get going Will get some things for him and he will be fine 🙂 However i just want to go there alone maybe memories . I know i cant remember her face but i still feel her .Right now i feel she is right here .

Sanskaar opens his eyes to see a girl wearing the same one he had given to his loved one

Suddenly he got a jerk from behind

.He turned to see his brother Laksh standing back.

Laksh whats this .You are soo late

Bhai chill !! I am just 5 mins late

Laksh do you even know how important these 5 mins in my life are.When are you even gonna understand the importancce of time ??

Bhai can you even stop your lectures for a day.You dont even seem to bother that your brother just came a day back and now you are meeting him.


Oh sorry other people are important for you than me.Thank you for reminding me

Laksh I Am Sorry !!!

Bhai this is not the question of being sorry .Its just about what you have done but remember “Dont lose the ones you have in search of the one you have lost”

And noow who is starting his lectures

This is what I wanna tell you .You love giving lectures to others but you hate hearing lectures

.Why ??

Laksh stop this drama .I accept I cant win against you

Thats like a good boy Sanskaar Dsouza

Scene 3

Swara and Ragini are in the taxi which ragini hired in order to go to the love bridge.

Ragini see this <3

What happened

See this where they tie locks that thing you told me.Come lets go there

But Swara you dont have a boyfriend then whose name are you gonna write .

I will write but you come and write too

Swara I dont have anyone in my life

Ok fine IDK but let me tell never bring your ego in between your love

"Swara " There was no use of telling she aldready got out of the taxi.I gave the fare and got out.

Swara dont run..I cant catch up with you

Ok Ok..Come slowly

Swara went and took a lock .She went and wrote Swara And Unknown.She prayed to god that someone else too may write unknown .

Ragini took a lock and emotionally looked at the part where she and he had aldready put the lock but she in anger that day just broke the lock cause she was so angry on him


Ya why dint you write and what are you thinking.

Nothing Swara

Ok Fine I am going to sit in the taxi.You write and come.

She gave me a sweet smile.

but swara that taxi left

Whattt..I mean wasnt he supposed to take us everywhere.


Ok I will find a taxi.

She went

I was standing there alone.Not understanding what to do.Whether to write or no

Swara's words kept coming in my mind " let me tell never bring your ego in between your love"
I finally wrote with so much of tears coming in my eyes

Ragini And Sanskaar

I kept in that exact same place,in that exact same line,only that he was not there with me but now I have decided that no matter what I will find him and I am gonna know what actually happened.

I went in the taxi swara had hired and sat.

So you wrote anything

No I told telling sorry in my mind

My POV: I cant tell her now,I need to find the whole truth and then only can I go till the truth.

Swara can we go home today.Actually my head is paining we will come some other day.

YA its fine -Swara said

They reached back home.Ragini without telling anything went to the house and went to her room.She locked her room and opened her diary.She had started writing the diary from when she had met sanskaar.In order to find out what had happened she needed to recollect all the things and also link them all
Scene 4

Love Bridge

Laksh why are we here

So that the person whom you are searching for will be easier to find

But how

You can put a lock of yours and her name

It will not work out.

Ok Fine.I am writing

OMG…Someone is there in your life and you dint tell me also

Nobody is there

Then whose name will you write


You are gone crazy

Thanks Bro

Sanskaar took a lock and wrote Ragini And Sanskaar.He put it in the other side.When he was going to laksh.

He could see the name Sanskaar.He glanced over there but before he could finish reading laksh pulled him away

Lets go home

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