Unknown Destination – Episode 1

Hello People. Thank you Amy , Abdul , mahjabeen , Soujanya , Deeksha and Crazy girl for your comments.  .Talking about the pairs they will be revealed later.
SO right now forget about the pairs and read the story .
I hope all of you will like it  -Barbie

Episode 1

She was standing in front of “Château of Versailles”.

She just wants to go right there and explore everything. Ah !! She had to wait for Ragini.and her friend Josephine.

Wait wasn’t she supposed to go there

.She smiled at her antics and then went to the place Saint-Cloud and rang the bell.

She was given a warm hug by Josephine and was welcomed in.

Two people came and lifted her bags while taking it to her room.

She was not surprised even she had many maids in New York and they were so friendly with her.

She missed them

“Swara” A voice bought her back from her dream world and as soon as she saw her.She ran and gave her a tight hug

“I Missed You “ she said still hugging

I Missed you too Swara –Ragini said responding

Ragini I am going out with Rohit will be a little late.DO take swara to the Château of Versailles”.-said Josephine

But – Ragini protested

No Buts .she has only 2 weeks for her college to start .Let her enjoy – Josephine replied

“Thank You” A innocent voice spoke

Your welcome and the tickets are on the table –Josephine

That’s so sweet of you Josephine.Thank You – Ragini

She smiled as she went out

Yes!!! Finally its Paris .I just can’t believe it !!! –said the innocent swara

“I know you cant believe but you have to give me credits “ said ragini

“ How can I forget you.Thank you so much for convincing mom and dad – Swara said

“Freshen up and (going to the table) we have to go at 6.Its 3 now –Ragini said

First go and freshen up. But ya you are gonna enjoy a lot –said ragini

I Love Youu.. Ragini –said swara in happiness

She smiled

Swara entered her room.It was neatly arranged with the combination of mix blue and white

“Wow” she exclaimed as she saw the whole room.

Ragini had told her the house was small and the rooms too but she was in for a surprise but she smiled looking at the room.

She neatly kept the suitcase on the bed and opened it .

She then wore a light green dress up to the knees and a jeans overcoat on it.

She then took her small hanging purse.She put her lipstick , some money and things

Wait My Phone !! She exclaimed

She then took it out of her bag giving a sigh of relief

She smiled looking at it. It was given on her bday with no name on the gift.It was a IPhone .Rosegold in colour

“Thank You Mr/Ms Anonymus” she wisphered

She then went down to see Ragini wearing A knee dress cream in colour with black spots on it.
Wow You look amazing -she said

Thank You You too look good -said Ragini

Swara I have to tell you something

Ya say..Swara said checking the phone.

Tomorrow we will be roaming Paris.So today you can..

Yay !! Lets go fast now.I don’t wanna waste time

Ragini was confused whether she had even listened to her but she smiled at her innocence

Come Fast came a voice

Oh! Ragini go fast otherwise she is gonna kill you I muttered to myself

We then took a cab and reached the Château of Versailles

I Am Soo Excited exclaimed Swara

Mee too –said ragini

But dint u go before? –Asked swara

To be frank no. After coming here I was so busy ………

Lets go inside fast

Ragini knew she was not in a mood to listen and told her to follow her

We went in and my mouth remained open at what I Saw

Its Mindblowing I said

We went to the “The Queens Hamlet” “Gardens and this is the best part “The Hall Of Mirrors”
I quickly surfed information in my mobile cause I was least interested to read it even if it was there

The Short Information I Got : The Grand Gallery, as it was called in the 17th century, was used every day by the courtiers to get to other places, as a waiting area and a meeting-point.

We then roamed the whole place and came back at 7:00

I was feeling so sleepy

Swara lets have food –Ragini said

We then went to a room where the dining table was kept with dishes in the bowls with lids closed

Ragini hadn’t you told me that the room was small…

Oh ya but we recently shifted here

Hmm swara said.

They had their food and Ragini waved her a bye disappearing to her room.

She then went to her room .She opened the suitcase took her home suit and changed freshening up

.She then slowly removed her diary and closed the suitcase and kept it back

She then sat on the bed and wrote her diary .She then closed the Diary

Swara POV :- Today I came to Paris . I always wanted to come here and finally today I am here.I am so glad to have Ragini by my side .Today s day went awesome. Hope something good is there in store for me tomorrow too

She then kept the diary side .Switched off the lights and went to sleep

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