UNFORGETTABLE LOVE :SHIVIKA (Part 50) ( anger and shopping)

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R: r u sure anu ??shivaay was the one ??bcz u himself told us that hw much he was happy 4 being father and he himself took care (cut by aanika

A: sb natak tha everything was just a blo*dy drama to frame himself as a victim not culprit so that i will not become hurdle in his plan and as u know everything has happened according to his plan , now in every one eyes he is the victim and i m culprit to kill my child , u know bhai bs ek hafta hi hua tha wo sb hue or usney apni engagement announce kr dii , it’s all preplanned so he can easily lead his life with tanya and i was fool jo uski baaton me aa gayi , i was fool bhai

Raghav couldn’t tolerate this anymore and hugged her tightly

R: shhh u r not fool and i promise he will suffer same pain which u suffered and more than ,bt b4 that he has to give me answer of my question  this is promise of ur bhai anu (saying this he left frm there angrily ,aanika follow him to stop him)

Karan who was in corridor in his phone watch Raghav was angrily passing frm there  he tried to stop him but no use he didn’t listen him bt for his shocked aanika was following him

K: mahi mahi , wht happened , y he is so angry

A: wo , i… i karan bhai wo… i don’t know bt i have to stop him and she left toward raghav

Karan also follow them

Raghav reach hall and saw shivaay sitting with Family (gauri , aanika, karan, kriyan, adhiraj ,yash and shashank) but his anger reach on peak when he saw tanya sitting beside him till then Mahika also reach there

Raghav angrily gaze shivaay and tanya and than aanika

Annika node in no by moving her head in no , karan notice this bt raghav ignore and call shivaay angrily but not loud

Rag: mr. Shivaay singh oberoi..

All look at him in shock and saw his eyes red , anger was clearly visible in his face , no one was understand now why is his anger raised

S: yes

R: i want ask u something ( anger bt yet in calm tone)

R: so tell me…(before he said aanika cut him)

A: actually bhai has decide to do some shopping 4 ur engagement so he was asking would u like to join him… Kya aap sb ko shopping nhi krni

All get confused

Raghav look at aanika in anger why she stopped him

Aanika stand beside him and entwined her hand with him secretely and compose him through her eyes soon raghav get compose and nodded in yes 2wrd her

No one notice this instead of karan who was continusoly staring both

But their all trance was broken by tanya

T: it is a good plan …pinki mom shall we

P: ofcourse… No need to ask

R: mr. oberoi what about u

T: ofcourse shivaay will come

Rudra: no bhaiya have a meeting so he can’t

R: r u shivaay (staring rudra angrily)

Rudra : no wo actually

R: so stop giving answer frm his side he has his own mouth …jissey wo kisi pr koi bhi decide kr skte h…kuch bhi keh dete h… So frm this mouth he can take even this decision too…so let him decide naa…why r u deciding frm his side …and i heared mr. oberoi do anything 4 his love once and 4 his fiance 2 whom he love this much…kitna kuch kiya hoga inhoney inkey liye and this meeting is not a big deal in front of all those things so he can cancel the meeting…am i ryt mr. Oberoi

Everybody understand his taunting but only karan understood that it is not only taunting bt much more than this bcz in all this aanika gaze was fixed on shivaay and tanya whom only he noticed and raghav was tightly holding her hand

R: so it’s fixed we all r going shopping tmw mrng so get ready by 9

All nodded

T: o my goddd shivaay i m so excited 4 our engagement … I still can’t believe that we are finally going 2 get engage and he hugged him tightly

All get shock and aanika became hell angery on tanya stunt but compose herself

Shivaay  eyeing aanika whose eyes were spiiting fire to burn tanya and him anytime and smile mentally after watching his aanika after so long in mask of mahira but to save himself frm her anger he break the hug

S: okkk

Raghav left frm there and other too

Only shivika left in hall

S: mahi we need to talk

A: (staring him) there is nothing to talk

S: there is and i want to talk to u …and i can explain everything…it’s not like which is seems me and tanya

A: why r u justifying me about u both i m no one and i no ryt

S: u r the only one …u hv every ryt so don’t say that u have no ryt

A: no u r wrong …tanya is the one who have ryt on u not me and u himself give him all ryt not me

S: i want…

A: i m feeling sleep so i will talk to u tmw

And without turning she left frm there

S(heart): i can never this ryt to anyone instead of u…U r the one whom have full ryt on me …i m all ur’s or hamesha ye shivaay aanika ka hi rahega


Raghav reach his room in all anger

He stand in front of mirror

His childhood moment with aanika is shown where she always smile and happy alwaya irritate him , how he convence her, when she first told him bhai, how she met him after she rescued him , breaked annika , crying aanika after that shivaay face is shown in mirror who was laughing at him and continusoly saying …u didn’t save her… u failed as a brother

He pick up vase and throw toward the mirror and mirror break into thousand his pieces and move in slow motion in air

Raghav only see him and annika and shivaay

Sammy enter in room and shocked to see raghav like this

Sammy: raghav(shout)

Raghav look at her with blood shot eyes

Sammy: (cup his face) what happened , y r u angry

R: nothing…wo bs i want to remain alone 4 sm tym

S: u loved me na

R: what kind of question is this

S: so tell me and i observe u in hall how u r taunting shivaay..y r u angry

Listening his name he again became angry

R: (he removed her hand) y can’t u understand that i m fine and i want to leave alone 4 some tym …and don’t u dare to speak his name in frnt of me …u can forget wht he did with my aanika bcz she is not ur sister she is my sister so leave( angrily)

S:( scared) wht do u mean she is ur sister …she is no one to me…hw can u say this …do u really think like this

R: i didn’t think like this but u r the one who made me think like this hw easily u forget everything and forgive me everytym support him wht was all that haa

S: it’s nothi…

Cut by raghav

R: i don’t want to listen anything leave me alone

S: no i will not

R: can’t u understand was that so difficult 4 u to understand me …i said just get out (angrily)

Tear brim in her eyes

S: i love u and she run from there

Raghav look at her gng he feels bad 4 her and angry on himself that hw can he hurt her sammy

Karan was watching all this frm distance and made a call

Screen freeze


Shopping  and

Mending the broken heart

How’s it

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