The Unique Story of a M for Mahaan Atma and a M for Moti Buddhi(TPK)- Thahaan 4 shots LAST PART


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Here is part 4 the last part.
It was getting dark. It was almost going to become night. Bihaan quickly raced his motorcycle with Thapki behind. Now he had to made sure he reached the shop quick so that his Best Friend could buy the ring. The ring she worked so hard for in these last few months. Now finally she is going to get it. So finally Mahaan Atma proved him wrong.

Bihaan was thinking all this in his mind that his Moti Buddhi skipped something important. But why to worry when his Best Friend was there? Thapki made Bihaan wore the helmet after all if meant for his safety. He may have forgot but she is also
concerned about her best friend’s safety.

Bihaan rode the motorcycle and they finally reached there. It was the shop. The same shop where all these began. Yes, they came to buy the ring. For which Thapki worked so hard. And instantly a smile appeared on Thapki’s face. Now she can buy the ring.

They went into the shop. But alas! The ring was not there. The ring was sold out. This shocked Bihaan and Thapki because a few days ago they saw the ring. How can it be not there! Actually someone came and buy this ring a few days ago and also the shopkeeper couldn’t wait for so Long. What if she couldn’t bring the money or forget about the ring.

Bihaan was about to taunt the shopkeeper but Thapki stopped him and brought him out of the shop. Bihaan couldn’t believe how he could sell the ring like this so easily? His Best Friend loved it so much. But now what will happen about Thapki? She did so much and worked so hard, and that too for that ring! She must be depressed.

But this is shocking! Instead of tears, he could see a big smile on Thapki’s face. Bihaan was puzzled. She got consoled even before consoling her? How?

Thapki made Bihaan sit on the bench and she herself also sat in the bench. She told him she understood the true value now. When she was working so hard, she realised that why was she working so hard just for a ring? She may have loved it but maybe it was not for her.

Bihaan told Thapki not to say like that as he as a Best Friend is his duty to bring for her what she wants. Thapki now in detail had to explain to her foolish Friend that it was just a ring. And she forgot about her mom and her dream! It was to open an orphanage.

If she can work so hard for a ring, why can’t she work hard for this orphanage. Bihaan began to understood things a little bit and slowly a smile appeared on his face too.

She knew that to open an orphanage she needed a lot of money. So that’s why she got scared and almost kind of gave up for that dreams. But when she saw the ring, she almost gave up until Bihaan challenged her?

Now to prove herself and for that one simple ring she worked so hard! And at the end of the day she got more than enough money to afford the ring but unfortunately the ring was not there. And anyways it was not for the ring! It was for the orphanage she agreed to work so hard. Now who is so dumb to work so hard for a piece of ring! But one thing is true that ring was really wonderful and in other words a form of inspiration for her.

But you know what! It was a blessing in disguise for her. If she never thought about working hard for that ring, she would have never imagine of opening an orphanage. As she felt that not only results, but also a huge amount money was needed. She always wanted to open an orphanage but she was too scared that’s why. So when she realise if it is possible to earn enough money for a ring, then why don’t she just work even harder to open an orphanage. It won’t be easy for her but she can at least try!

Oh ya! So foolish of Bihaan! So his Best Friend worked hard for the orphanage not the ring. And he was just thinking too much about it!

So how is she going to earn so much money now? Well she is going to work hard, do her job for a few more months , and also sell some of her handmade things online , and then invest some in the bank. If she does so in around 2 years she can have enough money to open an orphanage!

So Thapki did so. And Guess what! Within a year she had enough money to open an orphanage due to her immense hard work and this was possible thanks to the good luck in the business market and also the immense response she received online and also the bonus she got from her job.

Now she could buy a place and also the renovation and decoration of that place began. She started it small and will try to expand it soon. She was so happy to see the process of her and her mom’s dream.

Thapki was now a happier and merrier person but at the same time an independent person. She could peacefully rest now. And she thought about Bihaan who did so much for her. If he never challenged her she would have still had false hopes and also no scope of opening an orphanage. She wanted to thank him so much.

