UNFORGETTABLE LOVE :SHIVIKA (Part 49) (pain and past)

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Yash announced shivaay and Tanya engagement within 1 week leaving family member in shock


Shivaay: engagementtttt ???

Y: yes shivaay and i hope u all will be happy with this news finally ur wedding is going to happen with ur love tanya

S: bt uncl..

Y: shivaay and tanya just tell me wht kind of marriage u want and arrangements tell ur likes and dislikes to planners they will be here at 3 o clock so get ready by that tym…and haa designers are also cmg and if u want to call any ur family& frnds so u can call them…

G: papa wo..

Y: and haa chutkiii u have to take care of all arrangements

O: uncle…

Y: and haa om rudy and bhavya all catering and ur calling ur relatives is ur responsibilty and adhiraj and kriyan

Ad: yes dad

Y: take care that every single bussisness men should be invited

Ad: ofcourse dad i will personally do that (smirk at shivaay)

Y:raghav and karan security responsibility is ur’s

They nodded

(He didn’t give any chance oberoi family to speak even a single word)


Y: AND(to of) if u want anything special plz tell them i want perfect aakhir kaar mere chutki ke badebhaiya ki shaadi h

Y: 2 gauri u call him this naa

Gauri nodded

G: but papa wo…

Before she complete aanika phone ringtone disturb them and everybody attention turn 2wrd her they literally forgot about her presence everybody look at her for her rxn some are guilty some have some , some have mercy ,some for help bcz only now she can help them yash can’t deny her wish

But killing everyone hope she start moving

A: excuse me ,

But stop by yash

Y: doll what u think about my decision regarding their marriage

Aanika look at shivaay with painful expression and shivaay too

To have hope on her that she will stop her father

(Heart conversation between shivaay and aanika)

A: y u do this shivaay , now what will i say

S: i m sorry aanika i know u have so many question in ur heart bt trust ur shivaay i didn’t chear on u

A: so wht is all this ?? Tell me the truth

S: i can’t tell u bt plz say no

A: why?? U also want this naa

S: no i don’t want this

A: so what u want??

S: i want u

A: me seriouslly shivaay why u want me to hurt me

S: tumhe hurt karne ka toh me sapne me bhi nhi soch skta

A: so wht r u dng ryt now


A: u have no answer shivaay

S: plz annika say no

Aanika shift her gaze on yash

A: papa wo

Dhakk dhakk

From shivaay , gauri, om, rudy and everybody face is shown one by one

A: papa whatever u have decided is correct , u never took wrong decision , (with heavy heart)

Everybody became shock and feeling bad for shivika instead of adhi, kri, rag who were smirking but still they feel bad 4 annika bcz they know how much she loved him

Arohi: mahi wht r u saying

Again her phone ring

A: i have to take this call excuse me

And she left

Raghav made excuse and also follow her

Shivaay feel disheartened but he can’t tell this to anybody bcz he himself responsible for this


Annika room

She came to her room and close the door but didn’t put latch and throw her phone and tear make their way

A:yyyyyyyyyyy( scream)

She throw vase on mirror and break everything and throw everything here and there in anger

A: why did u do this

And sit with the support of bed in floor putting her face in between knees and crossing her hands around legs and continusoly crying

Raghav enter in her room and shocked to see the condition of room and annika,he slowly enter the room and put the latch and dodge pieces of glass to avoid injury and sit beside her

He put his hand on her shoulder anika sense someone hand on her shoulder she look up and found raghav

R: anu

Aanika breakdown in his arms and he wrap his arm around her

A: bhaiiiiii

R: anuuu ssssssshhhhhh shaant ho jaa

They remain in this position for sometime

R: annu

A: (she compose herself and break the hug)

R: i know it is difficult for u to handle this bt this is truth ,this is the true colour of him

A: i know bhaiii, who knows oberois better than me but still bhai dard hota h ,bhut pyaar kiya tha un logo se, specially shivaay se ,bt wht he did he broke me , he broke my trust , wo pyaar wo sb jo shivaay ne kiya sb dikhawa tha bt maine maine sachche dil se pyaar kiya tha

R: i know anu bt they didn’t deserve ur love ur tear so don’t waste them on those peoples and forget them bhool jaa unhe

A: bhool jao kaise bhool jao bhaii kabhi nhi bhool skti after wht they did to me and my unborn child

A: u know bhai , shivaay has announced his marriage with tanya before 2 year

R: whtt

A: yes bhai that day when all this happen ,

R: and how do you know that

A: i watched this in news that day, bt bhaii wo din bs ye do sachchai hi saamne nhi aayi bt wqt be kuch or bhi chupaya tha apne andar

R: kya

A: u know bhai y i hate oberois that much

R: bcz they put allegation on u to abort ur child

A:(sad smile) no bhaii not 4 that

R: so (confused)

A: oberois are murderer of my child bhaii unhone mere bachche ko mara haii bhaiii uss shivaay singh oberoi ne mere bachche ki jaan li h

(She again broke down in his arm)

R: whatt??? Wht r u saying ??shivaay??how??yyy?? I don’t understand

A: haa bhaiii

R: sssssssshhhhhh first stop crying and tell me clearly wht he did

A: ( she compose herself)

A: after watching that news i went to hospital to collect my and papa reports



A to receptionist

A: hii i m anika i came here to collect my reports

R: yes mam ur reports are with doctor khurana plz go and collect them from doctor herself

A: okk

And she left to doctor cabin

A: doctor may i cmg

Doc: ofcourse anika

A: actually i want to collect my reports

D: i know and i myself inform receptionist to send u here

A: bt yy

D: bcz i want to show u something

A: whtt

Doctor handover report

A: confused wht is this doctor

D: just have a look

Aanika open the report and shocked

Pause Fb

R: wht was in that report annu

Fb continue

A: how’s this possible

Doc: this is the truth tumhare blood me me contraceptive medicines detect hui h bcz of which u loose ur child

A: but doctor i never took those kind of medicines

Doc: r u sure annika bcz according to these report tumhari blood me yeh clearly mention h ki tumne ye medicines regularly consume ki h

A: i m sure doctor maine apni pregnancy me koi bhi medicine nhi lii not even any headache medicine

D: that clearly means anybody delibrately gives u these medicines to kill ur child

A: bt who can do this

D: that u tell me tum ne kabhi kuch aisa khaya tha jisse tumhe uneasy sa lagta tha or little pain

A: bt doctor from my breakfast se le kr dinner everything is prepared by my husband and family bt i don’t think uske alawa maine kisi or ke haath ka kuch khaya h

D: annika try to remember kuch to hoga

After thinking

A: yes doctor yaad aaya actually everynight i drank milk after it i felt uneasiness bt that milk

D: that’s it u consumed that medicine with milk

A: are u sure doctor

D: i m sure

A: but doctor that milk was prepared by

D:did u remember who gave u that milk

A: yes (she closed her eyes in pain)

D: who

A: my(tear)

Fb end

R: who was that peson

A: Shivaaayy

Raghav shock and become angry

(Guys everynight shivaay before anika gng to sleep make her drink milk )

Screen freeze



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