UNFORGETTABLE LOVE :SHIVIKA (Part 59) (musical past)

Heyy all!!!! Gusssa ho…bt keep this gussa aside 4 some time and enjoy…story….


After 5 days

It is the day of shivanya engagement (shivaay and tanya) bt no one is happy instead of tanya and pinki everybody is worried and sad….

What happend in these 5 days make them tense….


It has been 5 days since anika went somewhere and no one know where is she ….bt somewhere i know that..raghav and kriyan knows where is she…bt no one is ready to open their mouth….here v r  worried for her bt look at these 2 all relaxed…if that raghav and kriyan are not her family than definetely kill them specially thay kriyan always stick to my anika…bt now i worried about my anika and plus point i didn\’t find out in these days what they r hiding even karan try to find out bt nothing work out…or plus point today is my engagement with that idiot tanya…where r u anika …plz comeback ur shivaay need u with him…..


Not anymore tanya ….just wait and watch ….bahut khush ho na tum…that u won…now u will see my game…now it\’s enough of ur blackmailing ….now u will open ur mouth by urself…it\’s fun to watch…smirk…jab tum mooh ki khaogiii…


Flashback….(before 5 days)

In morning everybody is sitting on dinning table instead of anika

Shashank: where is mahira yash…

Sag: may be she is sleeping till now

Arohi: no she is not in her room

Ad:then where is she???Dad do u have any idea

Y: i have not seen her since morning….

S: where is she…i will call her…

Her no. Is nt reachable…

Everybody is tensed or stressed for her…bt two person are relaxed and eating peacefully as if nothing happened….

Now everybody is confused of there behaviour…and gaze them…

Rag: whatttt??? Y r u staring us like this as if we r criminals

Kr: yaa exactly…

Sammy: bcz u r behaving like as if nothing happened??? Here we r worried 4 anika…bcz she is missing and u guys r behaving normal….u r not worried at all…

Ra: u guys r behaving like she is small child common guys relax…she is not child…she can take care of her …

Kr: and one more thing she is fine…

Ad: do u know where is princess??

Both nodded…in yes…

S: where is she ??

Till than adhiraj phone ring it has one notification…


Veerji i know u all r worried bt don\’t worry i m fine …and sorry aapko bata nhi pai…actually one assignment came up so i have to leave…urgently…and i will not come for few days bt i will be back b4 engagement and apna or sabka khayal rakhna and specially papa and kriyan….

Papa don\’t u try to trip ur medicine and kri beta don\’t try to be oversmart…jogging and medicines miss kiye naa than u will have no idea what will i do with u….

Okk byyy

Miss me

End of message

Every body burst in laughter and shivaay bcm sad and yash and kriyan make grumpy face ….

Rag: wherever she is …bt she will always behind u..

Sag: this girl is impossible….first she is not well and second she left without telling…let hr cm agar kaan nhi keechey naa (cut)

Yash and Adhiraj: no sagrika/mom…it will cause pain to her don\’t u dare…

Everybody roll their eyes

Flashback end

Don\’t know y m i feeling like this something is going to happened something bigg…bt good….

Tanya: after sometime i will engaged with shivaay bs kuch pal or oberoi family ki barbaadi shuru…tik tok..tik..tokk smile wickedly


There was lots of hustle and bustle in RM

Media and Guest all r present along with oberois , rajvanshi and luthra except Anika ,Kriyan and raghav

Gauri: maa i have asked to pandit ji and he told that half ab hour hour is there is auspicious muharat

Tanya: i can\’t wait shivaay baby…only half an hour i m so excited she hold his palm shivaay give her deadly glare and squeeze her hand tightly …she whince in pain….

Pinki: tanya beta what happened ???

Shiv: yes tanu baby what happened (sarcasm)

He came near to her and whisper so no one can hear

I have told u many time many time that don\’t try to climb on me ….i m doing all this 4 my family if not so i can do many more things so stay away…

Aahaan and aahaana: oo hooo dadu…no one love us no one is giving attention to us no one love us  ….only our bujii love us bt she is also not also….let her come …we will tell her that u didn\’t take care of us always ignore us…

Shiv: oo karan i think someone is jealous that we r not paying attetion to them

(In this time shivaay came close to kids)

K: yes ,even i think so and wink toward shivaay and both start tickling both the kids…

Nikky: aachcha leave it tell me ,where is anika and when is she coming…

K: i have called her bt her number is not reachable

Sammy: and what about raghav and kriyan bhai…

Suddenly lights off

Voice: some one is missing us…

All turned toward the voice and spot light fall on stage …bt no one was there…all confused…

And  music start

And one girl came and start dancing sensually

She was wearing mask spot light is moving along girl


Dil kasho or dil bari

Uski h jaado gari


(Dance around yash)


Dil kashi or dil bari

Uski h jaadu gari

(Around shashank)

Jiski aankhein h kaali..