She decided she will make sure Bihaan will do the inauguration of the orphanage. After all he was the one mainly responsible for the opening of this orphanage. Thapki called Bihaan and told him to come for the inauguration of the orphanage. Even after a year or two these two still had the special bond of that of a Best Friend.

For some reason it was getting difficult for Thapki to sleep that night. She just thought the whole night! And then her eyes dozed off. But again she opened her eyes .Because again she saw a dream. And that too after two years! It was again the Prince. And she was happily dancing with the Prince.

Well she almost forgot about him because for last two years she didn’t see any dream related to him. But she already knew how she looked like. But still! Maybe because she was disappointed with the fact she couldn’t meet the Prince and also couldn’t get the ring. Well anyways her mom’s dream got fulfilled. That was satisfying enough for her. But after two years again!

The next day morning, well this time she didn’t need any alarm clock to wake her up. She woke up by herself and she got ready for the inauguration. She looked into the mirror and smiled as she dropped herself into a beautiful yellow saree. Now she was fully ready! Suddenly the dream appeared in her eyes via flashback again but instead of being irked she smiled. And Thapki hold her heart and her smile became broader.

She went to her orphanage. But only one person was not there. Her Best Friend B for Bihaan Pandey. Where was he? How would the inauguration happen without him!

Thapki dials and calls Bihaan to ask him where he was? Bihaan did pick up the phone. But? He couldn’t make it to the inauguration.

This shocked Thapki. This is not fair! How can he just miss this? Thapki got really angry.

And again after a while, Bihaan called. But before Thapki could completely vent her anger out on him, Bihaan said that he will come but he will get late because he will be bringing someone special with him.

Now who was that someone special? Thapki got surprised. Bihaan answered her Prince. Thapki got shocked from surprised. Now what kind of joke is this?

It was not a joke. Bihaan was really bringing the Prince. Thapki was like surprised and not believing it. Why would the Prince even bother to come here? Bihaan made her understand that he made some excuse of charity and all that which encouraged the Prince to come here.

Thapki really didn’t know what was going on. With so much difficulty, she forgot about the Prince! And now he was going to bring her. But who cares! She is damm sure it’s a prank.

And then comes Aditi, the Friend of Thapki who also helped her along with Bihaan in opening this orphanage.
“Bihaan is here with someone!” Aditi finally said.

Thapki became happy, but she had more of a mixed reaction. Now who was that other person? Was that really the Prince? She doesn’t think so. But who cares the other person is? She is going to do what she wants to.

Thapki smiles and closes her eyes. Thapki starts her speech:
“Bihaan, I know that’s you! I know you have been playing a prank with me. There is no Prince you brought along, must be some random person. But whoever it is, I don’t care. I will say what I want to. As you know I love the Prince and have been seeing the dream about him. But I realised that that Prince is only you and no one else. I know in actual you are not some Prince, but for me you are my Prince. And Mr Prince, if you are really the Prince, I am sorry I will choose my B for Best Friend B for Bihaan as my Prince who have been always there for me. I didn’t mean to disrespect you. Sorry if I hurt you. But one thing is true, I would love to see your face once.”

Thapki opened her eyes. She felt so awkward and embarrassed she didn’t know what she just said. She shouldn’t have done so but what else she could have done there was no other way. From inside she was quite relieved.

Thapki looked behind. And then she looked from the bottom. It was the same shoes, even the same suit she saw in her dream. The same to same she saw the Prince wearing in her dream? So was it really the Prince? But she got a shock as she saw his face.

The Prince was B….B….Bihaan. And there was no other person with him. But it’s everything same to same, how can it be? The shoes, the suit.

She smiled and she knew he played a prank with her.

“So you are trying to find the Prince, huh. Your Prince is infront of you.” Bihaan smiled and said with a sweet smirk.

How can Bihaan be the Prince? He is a common person and also her Best Friend.
But for her , he is her Prince. But only hers. So she just smiled. She knows her B for Best Friend for so long. So only after 4 years she realised that her Prince was none other than B for Best Friend B for Bihaan.

Bihaan opened his arms. Thapki ran and hugged him. And later they break the hug. And they smile looking at each other. Thapki must say her Prince Bihaan is smart. Thapki and Bihaan then share a laugh and they get into a flashback.

