The unknown desire – Ishqbaaz, Kasam SS (Shot 5) Last Shot

Finally i am gonna complete my first ss.Special thnx to niriha,alekhika20 and aqsa who always commented in my ss whether they were good or not.If u guys want read my ff more so u can read my ff Rivanya – the aged love story and Naagin (Rivanya forever) season 2 and please do read and comment.So lets start with our last shot.


Rishi’s POV

Pawan left the house.I went to dad and asked him if whatever i ask him to give me will he give me?He said yes ofcourse.I said that i wanted to marry Tanu.He was hell shocked.He looked at Tanu.Tanu kept head down in order to prevent eyecontact with him.He asked me whether i was gon nuts.Seriously!?He still things his son is immature to marry?Come one yaar i am of 22 now.He called Tanu and she came to him.Dad asked whether she wanted to marry me?

End of Rishi’s pov

Tanu’s POV

I answered yes.Uncle got happy and kept his hand on my head and blessing me.He hugged Rishi.He also told this to everyone and everyone git happy.Finally i am going get married with one whom i loved the most since my childhood.

End of Tanu’s pov

Next day everything was ready for Tanshi’s marriage.Tanu and Rishi were sitting in their room and were very excited for their marriage.Soon they were called down.The priest start his mantra.They got up from their place and took the 7 vows and promised each other that whatever happens they will not leave eachother in any birth.Rishi made Tanu wear the mangalsutra and applied sindoor on her forehead.The priesy said they are married and are now husband and wife.They cried in happiness.


Shivaay’s POV

I went towards Anika and stood behind her.I took her name.She turned towards me.Her hairs were coming on her face so i removed it and put behind her ears.I wanted her to be happy not angry.My small mistake made her angry and now my big effort will definitely make her happy.

End of Shivaay’s pov

Shivaay catched her with both her arms and said
Shivaay”Please forgive me Anika.I cant live without you You are my life,you are my love,you are my strength and you are my everything”
Anika looked towards him.They shared a sweet eyelock.They were now speaking with their eyes.

Anika’s POV

I could see pain and l9ve together in his eyes.Pain because i am angry with him and love because he loves me.He said me to give him a last chance.I dint said anything and looked outside the window but my gaze was still on him.He again asked me the same question but no answer from me.He left my arms and was going when………

End of Anika’s pov

Anika stopped him and said
Anika”Shivaay please stop.I will not forgive you because you have not done anything just i was angry with any reason.”
Shivaay turned towards Anika and quickly hugged her and she hugged him back.

The end
Guys i am thinking to start a ss and a ff together so do comment when its updated and do tell me for which serial you are commenting.

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    Awesome??? dear come back with another story

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      Thnx and will surely come back but for now i am confused whether to start a ff or a ss

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