unfortunate couple (part 4)

A car went inside a big bungalow Poonma (Aayu’s aunty) went outside car and ran inside the house calling Aayu mom’s name.
Poonam: Dii!!!! Where are you come down fastly.
Radha (Aayu mom):what happen why are you shouting?
Poonam: Dii what did i said to he is having affair with that girl.
Radha: what are you talking don’t understand,
(Poonam take a deep breath and said) poonam: Aayu is having a affair.
Radha: what the hell are you talking are you drunk are you talking about my son.
Poonam: I know that you will never believe me so I bring some evidence with me take a look.
(Radha took phone from poonam started looking at the pictures that has been taken when they were fighting in that picture look they hugging each other Radha get angry and about to throw poonam phone but poonam interrupt)
Poonam: Dii it is my iphone 6s so (radha hand over the phone to poonam)
Radha: How could aayu do to me he tell everything to me but how could he.
Poonam: Son’s are like that when they find girl they give more importance to the girl than their mother.
Radha: Aayu is not like Samad.
Poonam: what do you mean Samad?
Radha: I want find that girl. (Radha call his assistant)
Radha: I will send photo I want you to get me every detail about this girl.
Assistance: Okay ma’am.
Radha: How could you do to me Aayu?
(On other side both Aayu and Samad we inside the company were searching for Sana ever floor of the company get tired and went inside Samad cabin)
Samad: Bro what do you do now you didn’t even know who is she or even you even don’t know her name simply said to my mom that she was your girlfriend.
Aayu: Shut up for a min let me think k
Samad: Take your own time I just saying.
(Samad Assistant come and knocks the door)
Samad: come in.

Samad assistant: sir chairman is calling you And Aayu sir.
Samad: k, bro lets go why dad is calling you and me.
(Aayu and samad knock the door)
Rajesh (samad father and the owner of jha group of company):come in
Samad: what’s the matter Dad?
Rajesh: I want you to meet the wedding planner in the evening at hotel orcide.
Samad: for what
Rajesh: for decide the venue
Samad: Dad tell mom to handle these things.
Rajesh: (Angrily) what the hell are you talking its your sister wedding you coudnt do a single thing.
Aayu save samad form getting hit
Aayu: we will meet her.
Rajesh: learn something from Aayu he is very responsible person not like you didn even takecare of yourself.
Aayu: don’t worry Samad will take care of it .
Aayu and Samad leave the cabin then Samad phone ring
Samad: I have urgent meeting
Aayu: Avanti is your urgent meeting is
Samad: Take care of the wedding planner thing for me
Aayu: k I will meet her.
Aayu went to inside hotel orchid and check reservation on Rajesh jha receptionist said table four he move to the respective table and
Aayu: Hello Aayu verma and you are
She put menu card and saw Aayu both get shocked to see each other at a same time
Aayu: you!!!
Sana: you!!!!!

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