The unknown desire – Ishqbaaz, Kasam SS (Shot 1)

There will be only POV and every serial have seprate scene.


Rishi’s POV

“No” i cried after hearing the news of Pawan and
Tanu’s marriage.My heart started beating fast.World seemed mute except my heart beat.I felt sick.My mouth dried.My legs were trembling
and hands were shaking and the most worst part was i was sweating.I would surely stink.It
felt like the earth will eat me and take me somewhere else.I closed my eyes in a hope of a nightmare.No it wasnt.I closed and opened my
eyes again and again but nothing was changed.It wasnt a nightmare.I felt sick.My stomach was churning.It felt like a statue standing lifless or soulless.I looked at Tanu,she
dint looked towards me.Is she looking at
Pawan?No no it cant be.I was lost in my thought
until Manpreet asked whether i was fine?I
looked at him and went to my room without replying.

End of Rishi’s POV

Tanu’s POV

No it cant be!I felt helpless.It felt like the world is revolving around me.I am getting the feeling of tickling.But no laugh.i need a place to cry.

End of Tanu’s pov


Shivaay’s POV

Who is this girl with red scooty?She is like a monkey but it seems she is a gorilla.Oh no cant decide who is she? What the hell she is doing?Knocking on the window?I am feeling sick.She is
so dumb!I can feel she is angry and i am sure
that if i am gonna open the window then she will
shoot me a knife,sorry sorry with a gun.Sometimes Anika is too scary.For moment i
thought a ghost wants to eat my soul.Really?
Am i getting nuts?No no i am not.I opened the
window and saw a bhooki sherni staring angrily
or hungrily at me.Is she gonna eat me?Or will
she kill me?Or she will shout at me?I thought whether a zombie made Anika like them?

End of Shivaay’s pov

Anika’s POV

I was really angry.He married me and now he was gonna hit me by his car.Seriously is he gone nuts?He opened the window and i stare at him like a child staring at a enemy.I wanted to start tandav.I also have my selfrespect yaar.I opened the door.I entered the car and my breath stopped.The car was suffocating.How can someone sit here?I felt sick and like vomiting.Should i vomit on him?No no afterwards i have to only sit with him.Should i make him sing?No i cannot commit suicide.Should i make him dance?No no this land is innocent.What should i do with him?I gave him angry glares and he was making a puppy face.If puppies looked like this then definitely i will hate them.

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