The Unique Story of a M for Mahaan Atma and a M for Moti Buddhi (TPK) – Thahaan 4 shots part 2 of 4


Hey all. Fatarajo is back with the second part of this four shots. I am really happy and overwhelmed with the response I received in the first part. Thank you so much for supporting me it really means a lot to me ?

By any chance if you didn’t read the first part, here is the link:
Part 1

Here is part 2.
Thapki and Bihaan keeps on staring at each other. There was a pinch of silence for a moment and then,
“Thapki!” Bihaan said.
“Bihaan!” Thapki said.

So they knew each other! Thapki and Bihaan immediately smiled and hugged each other. As if they knew each other for years. As if they shared a very very special bond.

And then they looked at Dhruv and John, and broke their hug and suddenly the moment was full of awkwardness between the two.

“Now that your Best Friend is here you have completely forgotten us.” Dhruv sarcastically teased Bihaan.

Yes, Thapki and Bihaan were best friends. Best of friends. B for Bihaan Pandey’s B for Best Friend was none other than Thapki. They were so open and free to each other. Yes, a M for Mahaan atma and a M for Moti Buddhi were BFFs.

Thapki reminded Bihaan that it was time to check their results. Bihaan remembered that he was here to check his result only and he forgot also? And then Thapki and Bihaan just looked at each other and ran as fast as they could to check out their results. Dhruv and John accompanied them slowly to check their results.

Thapki looked up in the board and well she had a mixed reaction seeing her results. She didn’t know if she should be happy or sad about it. That was a weird one. But before she should even have a full look on the list, suddenly some force pulled her hand and took her out of the crowd form by students who were equally desperate for their results.

And then she looked around and as she was about to say something. She couldn’t even say as it was her dumb Best Friend Bihaan.
“Why did you pull me out of…” Before Thapki could even complete her statement Bihaan interrupted.
“Now let’s go and collect our marksheet.” Bihaan denied listening to her and just hold her hand and went to collect their marksheet.

Then both of them got their marksheet. Thapki as usual had that mixed reaction look as she already knew about her result so she didn’t really care. And Bihaan on the other hand, had no reaction. Literally no reaction. Thapki looked up to Bihaan and shared her marks with him.

“I got 82% overall.” Thapki told Bihaan and showed him the marks.

Bihaan was as usual no reaction. Thapki had mixed reaction as she wanted more and she was worried if that will be enough for her to establish a good career at least in the future. And then she looked up to Bihaan and Bihaan already knew she wanted to know his marks.

“At least you did better than me. I got 66% overall.”
Bihaan showed Thapki his marks and Thapki had a sorry look for him. But at the same time she was actually a little pleased with her results now. But she did feel bad for her Best Friend.

But Bihaan was not sad. He was infact happy. Because for him passing was a big deal already. After all he was a Moti Buddhi. For a dumb person to get 66 was a big thing. He worked hard and it payed off. That’s it. And credit went to his Best Friend.

Well now that they knew each other’s marks and also the exam was over and also they got over the result tension. Now they had to do something to celebrate this day.

So Bihaan without listening to Thapki’s opinion just took her along with him. He didn’t even bother to know if she was really ready to go with him. But Thapki had no other option after all she didn’t want to hurt her Friend. So like a Mahaan atma she followed her Moti Buddhi Friend.

Bihaan took out his motorcycle and Thapki sat behind her Best Friend. And then they two went on a ride. Thapki could see the crowd forming due to the some students. They were surprised to see their bikes and motorcycles locked with bicycle locks. Thapki knew this was the deed of her stupid Friend.

Bihaan drives the motorcycle. And then they reached a place. A fast food chain. Pizza Hut! Bihaan and Thapki went to Pizza Hut and enjoyed their lunch over a pizza and pasta. And after having the pizza they both hang out.

Thapki did some shopping and as always Bihaan was the carrier of those bags. He didn’t complain and followed behind his Mahaan Atma Friend. And then Bihaan was tired of it, so he just quickly kept those bags with a dog. He treated the dog as if it was a security guard. Really Bihaan and Thapki are also no less. Bihaan was Mahaan atma to carry her bags and Thapki was a Moti Buddhi to let him do so.

