The Unique Story of a M for Mahaan Atma and a M for Moti Buddhi (TPK)- Thahaan 4 shots part 3 of 4


Hi all. Back with the third part. Well I am not really sure if you all really liked the second part. I know some of you must have be confused what is going on but I will recommend you all to read this till the end. If you don’t like it you may love to skip this part but I will recommend don’t skip ? but yes please do read the last part i submit at least tomorrow ?and thanks for those who continued supporting me ?

By any chance if you didn’t read the first and second part:-

Here is part 3.
She woke up early today. It was not the sound of the ringing alarm clock that woke up her today. In fact, before the alarm clock woke up, Thapki herself woke up. This time it was the ray of the sunshine that irritated and woke her up. She forgot to pull the curtains yesterday.

She got up from the bed unwillingly. And she used both her hand to cover the window using the curtains. And as she does so, her eyes goes towards her hand. She then looked at her fingers. She remembered about it. The ring! The ring she saw yesterday while hanging out with Bihaan. How beautiful the ring would look in her hand! And also when the sunshine will irritate her ring, the ring itself will irritate the sunshine too. Wow.

And then clicked her mind what Bihaan told her yesterday. She remembered how Bihaan said that was near about impossible for her to afford the ring. Now she remembered. She couldn’t waste time like this, and also her studies are over so she should concentrate on this too.

Thapki looked into her wardrobe, and she then her drawer, and then also her flower vase. As if she was very desperate to find something. Like as if she is mining treasure as if she is on a treasure hunt. And then after doing this around her entire house, she was finally done.

She sat on the table and spread all she got. It was full of coins and notes. Oh so she was collecting money for her ring. She looked and stared at her piggy bank, and then she looked at the picture of hers and her Mom, and then without having a second thought she just broke her piggy bank.

She counted the money. It was a few thousands. That was not at all enough for her ring. Now how will she earn so much money in such a short span of time. And that ring. It’s really too good and also she have to prove Bihaan she is capable of anything.

Thapki didn’t have her lunch and the whole day she walked in her house here and there. What else was there in which she could earn money? And then after a very very long time a smile appeared on her face automatically. She got an idea! Yes this will be perfect.

She quickly ran to the table and found a newspaper. She smiled. She read the newspaper. Usually the first sector she will read in a newspaper is either fashion or crossword. But this time she directly went to the job sector.

Yes she was going to find a job. And then after getting a job, she will earn money and that will be hopefully enough for her ring. She circled all the ones she liked and decided she is going to rush for all the interviews the next day. Without a second thought, she immediately rushed to her phone and dialled to call her Best Friend Bihaan.

Bihaan who was as always lazy was sleeping. He picked up his phone and nodded at whatever Thapki said. Not because he agreed with her but because he wanted to finish the conversation ASAP and go to sleep.

Thapki was happy. Now she can peacefully attend her job interviews. After all Bihaan was there. She peacefully slept. And again guess who she saw in her dream? Her Prince! But what is this, this time her dream was weird. The Prince just took the ring, the same ring her ring from her and went away avoiding her as if she didn’t exist. This made her dream turn into a nightmare.

She woke up. She can’t believe that because of her Prince she will lose the precious ring she is going to work hard for. And she realised it was morning. It was time for her job interview. She jumped out of the bed and got excited. It was the first time she was going for a job interview.

And she quickly panicked and called Bihaan. Bihaan came as soon as possible. But he wasn’t really ready. Thapki didn’t really care because it was about her job. Bihaan rode his motorcycle and Thapki was behind him.

Thapki told him to hurry up. Bihaan tried to be swift and quick but despite being a stupid guy, he made sure she was safe. Her safety mattered him the most and that’s it. He took the long route despite the fact he could take the short route. This surprised Thapki to the core. How he could have done that! Whereas she was late. Bihaan thought taking shortcut was like cheating in exams so that’s why he took the long one. But he didn’t know the shortcut was allowed and most did that too.

Thapki didn’t know what to do! It was her fault too. She forgot that her Best Friend was stupid. But at the same time, he is doing a lot for her so she just can’t complain. Despite taking the long cut, they reached there in the nick of time. Thapki rushed for her interview. Bihaan was hoping and praying that all went fine.

