Unknown Destination – Episode 4


So hello people. since now I came back from India uploading Chapter 4.
Yes the pairs are swalak and ragsan but I promise a Raglak and Swasan FF will soon be introduced 🙂 Swasanians Swalakians Ragsanians Raglakians I need everyone’s response.Love you all – Barbie

Unknown Destination

Chapter 4

In The Train -Scene 1

Sanskar get ready. Something amazing is gonna happen with you .

Scene 2
Swara why did you go so back and sit .There were seats over here.

Ragini you know right how I love sitting at the last

Ya I know but this place is new for you.You rarely know the places over here . Arrey dont be sad. I am just worried for you


Ok fine Now lets go where we should go 😉

Now !!!!

Ya its open now

Are you ready

Yes I am , Ragini D’souza

Oh!!! See there comes your Mom’s call.I forgot to message her that you reached.
Ahh!!! there comes loads and loads of lectures for me

Hehe..Now pick the phone

Me!!! why

Swara its your Mom’s call . She definetly wants to talk to you

Thank you for reminding me.

Swara you are way to funny.

Hello Mom !!

Hello Swara . Did you reach over there safely?

Yes Mom

So ya .Listen i need to speak something to you.Its urgent and its relating to Rohan so just give me a call in the evening.

Mom is everything fine

Yes swara just that you need to know about it 🙂

Ok but are you

Swara dont get too worried .I said right you just need to know about it 🙂 Bye .

Ok Mom….Bye 🙂

What happened Swara ?

Nothing.Just that mom told me to call in the evening when I am free , something to discuss about Rohan.

Dont worry I still remember mom called me to tell something about Vanessa and she had won a competition so be calm

Chill Dude !!

Ok and ya i wanted to tell you something..

In the train i met a guy S…

This name reminds me of that person , of that guy who ruined my life .He himself accepted it .I just hate that guy and everyone reated to him.Such a bastard.I dont know what happiness he got by ruining my life but you know what mom has always thought me to forgive others no matter what but i am not of that kind.Just hope that i never emet him again in my life .Just go to hell Mr . But even then i dont know why i still cant believe he did that

Ragini where are you lost

Umm… no

Come on you have to share everything with me

I will but time has to come .Some things should be known only after a certain period of time and for you time has to come 🙂

Ok my dear sister ..Will wait for that but when is the time?

I cant say it all depends on you

On me ????

Yes 🙂 on you and how dont ask me cause even I dont have the answer

Now come 🙂

But from where to start .Like Paris is so big

Yes its big and I have been to Paris once or twice so its fine I know . Where do you wanna go first ?


but which ???

Wait you always watch English that is hollywood movies so lets watch some hindi movies for a change

Ok ok but its a change only for me movies later but for now what


Lets go to the love bridge

Swara are you gone crazy .Seriously only love birds go over there and many people believe if you go over there and write both your names on the lock and lock it .Your love is long lasting but I dont believe in all that stupidity.I am ready to go to the movie to watch Constantine or Jurrasic Story or the Croods but not to go there.

Ragini calm down why are you getting so hyper ? Its just a love bridge and we will visit and come and you know we dont have time

Ragini POV:- god why do you always have to bring me in such situations .I just dont wanna go there.There it was were all began.We had even goe there to tie but then we brokke and it was so easy for him.Last time when i went ther i could see him but I ran from there but when swara is there I am sure that i cant run after all she loves exploring and it was me who taught her to explore the world but sometimes….

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