UNITED AT HEARTS| chapter 2| by tvfan1

United at hearts

Chapter 2

Sweet treats!

Aastha’s POV.

The couch was terribe for a start, but according to my maa..anything for your husband is heaven!

I woke up in the morning, with a terrible backache.

“Oh dear, how worst can it get?!” I moaned.

Shiv was still asleep like a cat. I shook him hard by the shoulder.

“Hey you! wake up” I shouted.

Shiv slowly opened his scrunched eyes. He stared at me in shock.

“What happened?” he asked confused.

“I should ask that from you” I complained back.

He scratched his head showing confusion.

“Here I chose a shirt to wear..get up it’s morning” I said handing him a shirt.

“Ewww…what is this..this is my least favourite shirt..” He said throwing it back at my face.

How dare he?! That color suited him really well. Oh I guess idiots don’t have a good taste.

I left the room angrily shutting the door hard.

I sat at the breakfast table as Lakshmi (mami ji) told me to. Shiv still wasn’t down for breakfast.

“don’t worry dear..Shiv is always late!!” smiled mami ji.

I blushed hard. She touched my cheeks dearly, feeling the burnt cheek.

“ahem mama” said Shiv.

No one realised he was listening to our conversation..he was at the back of me all this time! I turned back to see him and guess what?

HE WAS WEARING MY SHIRT! I smiled hard seeing it.

“Oh Shiv what a choice!! very nice shirt” adored Mami ji.

Shiv sat next to me. He frowned at me and whispered “I wore this because this was my maa’s favourite color okay?”


I looked a right idiot in that stupid shirt. Aastha kept laughing at me.
After maa served me breakfast I got my keys to go to work.

“Shiv..tell you what..don’t go to work today, you and Aastha go for a spend a day!” said maa.

What a terrible idea..A whole day with Aastha. Aastha looked equally shocked as me!!

“Come on now!! go!!” commanded mama. “Aastha go and change”

Aastha went to get changed reluctantly. I waited for her.

“Beta, care for her as a wife..respect for her as a mother” advised maa.

I nodded. she smiled and patted me. She still treats me as a baby.

Aastha came down in a charm blue dress with silver earings. Maa signed us to go.


We both sat in silence. He drived on and on not knowing wear to stop.

“What did I do last night” he asked, breaking the silence.

“You were drunk right?” I asked showing disgust.

He stared at me and nodded like a innoncent kid! I couldn’t help laughing at his face.

“Forget that! where are we going?” I asked.

“Where do you want to go?” He asked.

We drove until we found a beautiful park.

“Hey let’s stop there” I shouted.

So Shiv stopped the car there. It was such an amazing place..just like a dream destiny place!!

Boats, ducks, bicycles and candy floss!! what more do you need.

“Where are we going first?” I asked Shiv.

He handed me some money and turned away.How rude!

“Hey you..Shiv..so you’re going leaving me..in this park?” I asked angrily. he turned back.

I sat at the bench next to me and cried..I was trying so hard and now…Why is he not supporting me..does he do this with Radhika too??

He came back to me and held me by my shoulder.

“Okay let’s go together..” He said.

Why is he bothering now..that means he’s scared of my tears..I looked away.

“Oh stop Aastha everyone is staring..” he said, embaressed..

Good that he’s getting embaressed!! ” I don’t care” I said.

He held my hand and pulled me up. He dragged me to the sweet stall.

He ordered a lot of sweets and gave it to me.

“Happy?” he asked. ” I know girls like sweets”

Precap: boat rides or bicycles?


hi guyz!! sorry for late episode!!

I hope you like this episode!!

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