They remembered how Bihaan used the bicycle locks just to prevent the bikes and motorcycle from getting stolen? That’s because he was smart. Really there were cases going on about stolen bikes and motorcycles. And many students were depressed due to that. So Bihaan to avoid all these happen and he couldn’t see people sad, he locked others motorcycle and bikes using bicycle locks. Dhruv and John never interfered because they knew that there was smartness hidden in Bihaan’s stupid actions. And when Thapki and Bihaan were leaving on the motorcycle, all clapped for Bihaan and Thapki looked on proud over the action of her Best Friend.

And the dog! That was a well trained dog. The pet dog of Bihaan. Named Fluffy. He used to train it regularly. So Bihaan put the bags near the dog so that he can use his mouth to run and put the bags infront of his motorcycle. Bihaan loved Fluffy a lot while they were leaving Bihaan lifts Fluffy and patted it. Thapki smiled seeing this and later Bihaan placed Fluffy in Thapki’s hand and they went home.

Thapki gets out of the flashback. Really very smart. She knew her Friend was quite smart, that’s why she let him do what he wants. Whatever he did was weird but worthy.

You all must be thinking that how Bihaan could do a smart thing despite being a stupid guy. Well he was actually a smart guy not a stupid guy.

And then also the car! Remember? In actual, The car, he continued driving instead of moving on, because he knew that the driver was going to take right. So to confirm in advance while riding his motorcycle, Bihaan gestured the driver if he was going right and the driver showed thumbs up and then he went like that instead of skirting into the mud.

Then, the results time. Where Thapki got 82 and Bihaan got 66. Actually Bihaan got 99. Bihaan just to make sure Thapki doesn’t gets disheartened flipped his mark and showed her and also prevented her from checking the mark list as she would get to know about the marks. Thapki was clueless and confused until she overheard John and Dhruv’s conversation about Bihaan’s marks and Thapki instantly got to know that her Friend was smart and really smart.

Out of the flashback. So yes, Bihaan was in actual Not at all a Moti Buddhi he was a very smart guy. And also A Mahaan atma due to which he acted dumb. Ya about these two and more maybe Thapki had no idea! She knew Bihaan was smart, But one thing is true he was really a unique guy. S for Smart, D for dashing and K for Kind.

Thapki on the other hand, felt kinda guilty over her foolishness. She wanted to be as smart as her Best Friend aka her Prince. But what matters was her hard work and the smartness of her Best Friend.

Thapki remembered how she paid that guy, not because he was a begger but because Thapki forgot to pay the electricity bills as she used that money to do shopping. And that’s why she had to use her remaining money that time. She thought about food because of that reason she forgot about her electricity bills and had to walk to college.

She used to be a very forgetful and foolish girl but Bihaan always gave her a Thapki Pyaar Ki to inspire her and encourage her which will also end up bringing a cute smile on her face just like this ?

And also helping the teacher. She helped the teacher because she was the one who broke his hand. Thapki remembered how she and Bihaan got into a challenge over Football. And then Thapki got so excited that she kicked the ball hard but that lead the teacher to slip on the ball and fracture his hand. The teacher got quite angry over Thapki and Bihaan over their reaction, but Guess what Bihaan took the entire blame on him shocking Thapki. Thapki remained silent as she was scared and she helped the teacher because Bihaan was the one who gestured her to do so. She smiled and did so.

Thapki got out of her flashback. She realised how stupid she was. Yes she was a Moti Buddhi in actual and she did well with the help of Bihaan who taught her at times. That was because Thapki used to love daydreaming about stuffs maybe that Prince only she knows that. This would end up her doing weird tactics and Bihaan had no other option but to help his Friend out.

Question is so Bihaan is actually smart and Mahaan atma and Thapki is actually stupid and Moti Buddhi? Yes it’s correct. But another question is Bihaan really the Prince?

The answer Bihaan gave to Thapki was a yes! Thapki couldn’t believe it. Again Bihaan bursted out into laughter. She really thought him as a Prince? No he wasn’t a Prince. Thapki said she didn’t care because for her he was her Prince.
Bihaan smiled and is about to romance with her by putting his hand around her neck someone patted him. Bihaan was so lost that he didn’t realise and Thapki gestured him.

