Unique love story by Harshitha (part 17)

Sorry guys, I actually forgot that I had to post it. But what can I do i had my exams so plzz takr my sincere apolozy. Forgive and forget. So here is the next one.
As  Annika sees Tia she thinks that she saw her somewhere and tries to remember but in vain. So she shrugged her thoughts away. As Shivaay and Tia are talking Rudy comes to them and says Bhai, come quickly we are all waiting for you. He then notices Tia standing there and signs Annika asking who is she? Annika says she is Tia Kapoor, Shivaay’s friend.

Rudy says ooh and shakes his hands with Tia. Shivaay asks Tia to accompany them for the lunch and she agrees. As soon as they go to their table Prinku recognises Tia and says Hi di, How are u? Tia says hey, Priyanka. I am fine. So u still remember me? Prinku says ofcourse you were the school beauty. Tia smiles and then Prinku introduces her to everyone.

All are having their lunch and Prinku starts questioning Tia on her whereabouts and y she left the school in midyear while others listen to her. Tia says you know about my dad right? He wanted to shift his branch office to Delhi, so we had to shift and I left the school. Gauri says, so y did u come here? On a business purpose. Tia says actually I am a model and I came for a shoot which is about a 2 week schedule and now I am searching for a hotel to check in. Shivaay says y a hotel Tia, u can stay at Oberoi Mansion and even our marriage is after 2 weeks, u can see that and go. Annika says yes, u can. Tia first hesitates but then agrees.

As  their lunch completes and everyone starts going a girl comes to Rudy and says Rudra and hugs him. Soumya is burning with jealousy by seeing them close and starts hitting the fork to the table. Rudy realises that Soumya is angry and breaks his hug with her. While all the others laugh. The girl says baby, where were u? I missed u a lot. Rudra says oh hi Tina, I was actually busy. Tina says that’s ok baby though you were not there your hugs and kisses were always with me. Rudy thinks he is gone and says Tina, I will talk to you later. Now u go.

Tina says ok, byee and kisses him on his cheeks and goes. As soon as Rudra turns to Soumya to make her understand, soumya throws a glass of water on his face and mimics Tina’s voice and says Baby, go to hell and goes from there. All the youngsters laugh while Rudra goes behind Soumya. And all head to their homes and Tia goes along with Shivaay to Oberoi Mansion.

As soon as they reach Oberoi Mansion , Shivaay asks Annika to help Tia in unpacking her things . Tia says no problem Shivaay, I will manage. Shivaay says No Tia, U are my frnd and guest of Oberoi Mansion and it’s my responsibilty to take care of you. So Annika will help u. Annika gives him a assuring smile. He gets a call and goes from there hugging Annika while Tia sees them angrily. Annika them asks Tia to follow her and she helps her in unpacking her things. While all the while Annika is smiling, Tia stares her angrily.

Later at night, Shivaay and Annika for sitting at their favourite spot in the Mansion that is the swimming pool and are talking to eachother happily. While suddenly Shivaay gets a phone call from Pinky. Shivaay says to Annika that Rudra mother is calling and picks the phone and keeps it on loud speaker.
Pinky – Hello Shivaay beta/son
Shivaay – Hello Maa, at this time, is anything serious

Pinky – No, I called you to says that I asked Pandit/Priest about remaining rituals and he said that Tomorrow is good for haldi ceremony.
Shivaay – ok, maa. I will make all the arrangements ready.
Pinky- ok then, I will call Jahnavi and also Gauri’s dadi and inform them.
Shivaay – ok.

And cuts the call.
He turns to Annika and says happy? Now all the rituals are going as per your wish. Annika says super happy and kisses his cheeks. As they are smiling Tia who is standing at far observes them and fumes. She says laugh how much you want to. From tomorrow your bad time will start and I will definitly take my revenge from u and goes from there.

Later Annika says to Shivaay about her doubt that she saw Tia somewhere before. Shivaay says maybe, u might have seen because she said that she is a model. Annika says yeah maybe, I might have seen her in an advertisement or in a fashion show. He says ok, now dont think much, go and sleep, tomorrow there is a function.Annika says some more time Shivaay. Shivaay says ok. She happily hugs him and sleeps on his shoulder smiling. He smiles at her antics and kisses her forehead and caresses her. He says Btw, where did u got the idea of splashing water on their faces. Annika says I dont know, I just thought it and even my partner in crime Rudra was also their with me. So I just went a head with it. Shivaay says but you escaped and he was given the punishment. Annika laughs and says yes, but you know the pairs are so cute right. Rudra and Soumya, Om and Gauri, Priyanka and Ranveer. Shivaay says what? Prinku and Ranveer. Annika bites her tounge and says actually, I thought that they are a good pair. Shivaay says you thought? Annika says ok, I feel it in that way and btw what’s bad in it. Even Ranveer is a good guy and cares for her. Shivaay says yes, but we dont know what they feel right? Annika says maybe they are unable to express. Shivaay just nods. Annika says what if you talk to them once? Shivaay says what? What should I talk? Annika says about marriage. Shivaay says but… He was cut by Annika. She says I just said to talk, y are u feeling it like I asked u to do a war. Shivaay says Ok cut it,I will think about it. Annika says good boy and gets up. She gives him a goodnight kiss and goes from there.

While going to her room Annika passes by Tia’s room and sees her talking to herself something angrily saying that I wont leave u. Annika comes and says Tia, is everything fine? Tia says yeah, ofcourse. Annika says, no, I felt you are angry and saying that you will not leave someone. Tia gives a lame excuse saying that her photographer called and said that she will have an early morning session and should go for the shoot by 5:30. So she was angry on him.  Annika says ok and goes. Tia thinks she escaped and takea a sign of relief.

Hey guys, sorry for the late update but I know even this is short one but next one will be better. Actually I am not getting a idea,if u have any u can lend me.

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  2. New twist in story..quite interesting.. Waiting 4 d next..??

  3. Gayathri.visu

    Hi Harshitha. Sorry for not commenting on previous chapters.
    Amazing….. Its so sweet!! By the way in ur ff Tia is negative??? If yes then no…. Dont make her negative please….. In most ffs Tia character is negative…. So please make her positive!!!

    1. M.Harshitha

      Sorry. But tia is negative

  4. Ohh di after long time u posted… I was waiting 4 ur ff .. Any one doubt u made tia negative character hmm…

  5. Anyways *

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    Loved the update after a long time. Update as soon as you get time and an idea.

  9. It is nice one dear.

  10. Superb epi

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  12. sorry for late comment. I think Tia is girlfriend of daksh. Anika see her on she find the truth of daksh. She coming to revenge for death of daksh.

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