UNFORGETTABLE LOVE :SHIVIKA (Part 59) (musical past – Part 3)

Hola…hw r u all feeling???….Good naa…i knew it….so stop talking….and read….i hope u all like it….bt i know u all willl…πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Light fall on a boy…who is wearing 3 piece suit bt his face is covered with mask and hung down

And music start….

Raghav came from the back of men and sing

Sun ne walo ,suno aisa bhi hota

Dil deta h jo ,wo jaan bhi khota h

Pyaar aisa jo karta ,kya marke bhi marta h..

Aao tum bhi aaj sun lo….

(Pointing 2wrd audience)

Daastan h ye ki ek tha nojawaan jo dil hi dil me ek haseena ka tha deewana…

(Men lit his face up….other mask men eye is also shown)

Wo haseena thi ki jiski khoobsurti ka duniya bhar me tha mashoor afsana

(Akriti come on stage wearing suit and laughing with two other girl around her)

Dono ki ye kahani h…jisko sabhi kehtey h…om shanti om

(Both boy and girl are shown and everybody look confuse)

Nojawan ki thi arrzoo,uski thi ye hi zuuustju, Γ—2

Us haseena me usko miley,ishq k sarrey rang gaboΓ—2

( Both girl and boy dance together…some salsa steps and putting ring in girl hand)

Usne na jaana ye naadani h,

Wo ret ko samjha ki paani h,

Q aisa tha kis liye tha ,

Ye kahani h,

(Mask men is shown with stern eye)

Daastaan h ye ki, us dil kash hasseena k nigaho,dil me koi doosra hi tha

(Girl remove his hand and hug another guys…wearing mask)

Bekhabar is baat se us nojawan k khaabo ka anjaam toh hona bura hi tha…

(Both mask men 1,2 shown)

Tootey khaabo ki iss daastaan ko sabhi kehtey h om shanti om

(Point twrd luthra and rajvanshi’s)

(Everybody is shown one by one)

Diwani si diwani h,tanhai si tanhai ,or ek hum they pyaar k bin

(Girl twirl and mask men 1 is shown)

Sun ne walo suna aisa bhi hota

Koi jitna hase ,utna hi rota h

Diwani hoke haseena ,khai kya dhoke haseena,

Aao tum bhi aaj sun lo

(Raghav roam around girl who is wearing wedding red Β lehnga)

Daastaan h ye ki,us masoom haseena ne jisey chaha wo tha andar se harjai

(Back ground change in projector which turn into factory)

(Mask men 3 smile evily while hugging girl in lehnga)

Sang dil se di laga k ,bewafa k haath aake

Usne ek din maut hi pai

(Mm3 push the girl on ground and laugh evily)

Ek sitam ka fasana h .jisko sabhi kehtey h om shanti om

(Mm3 hold girl hair tightly and girl cried)

Kyon koi kaatil samjhta nahi

,ye jurm wo h ,jo chupta nahi,

ye daag wo h jo mit ta nahi ,

Rehta h khooni k haath pr

(Twirl around mm3 and and hold his hand)

Khoon us haseena k jab tha hua

(Mm3 burnt the girl alive while she was screaming and run )

Koi waha tha pahuch toh gaya

(Mm2 and two girl child come on stage and stand nearby them in shock)

(Along with mm1 ,anika and gauri is shown)

Lekin usey wo bacha na saka

(Mm2 take girl in his lap and girls sit around them)

Roya tha pyaar uski maut pr

(Girl take last breath in mm2 arm)

(Police along with some men come there and arrest mm2 )

(Girls are shown running on road with few men behind them)

Daastan h,ye ki ho pehchaanta h khooni ko wo nojawan h laut k aaya

(Another 2 girl came on stage with mask with mm1)

Keh rahi h zindgi,kaatil samajh le uske sar pe cha chuka h maut ka saaya

(Raghav first point toward mm3 then samarth who was sweating badly)

Janmo ki ,karmo ki,h kahani jisey

kehtey h om shanti omΓ—3

(Girls and mm1 stand around mm3 while caging him)


Lights turn on

And everybody in audience Β stand with tear

Girl 1 with mask

So tell me how was play and story..

U all start crying….y…

Aap toh ye dekh kr roney lage…just think about them who beared them….

And mr. Samarth tell us how was the play….hope u Β like it….and y r u sweating as if u saw some ghost…


Hope u like it..samarth…any idea what r we playing…any guesses

Mm2 …

I m sure mr.samrth knows what we r playing..m i ryt…


Why not…he is the only person …bcz he is the one whom closely observed it all…

Everybody look at samrth…


I don’t know what r u saying…i have to go….


Itni bhi kyq jaldi h….let everyone know the truth…aftet that u can go…

So b4 telling about it….i want ms. Gauri rajvanshi accompany us here…

She show her hand to gauri….

Everybody look at gauri who was crying silently…

She odded and hold her hand …both girl came face to face….

Gauri look at girl eyes and that’s it she broke down…

Girl console her…

U must be thinking y i called her here Β so let me tell u bcz she is the most important part of this story…

Raghav wipe gauri tears…

Everybody is confused…

So this story is connected to rajvanshi,luthra,and mr. Alok and mr. Samarth past…

This is a story of a girl who is sister,sil,daughter,friend,aunt and what not…

Along with a boy

Who is son, friend,uncle,lover and unfortunately a brother too…who have a brother named samrth…


Whom u r talking…??

And who r u???all

And wht r u talking…


Itni jaldi bhool gaye mr. Samrth about ur brother who loved u frm bottom of heart…

Bt i told u na i never forget anything…and even i will not let u…


U forget me chotey…

Yash and shashank:

Who r u all plz



She show her another hand to mm1 and mm2 and girl who was dancing

So plz welcome

Mr. trivedi….aka mr.kriyan luthra(mm2)

And Β mr. Nihal trivedi ( he remove mask)

Luthra and rajvanshi face turn white in shock

And mm3 as mr samrth trivedi…

And aakriti aka ms. Mohini…

Aakriti come forwrd

Now oberoi along with luthra and rajvanshi is shockes

Gauri as girl 2

And what about me…

Me wo hoon…jo tumne socha bhi nahi

She remove her mask and turn to be anika whose eyes were blood shot

Everyone : Mahira…

Samrath: Mahira bachchey…

He move 4wrd bt stop when she throw a bottle along with label in his leg in anger


Mahira nahi….


Screen freeze




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