Bihaan looked behind and smiled.
“So finally you are here!” Bihaan happily said.

“Who is it?” Thapki with a confused look questioned Bihaan.

“The Prince!” Bihaan happily replied.

And yes the actual Prince came. His eyes was blue, he had beard and he was tall. He walked towards Thapki. Thapki’s heart skipped a beat. But that was not due to love but that was due to the nervousness of meeting her so called crush.

It was really the Prince! The same Prince! With blue eyes, with a beard and also he was tall! And yes completely opposite to Bihaan!

“Hi! I am Prince. Prince Manish!” The Prince forwarded his hand to Thapki.

Yes the name of the Prince was Prince Manish. Really he was tall, had blue eyes and also beard.

Thapki just stared at the Prince. She can’t believe she was meeting him and that too face to face. She never expected this day will come.

And Prince Manish? Well he just smiled at her and told her that how her Best Friend Bihaan requested him a lot to meet Thapki who was a big fan of the Prince.

Thapki lovingly looked at Bihaan and stared at him and Bihaan scratched his head and felt shy as he knew she was thanking him from inside. And she is a little crazy in this case, at least she didn’t do anything crazy infront of the Prince.

Prince Manish and Thapki got to a conversation where he began praising Thapki and also kind of flirting with her which made Bihaan a little jealous. But he could see the smile in his Princess’s face. So he just thought let it be. And Prince Manish also thanked Thapki for the card she sent him when Thapki asked for it!

Thapki got really happy meeting the Prince. But question is will she let Bihaan go on with the inauguration? And the Prince Manish was here for inauguration only. Now what to do!

Thapki got confused and then Prince Manish told that he also brought his fiancΓ© along, his Princess. Oh so Prince Manish was engaged too! Of course after all he was 27 now. And then made entry a beautiful girl. She was simple looking and her beauty was just natural beauty. That was the Essence of the Princess.

“So here is my Princess, Princess Jigyasa!” Prince Manish happily introduced Thapki to his Prince.

Princess Jigyasa just smiled and waved hi to her. Oh so she was the reason why she stopped daydreaming about Prince Manish! Yes, the day Thapki got to know Prince Manish got engaged that day she stopped dreaming about him. But she still had a soft corner for her, not as love but just that she had still a crush on Prince Manish.

Now Thapki realised that only her Best Friend was her Prince. Not a royal Prince all hers. Thapki just didn’t know what was going on. No! She was not heartbroken with the fact her crush got engaged, but she never expected that she will ever get to meet the Prince and that too with his Princess and that too the actual one. She was so puzzled with the fact what was going on. What was wrong with her!

And then Bihaan told Prince Manish and Princess Jigyasa to do the inauguration. But they also didn’t do anything . Prince Manish told Thapki that she had the right to do the inauguration as she is the owner of it. Thapki smiled over this sweet gesture of the Prince. Bihaan also smiled and gestured Thapki to force the Prince to do the inauguration.

Thapki walked towards and went to Bihaan and told her to do the inauguration. She passed him the scissors and told him that not the owner of this orphanage, but the person who was behind this intention of opening an orphanage deserved this chance! Bihaan looked at Thapki puzzled.

If Bihaan never challenged her for the ring she would have never thought about this orphanage. And Thapki smiled and told Bihaan she listened to every single thing he said that day. She maybe a little stupid and daydreaming but not so much stupid.

They get into a flashback. Thapki and Bihaan were fighting that day when Thapki saw the ring over the ring, and Thapki said that she wants it after all she is stubborn! And then Bihaan said your wish. And when Bihaan was parking the motorcycle by himself.Bihaan whispered “This Thapki she forgot about her and her mom’s dream and is almost even ready to earn and spend some money for that stupid ring! It’s my fault I also challenged her like that for no reason! I feel so bad.”