After waiting for a long time, well not so long time maybe almost two hours. But didn’t matter to him, as he also went out in between for a tea. Finally Thapki came out. He hope that she passed this interview. But what is this she had a sad face on her face. Did she fail the interview?

Yes she failed it, despite the fact she was on time. She was so heartbroken. She didn’t know what went wrong. She didn’t know what to do. She was going to break into tears but Bihaan was there for her. He assured her that this is not the only job left in the world, and there were so many other jobs. He wiped the tears that came out from her eyes and made her smile. Because he couldn’t tolerate to see his Friend like this.

He then continue taking her on the job interview tour. Well besides this interview there were other interview she failed. She was almost going to bold out into tears but Bihaan always caught her doing so, and she also used to be fine easily. Seeing her like this, Bihaan at times felt bad that he shouldn’t have challenged her like this. But he couldn’t also withdraw it even if he wanted to.

This went on for hours, and then days, and week. Finally after two weeks Thapki got a job. She was so happy. So so so happy. Her happiness knew no boundary. The first thing she did was she ran out of the office, and went to Bihaan jumped and hugged him. She was so thankful to him for encouraging her and also be there for her for these two weeks. Bihaan was happy that at least due to his hard work he could see Thapki smiling and so happy.

Thapki whole-heartedly did her job. And she was really happy about it. After all after so much hard work she got a job. She was also very dedicated to that job. It was a very good job and gave her more than enough money. At least enough to stay peacefully and happily.

And then one fine day, she again remembered about the ring. Due to which she was doing the job. If not the ring, today she would have just stayed at home and slept, do nothing also. But she still wanted the ring. But was it still there?

But she had so much work to do. And the shop would be close by then. How will she know that the ring was there? Then, she remembered about Bihaan. She immediately called him to know if the ring was still there. Bihaan was puzzled that she still remembers about it! He still did what she told him to and gave her the good news that the ring was still there.

Thapki got happy and more dedicated to her work. Suddenly one day she gets into critical thinking and realised the ring was quite expensive. She started counting and realised that only if she does the job continuously for 18 months only then she will get enough money for her ring and also she needs money for her basic things. She can’t count on the money her mom kept her. Her Mom kept it for her wedding not to spend it thriftily.

She felt so bad that for her laziness she was making wrong use of her money. But she still wanted the ring. And doing a job for 1-2 years won’t be enough. Don’t worry she didn’t quit her job. She still continued with it. She knew she had to find another way to earn money.

She promised herself she was ready for anything but not any illegal stuffs as she was a Mahaan Atma. She continued with her job and she started thinking about that too.

And then one day, she finds a news about a fair in a market for a month where one can set up stalls. Now she got a striking idea. She can earn money by selling stuffs and hopefully using the money she saved, and also some from her salary she earned in the few months and also made from the sales, she can already get enough money for her ring.

She also realised that she had a one month paying leave which means she can use that and also get her salary without a job but that was for a month only. That was like an icing on the cake for her. She used that idea and also decided to run the stall.

Now what is it she could sell? Bihaan gave her the idea of using her talent! Talent? Yes T for Thapki was quite T for talented as she could design good bags and toys using anything.Thapki smiled with this and she with Bihaan began collecting recyclable stuffs and also used some of her mom’s stuff. Thapki decied to work hard the whole day and night by making those stuffs.

And then there was one more thing that made her happier. While she was watching Tv, she saw on the news that the Prince of the country was throwing a party for his 25th birthday. Thapki got excited and wished she was there to wish her Prince a happy birthday. What was best that the Prince opened this party to common people and invited them too. So that means if Thapki wants she can attend the Prince’s party too.

It was her dream. She wanted to have one view of her Prince. Now she can see him the one whom she always dreams of. She already had a rough idea how he looked like thanks to her dreams and also what people used to say, she just have to see him face to face. Now that the party is open she can meet him. Finally!

Thapki got so happy she jumped and danced on her sofa. At the same time, Bihaan made an entry and he was surprised seeing his Best Friend like this. He didn’t know what was she doing! He walked to her, and Thapki who was just jumping and jumping didn’t realise when she lost her balance. And then Bihaan was there. He just walked in and hold her in her arms to prevent her from falling.

