The unknown desire – Ishqbaaz, Kasam SS (Shot 3)

Thnx for ur comments and support and this ss might be of 5 or 6 shots but not more than 9 so lets start.

Rishi’s POV

It was morning!I blinked my eyes to come back from my sleepiness.I looked at the clock and it was 9!Omg dad would kill.I quickly got up and got ready and went outside.I saw everyone sitting laughing and chit chatting with eachother but i dint care.My eyes were finding Tanu.But where is she?I looked here and there but she was not there.Pawan was too sitting in hall.I secretly went to her room but she wasnt there.I got tensed.Where would she be?In kitchen?No she was not there.I went outside the house and found her watering plants?I was worried for her and here she was watering plants?How stupid?I went towards her and catched her arm and turned her towards me.Wow the water of the pipe came on me and now i was all wet.Tanu laughed seeing me all wet.I closed the tap and throwed the pipe aside.I catched her both arms.I asked her not leave me without telling.I could see her confused face.I smiled at it.

End of Rishi’s pov

Tanu’s POV

I dint understood what he wanted!But i was knowing that he told that whole heartedly.I was going to get married to Pawan but now i am shocked by his truth.He is married.I decided to talk about this to Rishi.I said him he is already married but for my shock Rishi was already knowing about it.What the hell!?Then why dint he stopped this everything?Before i could ask he gave me the answer of my question.He wasnt having proof.But i was having proof of Pawan and his wife hugging eachother and talking with eachother and that too romantically.I recorded this all in my cell.I showed this Rishi and to be honest he jumbed high of happiness.He took the phone and sended the video to his phone and said my and Pawan’s marriage is gonna get cancelled.We both were happy.

End of Tanu’s pov

Rishi gave her phone back and took out his phone and went inside to meet his dad.
“I want to show you something about Pawan”Rishi said
Pawan was sweating

Pawan’s POV

What the hell he is going to show Raaj uncle?Did he came to know about my and Saloni’s marriage?Oh no its a big trouble but now nothing could be done.

End of Pawan’s pov


Shivaay’s POV

Finally we reached home.Anika was still angry and i wanted to make her happy but how?I and Anika entered the house but we were stopped by my one and only mom.Wrong entry mom.Mom gave angry glares to Anika and then asked me to have lunch and with a mouth of mouse asked Anika too to have lunch.We both went to the table.Wow it was my favourite food.I tried to talk with Anika but she dint utter a word.She was seriously angry with me.We both ate our food and went to room.It felt like my heart was pumping fast.Even i dint understand why?We reached our room and Anika went to get fresh without saying anything.I felt really sad.My heart pained too much.

End of Shivaay’s pov

Anika’s POV

I got fresh and came out of bathroom.Shivaay was still standing there.Was he staring at me?Yes he was.I dint wanted to talk with him.I went past him and applied lipstick.He turned to me.I was able to see him in mirror.I was seeing him throught mirror and he was too seeing me.We had a eyelock with eachother’s reflection.Suddenly a song started playing my mind.It was O jaana.I felt good by hearing the song and looking at his eyes.I realy felt good.

End of Anika’s pov

Shivaay came near Anika and catched her both arms and turned her towards him.He removed the hairstrand from her face and kissed her forehead.

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