He, Me….UnKnOwN (chapter 5)

Then after a few days I started missing him badly. I used to visit others message column and what I saw was really on Aditi’s message column was reallyyyyyyyyyyy super shocking. I saw Abhay messaged her,”Miss you baby..” I think she was Offline from days
I was bursting in rage. Not only me probably he was cheating Saanvi too just for that Beast Aditi.
I hate her more than ever…I hate her..
Was is he cheating me I really wanted him to confess this.I made a big team I mean I like to told everyone that he was cheating me. (everyone means his friends)…
It was everything like I was Going for a War or something against Abhay. One day later He came back And I had made a decision to break up. I told him that I want to break up. He said that, “You were never my Girlfriend.” What the hell?

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  1. Oh crap this type of boys na dont leave like that girls give them a tight slap….. how mean…anna dr he us gud or bad

    1. Lol This has happened with me

    2. Idk…lyk he is in Middle. I can’t tell

  2. Nice update anna
    feel like kicking abhay on his main compartment!! Lolzz

  3. SERIOUSLY give him a tight slap…..i dont like these kind of boys…

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