Unforgettable Shows – Swaragani a Reflection of the Show


disclaimer/note: this is just a reflection of the show lol no offence to swalak & swasan fans

“Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there”

“A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost”

Sister’s are really very important to us they are with us when we need thm they are our best friends. This serial swaragini is also the tale of two sisters swara & ragini collectively called “SWARAGINI”which carry a meaning with it in the show- Swaragini — Jodein Rishton Ke Sur English: Swaragini- Combines The Melody Of Relationships.Swara & ragini are sisters who know each other as neighbors unaware of their relationship as sisters both have an empty space in their lives swara don’t have her father and lives with her mother and grandmother and are bengali’s Swara is a modern, open minded, enthusiastic and an emotional girl who belongs to the Bengali family. On the other hand, Ragini is a shy, reserved and a traditional girl who hails from the Marwari family. After sometime their truth of being sisters come out and so does the struggle to unite their parents start which is joined by lakshay who was ragini’s fiancé then all three of them succeed. Lakshya then falls in love with Swara without knowing it (Ragini also loves Lakshya deeply). Sanskaar, who had been away from his family for five long years, returns. But his intentions are evil, although he acts mad, he wants to destroy the Maheshwari family for revenge. Lakshya reveals the truth to Swara and Sharmishtha that he loves Swara unconditionally. Later Swara also falls in love with Lakshya to everyone’s displeasure as they believed that swara isn’t marwadi so she is unfit for the house but for lakshe’s sake they agree for their marriage but ragini still can’t digest this fact and join hands with sanskaar to break their marriage and help him in his revenge.they both succeed in their plan and swalaksh marriage breaks and no one doubts them ragini continues her acting that she is sacrificing her love for her sister but swara makes sanskaar realize his mistake and he vows to set everything right between swalaksh on other side ragini is not ready accept this and gets against sanskaar and emotionally blackmails laksh & his family and triesto kill her sister swara on her marriage day pushing her into a river and trying to drown her and unfortunately fails.but ragini continue her cheap tactics and marry laksh .sanskar & swara join hands against ragini to expose her truth and swara enters maheshwari house as ragini’s jethani & sanskar’s wife where their war continue and ragini gets her dadi’s support.Now days ragini have trapped swara & sanskar(swasan) in their fake marriage blackmailing swara to marry sanskaar.

Seeing this we can say sisters are also your enemies but we shouldn’t forget that it’s a beautiful relationship but we can hope/wish that ragini’s truth comes out soon & she get’s a tit for tat for her doing and all become bnormal in everyone’s lives againand this bad mark on sister’s relationship get removed.

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Credit to: Richa

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  1. Swasan forever…Swalaksh fans,m sorry bt being a Swasan fan I wish to c them together forever…

  2. Hope everything happen 4 gd & richa u r superb, I nevr imagined u wr a storehouse of hidden talents…… ☺☺☺iam really happy for u….

    1. Hi blossom how to put pic on ur name?

    2. heyy blo nyc to c u after long dr hw r u???and thank u dr and i write on nauc also as fan writer dr plss do chk dem to…….

      1. I ‘ve noticed it dear u r too good, dats why I applauded u☺☺. Actually I was under a hectic schedule of lectures & examz so couldn’t respond to u guyz… really sorry for that & happy to u like this & b/ luck 4 ur future ventures.. ??

  3. its swalak only….

  4. swasan is good idea

  5. Swasan forever appy swasan is the best not swalak swalak is the waste

    1. Look if u hate swalak keep it to urself cuz even v swalakians hate sanskaar with shona but that doesn’t mean v will say rubbish bout swasan ……mind ur tone!!!! ??

  6. Swasan plsssss…..

  7. Superb wrk ricu !!!! 🙂

    1. thanku nutzyy dr lol

  8. swasan 😆

    1. sara g main nahi writers will join dr lol tc

  9. unite swalak

  10. sawsan plzzzzzzz

  11. As being d true lovers swalak shd unite..hpe tat hppns..:)

  12. Varsha Darshini

    I want swasan pls

  13. Varsha Darshini

    I always support ragini as she has the pain so she thought like that if she didn’t love laksh there won’t be problem at all. At least they should accept her as she did for her love to come true. Sanskar loves swara so there won’t be a big problem I guess. Bt whatever happens I support ragini only

  14. I like to see swasan….. they match very well…. and it must be……

  15. Laksh is not a true luvr bdw….he didn’t blv swara…called her character less nd did not evn have d brain to analyze things…..he I dumb….nd sanskars love is unconditional….he hlpd swara in her bad tyms…nd supported her….swara should realize this….nd accpt sanskar….they should stay together

  16. Swasan please.couse when you love Some one you expect that person to trust you.and laksya did not trust swara so he does nit reserve to be with swara.i know Some people love swalak but they should know that marige s not a Joke.as swara s Maried to sanskar n laksya with ragini

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