Thapki who ran back to apologize to Bihaan felt really bad as he remembered all her childhood moments with her Mom and their dream. This brought tears into her eyes and she wiped it and pretended as if she didn’t hear anything and came to Bihaan. So that’s why instead of the ring she worked hard for the orphanage in the end!

Thahaan gets out of the flashback and showed their hidden smile to each other and pretended normal infront of the Prince, Princess and others. Prince Manish told them to continue.

Thapki smiled and now was ready for the inauguration.
“Now I would love Mr Bihaan oops, my Prince to inaugurate this orphanage!” Thapki happily said.

Bihaan took the pair of scissors and
“Sure, Miss Thapki oops, my Princess.” Bihaan replied to her smiling.

All clapped for them. The Princess got really impressed with the hard work of Thapki and also even brought some of the things Thapki sold online before and expressed to her how she loved her designs. Thapki smiled.

(Well someone else will play the role of Manish and Jigyasa, you may assume anyone else. I am assuming my other fav pair as Manish and Jigyasa ? You can assume your fav besides thahaan ?)
Later, Princess Jigyasa looked and she spoke with Prince Manish and requested him to do something for her. Prince Manish smiled and agreed with Princess Jigyasa.

After a while all the inauguration was done, Prince Manish and Princess Jigyasa told Thapki and Bihaan that they had something for them. They got a confused look on their face and looked at each other and on other hand Prince Manish and Princess Jigyasa smiled looking at each other.

They brought Thapki and Bihaan somewhere in the car. And Thapki and Bihaan looked at each other? And later where they went? The castle! Thapki and Bihaan really got happy! Especially Thapki!
And then Thapki and Bihaan went into the castle and walked in. And there were so many people there! Never ever Thapki knew she will get so much respected! She just looked on as she made entry to the castle! Really it was like a dream come true.

And then there was the King, who welcomed them:
“Welcome, Scientist Bihaan and Entrepreneur Thapki!”

Yes Bihaan became a big scientist due to his smartness and hardwork in four years and also Thapki became a successful entrepreneur due to her hardwork and not to forget that how Bihaan was there to help her!

Thapki was really excited. Never she expected she will be so successful. If her Mom was here today she would have been proud of her.

Bihaan looked and Thapki and smiled. All others smiled too. This made Thapki confused. She didn’t know what was going on! So to clear Thapki’s confusion Bihaan whispered to Thapki.

“This is a surprise for you! I have been rewarded a token of respect for my work in the scientist labs and I wanted you to observe this as you were the one who was with me. It was not easy. I had to request to the Prince to bring you here, he didn’t agree until Princess ji helped me out.” Bihaan whispered to Thapki.

Thapki got really happy and she wanted to scream. She wanted to scream because of the achievement made by her Friend Best Friend and to cheer for him. But she couldn’t after all she was in a castle and she had to act decent and wise there. So she replied with a smile.

Later, the King gave Bihaan the token of respect. Bihaan happily collected it and bow to the King. Thapki smiled for Bihaan. All clapped for Bihaan. And Thapki clapped for Bihaan the most until her hands turned pink.

Later, as Thapki and Bihaan went out of the castle and happily waved out to all. Even Prince Manish and Princess Jigyasa waved them back. And they smiled.

Now Thapki and Bihaan were all alone. Outside the castle. No one was there. After all it was night!

Thapki was nodding over her silly tactics. Her silly tactics of how she imagined Prince Manish as Bihaan and Princess Jigyasa as Thapki that time when she first met the Prince whereas in actual it was someone else. She was again day dreaming and she gave a silly pat to herself on her head.

“So is my Best Friend is she happy?” Bihaan happily asked Thapki.

So was Thapki happy? No. She started hitting him using her hands. How could he do so? He should have told her about this before? How can one do like this as a Best Friend? What kind of Best Friend he is?

Her hands which was pink due to clapping for Bihaan now turned red due to hitting him. And what was strange that while hitting Thapki was blabbering nonsense and later she was like why is he so smart? Why he did so much for her!

Bihaan tolerated this for a while and later he hold his hand and pulled him close to her. Thapki got stunned and had direct eye contact with him.

“Because I love you my sweetheart!” Bihaan finally confessed his love to Thapki.

