unfortunate couple (part 1)


Sana: Hey punith have you check the presentation detail.
Punith : I have check three times there is no room for error Sana be calm.
Sana: I will call you after meeting Mr. Jha
(While waiting in traffic she was thinking about her life that she has a perfect live. She has perfect job and she has very bad luck with her love life)
A speed bike broke her cars wing mirror Sana could react the bike gone too far.
Sana: ooh Shit!! Who the hell is he has no sense
She started to curse him all way through the Jha Company. he started to calm herself and telling herself .
Sana: Sana you can do this you are the best.
She went in to the conference room and gives her presentation and everyone praise her.
Jha: congratulation Miss Puri our company will finance to your project.
Sana went out of room with a big smile. She took a phone and call to punith.
Sana: They are going finance to our company.
Punith: congratulation.

Sana: I will meet you in the office. Bye
Punith: k see you in the office .bye
After hanging the phone she saw the bike that broke her cars wing mirror. She went there and started to broking the Rear view mirror. Aayu come out of the coffee shop and saw Sana brokering rare view mirror and goes there.
Aayu: what the hell are you doing and who the hell are you??
Sana: oh!!! You are the one who broke my mirror what do you think about yourself haa.
She grab his collar and started scrolled him. An old lady was stalking on them Aayu saw her and get Sana hand from him and put his arm around her
Aayu: what are you doing here aunt?
Poonam (Aayu aunt): I come here to buy some stuff and by the way who is she what are you doing here.
Sana struggle Aayu grabs her.
Aayu: She is my girlfriend (Sana get shock) don’t be angry baby we going to buy that dress (Sana tries to speak but Aayu interrupt her). K aunty bye see you in home.
(They leave from there Sana struggle to of his arm)

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