The unknown desire – Ishqbaaz, Kasam SS (Shot 2)


Rishi’s POV

I removed my shoes and lied on the bed.I was really frustated by the thought Tanu and Pawan getting married.I felt bad.I was feeling like something stuck in my throat.It was actually that is sadness.I never show my sadness on face donno why but then my throat starts paining.Why i am talking about this?My hands are still shaking with fear of loosing Tanu.I like her so much no no i love her soo much.But my dad is the biggest enemy he only announced the marriage.Which father can do this to his son?I wore my shoes and went to Tanu’s room.I saw all lights were off as all were asleep.Am i lucky?I am gonna get nuts if i dont meet Tanu.I carefully opened her room door.My eyes came out when i saw her waiting for me!?Did i tell her i was gonna meet her or she told me to meet her?I think i am gonna collapse.I closed the door and went to her.She was staring at me.Did i do a crime?I waved my hand infront of her face,still no response.Was she awake or sleeping?I clapped in front of her.Thank god the sleeping beauty waked up from her dreams.

End of Rishi’s pov

Tanu’s POV

Does he think i am sleeping?I loved him and he thinks i am gone nuts?Omg still i love him.He does not look so good still i love him.When i met him for first time i thought he was a jhaadu wala.He said whether she can stop this marriage.I hesitate to say that i dint have that guts to say Raj uncle no.Rishi again waved in front of me.This time i caught his hand and dug my nails in his hand.He winced in pain and said what the hell i was doing?What the hell he was doing?its too irritating when he waves like this.He said sorry and i also forgaved me.I hesitated when he started coming towards me.I was going backwards but soon realized my back was touching the wall.

End of Tanu’s pov

Rishi came near her and wispered in her ears saying “no worries we will only get married with eachother”tanu smiles and he too smiles.


Shivaay’s POV

I cant believe till now she dint utter a word.Was she gonna divorce me.No for this small reason why will she give me divorce?I was looking at her until she sat beside me.I asked her is she not gonna shout at me?No answer.I got irritated and said why she is not answering.Again no answer.I pressed the horn and finally she said its so loud.

End of Shivaay’s pov

Anika”its too loud”
Sso”ofcourse as you were not answering me”
Anika”then u will hit the horn?”
Sso”yeah i will”
Anika”u r really idiot”
Sso”no u r”
they argue

Anika’s POV

Come one Shivaay stop fighting it irritates me.I was going when to sole of slipper got loosed and i was about to fall off the stopped car but i dint.Shivaay catched my arm.I stare at his grey eyes and for the first time it seemed lovely.For an hour we were looking at eachother but soon we came in sense.Now we could leave.We left for home I remembered about my scooter but Shivaay told it will be back soon.Thank god he is not so nut.

End of Anika’s pov

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