A broad smile appeared on Thapki’s face but bigger was Thapki’s tears which were meant for happiness. She was so happy. She tightly hugged Bihaan.
” I love you too.” With that Thapki completed the love confession between Thahaan.

And then they got into flashback, how Thapki and Bihaan from Best Friend became lovers. Yes Thapki was dating Bihaan her Boyfriend and Bihaan was dating Thapki his Girlfriend. But they were always Best Friends first. You know Best Friends Forever! And they got out of the flashback.

Thapki and Bihaan shared a passionate hug for long.

Later, Bihaan offers Thapki to dance. Thapki smiled and danced with Bihaan. They both looked into each other’s eyes without even listening to the music. They were so lost in each other. They didn’t even need music it was already going on in their hearts.

Bihaan bends down and proposes Thapki.
“Will you marry me, Princess Thapki!”
Bihaan proposed Thapki.

Thapki smiled and later was surprised as Bihaan took out the ring. It was the ring. The same ring. The same ring due to which she became successful.
From where all this began!
How did the ring come to Bihaan?

Well our Bihaan is smart as you all know. He brought the ring as soon as he got his first salary as a scientist the moment he knew his Princess loved it so much. Thapki just stared at the ring. The ring which made her almost crazy but did a lot for her almost four years ago.

Bihaan teases that maybe Thapki didn’t accept his proposal and moves the ring back. Thapki denied and replied to Bihaan finally,
“Yes, I will marry you!” Thapki smiled and accepted the proposal.

Bihaan then smiled. And Bihaan made Thapki wear the ring. The Prince made the Princess wore the ring. Bihaan and Thapki were so happy. After that Bihaan lifted her up in the air and shared a cute hug.
And again whispered to each other how much they loved each other.
“I love you my Mahaan Atma.” Thapki whispered to Bihaan.
“I love you too my Moti Buddhi.” Bihaan whispered to Thapki.
And they smiled cutely while they were hugging.

The end.

Message: Well even some common people also have unique stories. You no need to be rich or poor for that. I tried to show many things via this story i don’t if I succeed. I want to show how most girls or even guys have some crush on some famous people but at the end even they know that there is someone else made for them. Like Thapki found her Prince in Bihaan and Bihaan already made Thapki his Princess. And even at times they see their crush and maybe they see the person made for them in their crush or vice versa.I tried to show the friendship bond between Thahaan and how one can achieve high if they have a Friend like Bihaan. And one more thing. Never give up because nothing is impossible! And also do not judge a book by its cover. And also. True love wins in the end. If someone is stupid, maybe the other one made for him or her will be smart. And that is not important what is important is the bond friendship understanding and also LOVE.

I am a big fan of unique stories so I tried one I know is like you all have been before but what to I just tried and so sorry if I made it way complicated maaf karde na sorry ?

And another thing I was not at all in mood to write a story until I got inspired by amazing Ffs by Suhana Dii. Big fan of her. And loved NaiTan, Juveria, Anu’s ff and also others ff. sorry if I didn’t mention your name what to do I am forgetful. But all TPK FF Writers you all are doing a fab job.

I could have started a new fan fiction. I don’t think I can write anymore stories I can’t promise but will try my very best to write a new one. And also my second semester and lesson will resume from tomorrow. But when I am free I will definitely write one.

And one more time very very sorry if I made the story complicated.

And this is the last part so request to silent readers Ek comment Toh Banta hai I deserve at least one comment.

You can feel free to express your opinions and Criticism is open. please please please comment really means a lot to me ?

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      Hey MinnieMouse thanks for commenting and I m get really happy when a silent reader comments in my ff πŸ™‚ and aww that’s really sweet of u thank u so much and thanks for the wishes πŸ™‚

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      Areh yaar Santhosh kaise Ho tum Toh Gayab hi hogaya Ho and so sweet of u for reading all the parts though i publish it very Long time ago and Wah Wah royal bengal ka dp and don’t worry i didn’t mind with any of ur comments i publish this only to know na if my story is really good or not (aur Maine romance ko initial parts mein zyaada focus nahi kiya because i focus more on storyline ?) lord of rings ????
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