The Unique Story of a M for Mahaan Atma and a M for Moti Buddhi (TPK) – Thahaan 4 shots part 1 of 4


Hey all. Well I hope you all remember me. Remember I used to annoy you all with my stories? It’s been quite long since I haven’t write. Let me disturb you all again ? But frankly speaking you all have supported me a lot in all my stories and it really means a lot to me. Hope you all will support me with this story too.

So here I begin with the four shots.
Here is part 1.

He came. He walked, walked and walked. She could hear the sound of his steps made by his shoes. She looked down at his shoes and she looked upwards. He was dressed in a suit. After all he was a Prince.
And as she looks up to see his face, suddenly she could hear something else. And that was her alarm clock. Yes it was her dream.

She rubbed her eyes and switched off the alarm clock with a pat as if she is beating it. After all it broke her wonderful dream. Now she couldn’t even see the face of her Prince. She wondered who was he? Anyways she have to sleep, what if she can see his face this time? But no, this time it was her phone. Now she had no other option but to receive the phone call.

She took her cell phone in her hands and then she walked up to the balcony to talk. One of her ear was focused into the phone call and her eyes were focused on the view that the balcony had. The nature is so beautiful. It was always makes her pleased.

She spoke on the phone and then her keychain. The keychain on her phone. The sunshine irritated the keychain. The silver stones that the initials of her keychain had were shining. Zoomed in, her keychain had 6 alphabets. And it read “T-H-A-P-K-I.” Yes she was none other than Thapki, the great Mahaan atma.

She smiled and then as she kept the phone, her smile turned into a frown. And then she looked up at her wall. There was a calendar and a picture of her and her Mom. She walked up and looked at the calendar and realised today was d-day. Her results day.

And then she looked up at the picture of Thapki hugging her Mom around her shoulder and looking at the picture both of them having a smile on their faces. Even though there was a smile present in her picture, as soon as Thapki touched the picture suddenly tears started flowing from her eyes.

“I promise you, I will fulfil your last wish. I will work hard. And open an orphanage.” Thapki said all this in her heart. She wasn’t sure if she would be able to do so, but she had to do it for her deceased mom.

On the other hand, a guy is shown riding a motorcycle. He has a helmet on his face. He wore it not because of safety because he didn’t want anyone to see his face. He had that look and perspective as if someone will have a bad eye on him. He looked around as if he was afraid about something.

He was so busy looking around that he didn’t realise that a car was coming forward to him. And then finally he looked at the car and his eyes popped up. The car was about to hit him. But what is this! Instead of keeping his motorcycle aside , he just went forward and let it be. And the car was about to hit him, but he got saved by inches as the car went past him. Phew!

He took out his helmet and took out a sigh of relief. He was none other than our Moti Buddhi Bihaan. Why didn’t he kept his motorcycle aside and took the risk? And then he looked at the other side. There was full of mud. He looked at his suit and smiled.

“Luckily, my suit didn’t get spoiled.” Bihaan smiled at his so called achievement. So he was more concerned about his looks then his life? Strange. He didn’t even realise that his life got saved due to some inches and without any feelings he just wore his helmet and continued riding the motorcycle.

Thapki wiped her tears and knew today is her results day. She had to collect her results which will either inspire or stop her to fulfill her mom’s dream. She took her bag and walked outside. She stood and waited for an auto.

Just then a guy comes to her. He seems so thin as if he didn’t eat for many days. Thapki saw him and gets emotional. Her face said it all. She couldn’t tolerate the fact that one will stay hungry for many days. She opened her purse and realised she had very less money. She again looked at the guy. She knew that she won’t have anything if she don’t give him the money. But what she could have done. Without having a second thought she just gave the money she had and walked towards. The guy looked on.

And then there is Bihaan who reached his destination finally. He looked at the place and got worried. It was his college. And then came some guys who patted Bihaan from the back. They were Bihaan’s friends John and Dhruv. They realised Bihaan was worried.

Dhruv smiled and told him not to worry, because today’s day is like that. After all it’s results day. Bihaan could see some people coming with their results smiling and some depressed. Bihaan walked forward.

Yes Bihaan was worried. Very worried. His friends consoled him not to worry for his result.

“I am not worried about results, infact I am worried about these bikes.” Bihaan said loudly. Well how can he get worried about the bikes instead of his results? Dhruv and John in shock looks at each other.

Bihaan explains to them that why people are parking their bikes and motorcycles in a wrong place? John and Dhruv explained that it was a matter of 10 minutes for them as they just have to check their results and that’s all. So there is nothing wrong in doing so. Bihaan disagreed. And he thought this was very unsafe.

Bihaan whispered to John. John was surprised. But due to Bihaan’s angry look he got scared and decided to follow his command. Dhruv didn’t know what was going on. Dhruv and Bihaan waited for John. Where did he went? By then they could have seen their results too.

And then finally came John. He had a big bag in his hand. Dhruv wondered what was in that bag! Bihaan smiled and John opened the bag. Well what was in the bag surprised Dhruv more. It was full of bicycle locks. Now what is Bihaan going to do with bicycle locks?

Bihaan took the bag and used the bicycle locks and locked all the motorcycles and bikes. John and Dhruv looked at each other and didn’t understand what was going on. Bihaan smiled as if he is the smartest person in the world. And after doing so, he came back.

When John and Dhruv asked him, well before they could even ask him he just said his answer.
“Now no one’s bike will get stolen!” Bihaan happily said. John and Dhruv again just looked at each other and felt sorry over their Moti Buddhi friend’s foolishness.

Thapki walked to her college. It was a little far from her house, like maybe a kilometre but for her it seemed miles. Finally she reached her college. She could have come earlier with auto, but she couldn’t due to her Mahaan Atmaness. She was tired. Only if someone gave her a glass of water to quench her thirst due to the sun.

She found a place to rest for a while finally. But as she was about to rest, she saw something and got surprised. And she got up and just walked straight.

She saw her teacher with a fractured arm facing difficulties. She walked up to her teacher and took the books and helped her bring to the teacher’s room. Bihaan while talking to John and Dhruv sees this and smiles. As if he already had a soft corner for Thapki at the first sight.

Thapki helped her teacher and Bihaan nodded over what he was thinking. He was shy. And later Thapki came back, and as she was walking, Bihaan was chatting with his friends and suddenly she collided with him.

Thapki was about to lose her balance, she managed to control herself as Bihaan holds her hand and gets surprised seeing Bihaan. Bihaan stares at her more, and also more lovingly.

Part 1 ends.

Precap for part 2:- Thapki and Bihaan rush to see their results and both are shocked over their results. Later, Bihaan tells Thapki that she is not capable enough and Thapki gets angry and determined.

I wanted to publish the first part earlier but due to my root canal surgery i couldn’t do so so forgive me for that. And forgive me if you also didn’t like this.

I hope you all liked the first part. And as I already wrote the second part will publish the second part tomorrow. I hope you all liked it and sorry if you didn’t. (If you didn’t like it also it’s my request do read the last one at least ? which i will post on Sunday)

If you all really liked it please do feel free to drop your comment. It really means a lot to me 🙂

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