Suddenly there was a pinch of silence. They both looked into each other’s eyes and shared an eyelock. They couldn’t move. They were still and looked and just stared. Kaun Tujhe plays. This was the song that suited the situation, the way they were staring at each other.

They broke the eyelock and got up. Thapki felt shy and embarrassed as she knew she was acting crazy. And then Bihaan asked her what made her so happy and as far as he knew there was no Cricket match going on. Thapki smiled and told him how she could meet her Prince now.

Bihaan didn’t know who was the Prince! Oh yes she never told him. Thapki made Bihaan sat down and finally broke all her secrets to him. She told him from A to Z how she dreamed about him and that only the Prince was her dream boy.

That made Bihaan sad. His heart became like an onion. It was burning within him and also full of tears. Burning due to jealousy and tears due to sadness.He didn’t know why he felt so. Maybe this was what he exactly felt for Thapki. But Thapki is thinking of someone else and he can’t disappoint his Best Friend but giving her detailed feelings he actually have for her. He kept it within him.

Bihaan reminded her that there was a date of registration for her stall in the fair. And then after they both enjoyed their dinner by ordering pizza from Dominos Pizza, Bihaan just left. Thapki didn’t know why he left. Maybe he was busy.

Thapki before going to sleep went to her calendar to mark the date for the Prince’s birthday and also the registration. While marking she got shocked. She just stared at the calendar as if it was a ghost not a calendar.

She realised that the birthday party of her dream boy and also the registration for her fair was at the same day. What’s worse the same time? This shocked her to the core. Now she had a touch decision to make. That was between her Prince and between the ring.

This made her very sad. She just went to bed and slept. She was so sad that she was weeping from inside. It was very tough for her to choose between the Prince and the ring for which she is going to work so hard? Before sleeping she took her final decision and she didn’t even see a single dream today. Now she knew what was that nightmare about!

The next day, she just wanted to be alone. She was really disheartened. She told Bihaan to just keep his motorcycle. Bihaan came didn’t speak a single thing and left the motorcycle. He saw the disappointed face of Thapki. He wanted to ask her that what was wrong, but later he was like leave it and he left!

It was night. The time. The time where it will be revealed what Thapki have decided.
Prince or ring? Thapki was dressed very beautifully. And where she went! She went to the castle. She was still sad. She stared at how wonderful the castle was. Only if she could have the glimpse of her Prince.
But doesn’t matter she is going to meet him soon. So she decided to went to the party and chooses the Prince over the ring.

She walked into the castle. And there was some Guards there. She took out an envelope. And inside there was a beautiful card, “Happy Birthday to you!” She wanted to give it to the Prince. She can personally give to him. Great. But what!

She passed it to the guard to pass it to the Prince. And Thapki went back and took the bike. She stared at the castle, and later she left from there. So she choose the ring over the Prince.

Thapki got the registration for her fair done. She and Bihaan worked hard the whole day and night making stuffs. Bihaan helped her. Thapki was happy but she was sad too as she couldn’t catch a glimpse of her Prince. Bihaan gave her a loving pat her and encouraged her. She continued working.

And the fair was a quite successful one. Thapki earned money and even used some to buy more materials. She made those with Bihaan and Thapki would always sell them. She made quite a lot of money. She even had enough money for buying the ring. And then it was the last day of the fair. She missed working in the fair and making and selling them. She enjoyed it a lot. She wanted to do so again. And what made her happier was that she won the award of one of the best entrepreneurs in this fair. She didn’t expect that.

Now she had more than enough money to buy the ring. Bihaan was the happiest. He was very happy to see his Best Friend successful. Bihaan knew she loved the ring so much and now with this money she can afford it too. So he immediately took her hand without her opinion. Thapki smiled as she knew where Bihaan was going.

End of part 3.
Precap for part 4:- Thapki and Bihaan comes to the shop to buy the ring. The shopkeeper said but the ring is sold. Thapki and Bihaan gets shocked. Thapki gets very sad.

Most of you have this question. Who is the Prince? The Prince is… Well not so easily you will get your answer ? Just wait till tomorrow.

I know second part there were less thahaan scenes and this part maybe but last one will be pakka more thahaan scenes.

And please please do comment to let me know if you all really liked it or not ?

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