ME, HE…… UNKNOWN (Chapter 1)

I had just started playing that social game. I met many people. But he was someone special. When just when he talked to me, he actually behaved quite romantically. Well,that time I didn’t know why is he doing that. After some time I left that game but my destiny said something else. His sister ( So called) told me, she told me” he misses me,pls come back” as I played some other game then. I however agreed to come back. After I went there, I simply didn’t understand why he said ” Thank you baby for coming back.” I was like what the heck… Then one day I dared to say that stop talking to me like that.. The reply I got for this gave me A shock. He said “I have the right to talk like that with my girlfriend.” I said “Shut up, I’m not your girlfriend.” He said “Now stop joking, remember 4 months ago you left and you had told me that you will come back”…….

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  1. Pls post long 1:-/

  2. What tittle bit confusing dr…. please make it clear…

  3. Yup it’s confusing and short PLZ clear it and give a lil bigger update

  4. Sorry dears I’ll try to make it long and after a few chapters the happenings will be clear enough

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