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City hospital

Shivaay: om take gauri and others to home ,they didn’t had anything since yesterday and they all need rest and don’t worry i m here with anika

O: but shivaay how u alone manage all these things alone and look at urself u also need rest

S: i m f9 om and for my annika i am enough to take care of her only and i m never tired from taking care of her so don’t worry

O: okkk i will try take them back to home but i m not sure they will come with me but i will try but before that i take something for u to eat

S: okk and take karan help for convencing them they will never deny to him

O: okk

Karan and om somehow manage in convencing family go back home 2 take , now only shivika left in hospital alone

(Ab maja ayegaa?????)

In Doctor’s cabin

Shi: doc u called me ???
D: yes mr. Oberoi , i have some news regarding mahira condition
S: say it doctor she is fine any problem
Doc:yes she is fine but for sharing this news with u may i know how r u related to her,?? I m sorry but its hospital policy we can’t share patient condition to anybody instead of family , and u seems to b vry close to her so hope u don’t mind

S: it’s okk doc , i can understand and yaa u r ryt i m vry close to her afterall she is my wife and i m her husband now u can share anything regarding her to me

Doc: so mr.sso i checked her reports and i found the clot which was formed in her brain before 17 years and 2 years has melt because of accident so may be not may be soon she got her memory back and remember everything what all happen before 2 years
S: r u serious doctor ,meri annika u mean to say meri annika ki yaadash wapas aa jayegi , wo apne shivaay yaani mujhe pehchaan legi , i can’t believe this , my annika (he was damm happy and smiling )
Doc:yes mr. Oberoi u heared me ryt but
S: but what doctor
D: see there is one problem
S: what problem??
D: because of her brain injuries become very week and she can’t be able to take any kind of stress so jitna ho sake unhe khush rakna otherwise anykind of stress will be harmful for her
S: don’t worry doctor i will make her always happy and any problem and any stress will never come to her , wo bhul jayegi ki gum kya hota h, from today onward she will always be happy
D: hope so it happens as u say, now i have to go i have an sugery
S: yaa and once again thank u doctor
D: that’s my work

(Guys now they shifted her to ward)

Shivaay happily run to her ward and found her sleeping peacefully he sat beside her on stool and caress her hair and face with her hand

S: annika u know what doctor said that soon u will get ur memory back , now u will recognise ur billuji , i promise annika now i will make u always happy , there is no place of sadness in ur life , i know annika mainey tumhey bhut dukh pahuchaya h, bhut drd diya h
Flashback of past memories come in his brain where he always hurt her, accused her
S: i know my mistakes are not forgiveable , TUM MUJHE MAAF TO KR DOGI NA, APNE BILLU JI KO BS EK LAST DE DENA and i will promise u will forget everything
Tear breaming in his eyes
U know annika when u were not with me
Saanse chl rhi thi pr me saans nhi le rha tha
Everytym ur face came in front of me
Dil dhadkta tha pr dhadkan nhi thi
Bcz u r my heartbeat
I want to scream and cry but my words are not with me
My support is not with me
My heart are not with me
Iss tadibaaz ne apni tadi kho di thi tumhare bina
I was not shivaay without u
Now plz don’t make me wait
Jaldi se theek ho jao
Fight with me
Throw water with me
Show tadi to me
But plz don’t remain quite
Ab bardaas nhi hota
Bs muje chod k mt jaana
Maaf kr dena apney shivaay ko
Now i can’t bear ur narazgi
Me mar jaunga
I can’t leave without u
Ur shivaay will die without u
(Tears are continuosly flowing from his eye and some tear fall on annika face )
Ab ek pal bhi nhi reh paunga

due to wetness on her face annika with difficulty open her eyes and found shivaay with tear her heart prick and her eyes welled up with tears

A: shivaaaayyyy
Annika try to get up shivaay saw this and help her in sitting comfortable position
S: r u okk , what happened y r u crying
A: i m okk shivaay but plz stop crying , u know na i can’t see u in tears plz stop crying mera dil dukhta h , plz stop crying and tell me what happened
With her words shivaay now can’t control anymore and he breakdown in her arms he hugged her tightly
S: i m sorry annika , i m sorry , sb meri glti h , everything is my mistake , everything happen bcz of me tumhari ye condition all bcz of me
A: sssssshhhhhh shivaay nothing happen ,kuch nhi hua me bilkul theek hu wo bhi aapke saamne ,and u didn’t do anything plz stop blaming urself, look at me
Annika break the hug
Annika wipe shivaay tears from her palm
Shivaay look at her with lots of emotions
A: don’t u dare to shed a tear from ur eyes otherwise i will kill u from my own hand

Shivaay again hugged her
S: plz don’t leave me again , me tumhare bina nhi reh skta ,promise me u will forgive me and always be with me
A: i promise shivaay i will never leave u and i will always be with u even i can’t leave without u

Shivaay break the hug
S: pinki promise
He move his finger
A: pinki promise
She entwined her finger with him
Screen freeze on their fingers

Some cozy moments
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