union of two hearts episode 1


Hi guyzzs I am first time writing the story ..it is the real love story ..plzz encourage me guyss if we like the first episode plzz comment on it if you like it t I’ll proceed
It is the story of two real hearts….they are Arjun and Meera..

Scene 1
It starts with students entering the engineering clg ..Freshers on their first day ..
our Meera enters the clg..she is very
enthusiastic girl and very soft and kind ..she is very pretty and beautiful ..
Our Hero Arjun also enters the same clg ..He
also belongs to the same group which Meer
a belongs..He is 6feet tall handsome and good looking guy .no doubt that he will definitely become the heartthrob of the clg..
Meera meets the Aastha and geet in the clg
..Aastha is Meera’s childhood friend and Geet is her intermediate friend ..so the Three of them became very good friends …
Arjun became friends with ricky and yuvii .
One week passed ..their seniors entered the classroom and announced about Freshers day and they want some participants and
Arjun give his name for dance But Meera didn’t notice that but she had already seen him in the class as he is good looking (she had already fallen for him) but our Arjun don’t know it..
Freshers day preparations started ..seniors are ragging them but Arjun gain attention from everyone he has the magic in his words …Meera has his Sister among those seniors..
After that her sister told about Arjun to Meera but Meera don’t know that Whom she has seen in the class was Arjun itself..

PRECAP:Freshers day;Arjun is dancing for tu mera song ;Meera looks on

Guys this is my first ff so please excuse me if there are any mistakes…

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  1. Hey superb Maha continue ur story
    From which place are u

  2. Awww nice yaar

  3. Nice maha continue.

  4. Thnk u guyss for ur support …but I am not able to update regularly as my final exams are near so plzz cooperate guyss ..
    I am from banglore susmi

  5. nice starting

  6. Oh superb ya all the best for ur final exams Maha

  7. Awesome intro maha dearrrrr …keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  8. shifa(shakira)

    nice start.continue

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