unfortunate couple (part 3)


(Aayu park his car in front of a tall building as he enter guard stand and wish him he get inside the elevator he push the 30 floor button and get him busy in his phone he enter the office everybody stood and wish him he get in to a cabin on the cabin door the name plate says AAYU VERMA. DIVORCE LAWYER…)
Samad: (he was sitting on Aayu’s chair) I have been waiting for you. Where were you?
Aayu:I was handling you problem remember.
Samad: yeah right. Did she catch you?
Aayu: yeah.
Samad: what happen then?
Aayu: We were caught by your mother.

Samad 🙁 curiously) what happen next?
Aayu 🙁 lean on chair comfortably and said) It solve another big problem.
Samad: what problem broo? (Curiously)
Aayu: You know my mom always force me to get married.
Samad: about what.
Aayu: (with smirk smile) I told aunty that we were dating each other.
Samad: (Stun for a second and get conscious) what hell you did?
Aayu: what happen? Why are you behaving like this?
Samad: Buddy you didn’t solve the problem. You created a big problem.

Aayu: what do you mean I don’t understand?
Samad: You don’t know about my mother.
Aayu: what do you mean?
Samad: You think my mom will stop there. She will tell everything to your mom.
Aayu: ooh shit what I have done. She not gona leaves me. What do I do now? We have to find her.
Samad: how we are going to find her you even don’t her name how can you find her.
Aayu: wait I saw her getting out of Uncle Company I think she was working in company lets go find her.
Samad: let’s go broo.
(Aayu and samad get in to the car they started to move on other side Sana car across each other but they didn’t notice each other Sana park her car same building where Aayu park his car. Guard smiled and wish he she went inside the elevator she push 31 floor she went inside the office everyone wish her she thank everyone and get inside her cabin on the door the name plate says SANA PURI.WEDDING PLANER)
Punith: (knock the door) may I come in.

Sana: (bit stress out) come in.
Punith: you knock out that presentation Sana.
Sana: I think so.
Punith: what happen Sana you are bit stress out?
Sana: Something happen we have to concentrate on the wedding.
Punith: You are right we have to make this wedding perfect.
(Aayu and Samad were inside the office)
Samad: How are we going a find her there a thousand of ladies are working hear. If going to find her its going a take a week to check on them all.
Aayu: You right how we are going to find her.

Samad: Broo your mom and my mom gona forget about her.
Aayu: Are you mad you think maa and aunt will forget about this how.
Samad: Bani didi wedding is in 5 days. They have no time to think about your girl.
Aayu: Your right we have five days to find that girl. we will think about that after Bani dii wedding how to sort out.

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  1. hy ur story is really i m enjoying reading it but plzz be a bit regular nd yup today’s epii ws great nd sana is only going to be hiss sis’s wedding planner

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