Hain na jis pr saari

Ae dil ye sach h kya …

Aaj wo h kya

Aa hi gaya

(Around adhiraj)

And move toward stage

Zara dil ko thaam lo

Naam lo keh bhi do h kon…

Aaa gaya haa aaa gaya …

Laut k dekho don

(Another light fall on one man wearing mask enter wearing mask )


Jo naa samjha koi me wahi raaz hu

Jo kisi ka nahi h wo andaaz hu×2


(Both men and girl dance)

Me samndar se gehra

Me kahi kab hu thera

Me hu jaise dhooan

Ye dhooan kahi h rukta kaha

(Smoke surround everywhere on stage )

Zara dil ko thaam lo

Naam lo keh bhi do h kon

Aaa gaya haa aa gaya

Laut k dekho don

(Mask men  is shown)


Tu nahi h dhooan ek shoola h  tu meri jaan

Paas tere magar aaungi

Tujhme hi jal k marjaungi


Mujhko chaha toh paaogi kya

Me kaha jaunga mera kya h pata

Zara dil ko thaam lo

Naam lo keh bhi do h kon

Aaa gaya haa aa gaya

Laut k dekho don

(Yash ,alok samarth ,and shashank is shown)

Song finish

Guest applaur

Girl along with men come to family

Everybody confuse

She directly come and directly hug yash and than shashank

Girl: Haii Handsome

Y: who r u

Girl: not fare u forget me handsome

Y: let me guess ….hmmm hmmm

G: handsome …

Karan and nikky came and hold her ears

K&N: handsome ki bachchi….

Yash & shashank: hey leave bubble..

Both leave and girl jump on yash and shashank and trio share hug…

Y: we missed u so much..

Girl: me too…

Chaya and sagrika : ohh all love for handsomes and what about us….u forget us …

Girl remove her mask and her face is shown

She one by one hug luthra and rajvanshi family

Dadi: puttar aap kon ho…

Arohi: sorry i forget to introduce u to her she is bubble means Aakriti…she is Sammy and Mahi childhood friend and their best friend too…and she is Police officer too…and bubble they are oberoi family…

They greet her

Karan pov.

how come bubble here all of sudden last time when we talk  she was  not in jaipur ,than how come and mahi did she know about it …if yes than toh bahut bada raita phaila hua h…bt kya

K: bubble i want a talk to u…

Bubble: there is lot  to talk bt not now… abhi toh kuch or kaam karna h…

Ad: bubble who is he…pointing 2wrd men

Raghav and kriyan: that we will tell…

Raghav: kriyan told her about function and mahi accident and this men he is very important guest of us ..iske bina ye shaam adhuri h….

K: one minute,what did u say kriyan told her to come bcz as far we know that they both never talk to each other rather than fighting….

Om: matlb

K: they r rival frm childhood

Rudra: rivals

Sammy: actually baat ye h ki frm childhood both claim anu their best friend and they usually fight about who is her best friend and frm childhood and till now it continues…that is problem

Akri: so what i m right she is mine

Kr: good sense of humor bt she is mine best friend

Ak: no mine

R: guys stop it …kaam ki baat karey

Both nodded

R: so where was i…yaa he is very important guest…

Btt cut byy loud scream…..



Both look toward voice ….

Raghav ,kriyan , Bubble and Men smile while looking 2 ward men…

Karan saw them smiling and shocked….

Karan mind

I just knew it kuch toh gadbad h…..some thing is not correct…bt now i m sure they r upto something…

Karan to shivaay and adhiraj :

Bahut bada raita phaila hua h….

Both look confuse

He point 2wrd 4…

And they both shocked bcz they r smiling wickeldy

Scren freeze

Where is anika ?????

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