And then Thapki while walking. She came across something. And that something just captured her eye. It was beautiful! Very beautiful! So beautiful that it just freezes Thapki and she just keeps on staring at it. Bihaan came. Now what is it she wanted to buy? Bihaan stared at it and he knew Thapki really loved that thing a lot. He could say it from her face after all he was her Best Friend.

And that was a ring. A beautiful ring. A beautiful diamond ring. How Thapki wished she had it! Without thinking, she just went into the shop. Bihaan had no other option but to follow her.

Thapki immediately asked for the shopkeeper to show her the ring. The shopkeeper did so. Thapki just looked at the ring, 360 degrees and tried it out. She treated the ring as if it was all hers. She even wore it in her ring. And then she knew that ring is only hers. And she just have to pay some bundle of cash for the receipt.

“How much is it?” Thapki happily asked.

The shopkeeper smiled and said, “10 lakhs!”

Thapki’s smile turned into a frown when she realised she didn’t had enough money at all. She didn’t even had enough money for even going to college. She knew she was not able to afford this ring, so she just kept it on the table and left.

Bihaan realised that his Friend was really sad. But what could he have done? Even he didn’t had enough money. If he had he would have buy that for her. She loved that ring so much? Really? Only for a ring unfortunately he had to see his Best Friend sad.

But Bihaan couldn’t tolerate the sad face of his Friend. He knew he had to do something. Bihaan just walked to Thapki and tried to explain to her that there was no use to be so crazy just for a ring.

Well Thapki felt what Bihaan said was right! Why was she getting so crazy for a ring? But what to do? Her heart really melted towards the ring. And even if she tried to forget about it she just couldn’t forget about it. Never she expected she will get so attached to a ring and that too an expensive one.

Thapki denied and she followed her heart. She wanted the ring at any cost. Even though she knew it was nearby impossible to invest in that ring. Bihaan tried but failed explaining her. And then later he said that she wasn’t capable enough to get this ring.

Now this strikes Thapki’s mind. That didn’t went down well with her.She did get angry and determined too. Straight she went back to the shop and told the shopkeeper to keep the ring for her. She said it will be a little late for her to buy the ring, but she really loved it and once she gets enough money she will buy it. After saying this , and persuading him,the shopkeeper agreed and kept the ring aside for Thapki.

Thapki came back and she got thinking. Did she set up too high expectations for herself? Did she really did wrong by keeping the ring aside? Will she ever able to afford it. Well Bihaan made it worse as he believed it was very hard to afford so much money at such a short span of time.
And he told Thapki this was wrong.

Thapki now had another challenge in mind. That was not only to win the ring but also to prove Bihaan wrong that for her nothing is impossible.

Bihaan dropped Thapki home. Bihaan nodded at the stupidity of his smarter Friend. Thapki went home and she went to sleep. She began brainstorming on how she would earn money to buy that ring? And then while thinking, she didn’t realise how her eyes got closed.

She went into a deep sleep. But again she could see that dream. The same dream. The same dream of her Prince. How she wished she met the Prince in real life! He would have definitely brought the ring for her at any cost.

On the other hand, there were news all over the country regarding the Prince. Yes the same Prince, Thapki saw in his dream. Well he was one of the best Prince in the country. He is so handsome. And also so tall. Good looking. Dashing.Thapki remembered that news and she decided that she will meet her Prince. Who knows maybe he maybe the one made for her and also may also buy the ring for her? Thapki smiled while sleeping.

End of part 2.

Precap for last part:- Thapki works hard to earn money for her ring. And then she gets a job too. But later she gets shocked as she realises that her opportunity to get the ring and the party organised by the Prince is at the same time. Thapki gets thinking as she realises she can only attend one of them.

You all must be thinking what is so special in that ring due to which she is doing like this. That you all will understand after reading the four shots. And some maybe confused but your confusion will be clear only if you read all 4 parts as the story is like that.

And please do express your opinions via your comments really means a lot to me. I really get happy when I see comments ??

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  3. Hey…day by day its going on a interesting way.Who is the prince?I know its a surprise,but iam curious about that…One more thing a special congrats for her caption,its really a catching title.I think the heading is the main attraction of this off.anyway,good going…GOOD LUCK Jo.

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