unfortunate couple (part 2)


Sana: what the hell leave my hand are you deaf. I said leave my hand.
(Aayu leave her hand and leave from their Sana chase him and stop him)
Sana: where are you going are you not going to pay for my car?
Aayu: (took his wallet out and ask her) How much?
Sana: 5k.
Aayu: hmm hear.
Sana: why did you drag me like that from there?
Aayu: It is none of your business.
Sana: whatever.
(Sana leave from their Aayu took his phone and called someone)
Aayu leave for his office.

(2 hours ago)
Aayu: Haa maa.
Radha(Aayu Maa): where are you?
Aayu: Am going for a meeting.
Radha: okay at 11’o clock i want you to go Hotel Taj okay.
Aayu: For what maa?
Radha: I already fix a meeting with pooja Mrs Kapoor daughter.
Aayu: Maa stop fixing meeting maa I fed up of all this.
Radha: You always say like this whenever I talk about your marriage.
Aayu: It’s not like that maa I haven’t thought about marriage.
Radha: I won’t listen any think I want you to go and meet her that’s it.
Aayu: Okay maa I will think about that.
Poonam: (Aayu aunty) Sis I think that he his dating someone else that why he always rejecting all the girls.
Radha: I am also thinking same way. He is always rejecting them. I want you to keep eye on him this time and i want you to give me updates about him.
Poonam: Okay I will give you every bit of information.
Aayu: (Went inside the Hotel Taj a young girl wave her hand towards him. He move their) Hello
Pooja: (shyly)Hiii.

(Aayu sit front of her and she started to stare at him. He is feeling bit uncomfortable he loosen his tie)
Aayu: Can wee order something.
Pooja: Haaa.
Aayu: Oder (irritate tingly)
Pooja: Haa okay waiter can I have chicken salad and for you Aayu jiii.
Aayu: (Struggle and said)One glass orange juice.
Pooja: Are you not going to eat.

Aayu: noo.
(They didn’t talk for 15 min after that Aayu phone is ringing)
Aayu: Excuse me (and leave from their) what do you want now?
Samad: (Aayu cousin and his best friend) Why you always think I call you for something.
Aayu: I knew from my childhood. You call me when you’re in trouble or need something form. Soo what do you want.
Samad: That is why I love you broo. I need your car for now.
Aayu: where is your bike haa?
Samad: Broo my bike got scratch broo I don’t want Avanti to sit on that bike soo please.
Aayu: who is Avanti new model?
Samad: You knew everything broo.
Aayu: where are you now?
Samad: I am in coffee shop in front of dad office.
Aayu: I will be there in 10 min.
(Aayu hang up the phone and get inside the hotel)
Aayu: I have a urgent meeting. I have to leave now.
Pooja: But you haven’t talk to me.
Aayu: Sorry i have to leave.

Pooja: Okay bye see you later.
Aayu 🙁 In his mind)( who want to meet you again and gave a arrogant smile) See you.
(Aayu went inside the cafe shop samad was waiting for him eagerly. Samad hugged him)
Samad: Thanks broo, and pay the bill.

Aayu: Okay you own me this time.
(Aayu went outside a cafe. He saw a girl was trying to braking bike rare mirror and he struggle to stop her and he saw her aunty was stalking him all way from Hotel.)
Aayu 🙁 He think it’s need to be stop hear. Then he grabs sana in his Arm for take relive from all the dating things.)

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