The unknown desire – Ishqbaaz, Kasam SS (Shot 4)


Rishi’s POV

I showed the video to dad.I was too excited to see dad’s expression.I looked towards him.He removed his specs and looked towards Pawan angrily.Finally,even Tanu came inside and looked at me smiling.Dad gave the mobile back to me and shouted at Pawan.He slapped him.Oh ya.Love u for first time dad.He broke the marriage of his and tanu’s.i felt like dancing.

End of Rishi’s pov

Tanu’s POV

Yes finally i and rishi can get married.Pawan was too bad.I always felt like killing him.

End of Tanu’s pov

Raaj”Just get out and dont show your dirty face”
Pawan leaves.


Shivaay’ POV

I kissed her on forehead.She opened her eyes and looked at me.It seemed like the moment was stopped there only.The single second seemed to stop.After few minutes she went backwards and went from there.

End of Shivaay’s pov

Anika’s POV

I first time felt like i was in heaven.Was i dreaming?I pinched myself and it hurts.I was not dreaming.Again i heared the song O jaana.

End of Anika’s pov

Anika was standing near window.Shivaay came to her.
Sorry for the short update and next shot will be last.If u want to read my writjng more than after this ss end i will start a new ss sk read it nd comment.

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