Unknown Destination – Episode 3

Thank You everyone for your kind words. It really encourages me .Thank you for all the silent readers..Sorry for the short update .Dont blame me for not posting.TU did not post I had send them on time Love you all – Barbie 

Episode 3

They go to sit inside the train.They are about to sit when a boy comes and sits there

Hello mister. Please check your ticket we are sitting here spoke Ragini

Actually why don’t you check your ticket Miss – The boy who was in his sunglasses spoke


Ragini wait we might have different tickets. Just check it once

Ok Ragini responded glaring angrily at the boy who was now having a newspaper too

See I told you. You sit here I wil go and sit in my seat

Your sure – Ragini

Yea.No probzz..

Swara searched her seat and went and sat over there.

It was like a flight . 2 seats wise

She slowly went and sat in her seat and sat there without uttering a word.

Hello..The boy spoke

Hello she told being nervous

The boy sensed the nervousness in her and told “ its fine if you don’t wanna talk

No its nothing like that.Just that I am new here and I have lot less friends and I am too scared to make one and in case you turn one she told in one breath

Wow..You said it so fast but its fine. I can be trusted though I rarely trust people

But why..I mean sorry to interfere but any reason

No .. Its not like that.Anyway where are you going

I am going with my sister raa

Before she could complete on person came and stood near them

The boy was not in this world. The starting of the word made him remember about her. Why did she leave him probably she gave him the stupidest reason but her knew it was not that and was still ready to pull her in a deep hug and ask her why she….

He was then suddenly interrupted with some small fingers poking his hand

Aah.. he muttered she had long nails

Oops..I am sorry but if you don’t mind can u sit here.

He got confused as to why she asked him like that but then he noticed a man standing there

Yes he replied moving to the other side and she moving to the other side

Oh!! Ya so what about you where are you going

Actually I am going to Paris but then have to come back today because mom and dad wanna take me out and my small brother too has come from New York. So I have to show him Paris to

Oh she exclaimed

Anyway by the way you behave looks like you are new here

Ya.Actually I used to live in New York and then I got a scholarship in one of the university I
always wanted so I shifted in here with my cousin and her friend

May I know which college ? he asked

I felt like a interview was going on but it was fine

University Of Versailles St. Quentin-en-Yvelines I said

Oh wow!! I recently joined in there. You see I am in the third year of…..

Wow ! You can meet my cousin and study with her too

Is she

Ya she is studying there. She too got scholarship over there

Oh!! Looks like your whole family is a bunch of genius people

Why not ? After all Newton was my grandfathers father

He gave her a what are you speaking look

She couldn’t stop laughing and said you seriously look like a complete nerd

How on earth can he be my grandfathers father

Ahh !! you scared me off I seriously hate that Newton to the core of the earth

Lol !! I found out another Mr.Newton hatred

He couldn’t stop but smile.

Finally you smiled. You look good while smiling

Thank you He said

Suddenly they heard a voice.

Looks like we reached. Anyways My name is Sanskaar D’souza

Wow I dint knew even our names matched I mean surnames.Anyway I am Swara Dsouza.Nice to meet you.

His eyes widened which showed that he was in a shock

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