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Annika diied in major accident

Shivaay came to annika and sit beside her and continuosly staring her , tears has dried in his eyes he even shed a single tear

S: ( caressing her face with one hand) annika i m angry on u , u promised me that u will come soon to talk to ma , i want a say something important to u , but herr look it’s 12 o clock and u still didn’t come to me u r sleeping here, yaa i know u love to sleep but this not the way to sleep by scaring everybody , u know everybody is worried 4 u bcz u r not opening ur eyes, now come on get he get up and pull her hand to make her move but no use
Shivaay look backward and saw that she is not coming and lying lifelessly now shivaay anger reach peak by her action(or u can say no action)

Shivaay words now in anger

S: this much tadibaazi haa ,but it doesn’t work on me bcz i m more tadibaaz than u and i and i don’t like when anybody doesn’t show tantrum in front of me , so just get up
But his words are not working on her

S: annika mainr kaha uthooo , u can’t do this , u can’t break ur promise, u promised me that we will always be together , u will never leave me so get up, i know u are angry on me and ur anger is valid , u have full ryt to punish me but this is not the way to punish me , get upp
At last shivaay tears make their way and start flowing , his tear fall on annika face just below eyes

Shivaay again sat beside her and continuosly crying
S: annika i know i hurt u vry much and but u know naa i have no control on my anger pta nhi kya ho jaata h mujhe , but u always forget me and pacify me, maine bhut dukh diya h tumhe but plz give me one last chance ,i promised i will never do any kind of mistake, i promised i will listen to u always never became angry on u , if u went than who will throw water on me , who will handle this bagad billa , who will cut me , who will fight with me , only u can do this ,only my paanika can do this , u r my annika, my love , my heart, my life .

I know that i didn’t trust on my love , on my heart ,but only said me naa ki hum jissey sabse jayada pyar kartey h usey hi sabse jayada dukh pahuchatey h, and i love u more than anything, i know i lost all the ryts to ask forgiveness but still i m asking for forgiveness, i m asking for my life ,plz give me my life , my annika back plz annika , u can’t go like this without punishing me , u r angry on me so get up and fight with me but plz don’t stay like this, u r silence is hurting me , i can bear anything in this world but not ur silence plz annika talk to me , u remember what i told u who r u to me


Annika was doing some work in cupboard she was so engross in her work that she didn’t notice pair of blur or green eyes were staring her( yes he is shivaay)
Shivaay came and stand behind her but annika was so busy in his work that she didn’t notice , now shivaay was fed up bcz she was not giving any heed to him so he himself take a initiative , he hold her by waist from back , annika realised that he is shivaay , and she start blushing hard

A: shivaaaayyyyy what r u doing
But shivaay didn’t give any reply to her
He remove her hair from back and start plant ing a kiss on her bare back now annika can’t control anymore she clutch her dupaata tightly she closed her eyes

A: shivaaa…yyyyy whhha
But before she complete shivaay turn her and she landed on his chest

(Annika stuck in between shivaay and cupboard)

Annika try to move from left side but shivaay block her way by putting his hand on cupboard and then ryt side too now she don’t have any place to go
Shivaay decrease distance between them now not even air can pass through them
Shivaay start kissing on her neck and she start moaning his name now his one hand on her waist and one is entwined with her finger

He kissed his fingers , he plant kiss on her forrhead , than eyes and then cheeks and chins now annika totally turn into red it was getting hrf for her, now their lips are inches apart, both wrre lost in each other eyes , shivaay was about ti kiss her lips and annika closed her eyes in response but soon she realise that shivaay didn’t kiss her she open her eyes for getting her answer but found shivaay standing away and he was smirking , she look at him in confusion
A: shivaaaaayyyy
S: whattt
A: what was that
S: what annika , what r u talking , i don’t understand
A: shivaay u very well know what i m talking about

S: oo that , that was ur punishment
A: punishment ??? For what??
S: for ignoring me, for not talking to me
A: but when i did all this haa??

S: ryt now when u r settling clothes in cupboard
I was waiting for u that when my wife look at me and talk to me but u didn’t notice me that ‘s why i did this , tumhe bhi toh pata chalna chaiye naa ki kisi ki ummedey nhi todni chahiye
Annika was continuisly smiling for his husband childish behaviour
She immedietely hug him tightly
A: sorry shivaay , she plant a kiss on his cheejs

S: but i m still angry on u
A: so what can ido to convence my husband jissey unka gussa kam ho jaye
S: so u will do whatever i will say
A: yes , for u i can do anything
S: so ur punishment is
Without completing he smashed his lips on her first annika was shocked but she start reciprocating with equal passion and intensity and they broke their lip lock bcz of lack of oxygen

Now shivaay take her in bridal style and laid on bed and he was laid on her top and start kissing her passionately and scene goes blurr

(Naughty guys lets give them some privacy)

After sometym annika and shivaay lying on bed cover with duvet annika head on shivaay chest and shivaay continusely caressing her hairs

A: shivaay
S: hmmm
A: can i ask one thing
S: no need to ask for permission , u can ask me anything, anytime , anywhere
A: u get angry when i didn’t notice u for some 5 mins and didn’t talk to u ryt
S: hmmm
A: what if someday me cha kar bhi aapse baat na kr pau, cha kr bhi aapko dekh na paoo to what will u do
S: and why will u do that,
A: kismat ka kya bharosa ki kal kya ho jaye

S: i didn’t understand what r u talking
A: i mean to say that someday u call me and try ti talk to me but i can’t give u reply chah kr bhi
S: this will not happen annika , i know u will never do this to me , u will never stop talk to me agar tumne aisa karne ka socha bhi na toh u have to face shivaay singh oberoi
A: arey shivaaay , i know i will never stop talking to u but if destiny play his card and make me separate from u , just like agar me kbhi mar
Before she complete shivaay smashed his lips on her lips angrily

S: don’t u dare to say anything , and don’t u dare to think leave ne alone , agar kisi ne bhi tumhe mujhse alag karne ka socha bhi na to first he have to face sso , u r my life , my heart , u r my jaan

Aur shivaay singh Oberoi ki jaan itni aasani se ngi jayegi get it
A: okkk okkk bhagad billa ji i understood , i promise i will never leave u, i will with u alwayd , whenever u call me na i will come so don’t worry me khi nhi jaa rhi
S: if u think about like this na again than i will surely don’t know what will i do with u
S: u r my lifr anika agar tum nhi na to ye sso bhi nhi rahega me marr..
Anika close his mouth with her hand

And nodded in no
A: don’t say like this shivaay , i can’t bear this and i promise i will always be with u , i will never leave u ,and never do this again
S: pinki promise
A: pinki promise
And they start laughing
Scene goes blurr again
Flashback end

S: u promise me annika that u will never leave me , plz speak to me , don’t punish me like this get up

He hugged her tightly and his tear fall on her face and lips and make it wet completely
His tear from her lips enter in her oral cavity followed by trachea, and enter in renal artery and enter in her heart her heart is shown and tear drop mix with her blood
Shivaay tightly hug her and continusely crying making her wet

Annika brain nerve is shown going deep and deep and the memories which she spend with shivaay start running in her mind

In shivaay embrace
S: annika u can’t leave me ,plz get up
(Guys shivaay was sitting on bed and he pull annika on bed anf both r in sitting position)

Annika finger start moving but shivaay didn’t notice it
Nurse enter in OT and saw annika finger in motion and than monitot which showing sudden movement

Every body gather arounf her but without replying anything she went to call doctor

Annika take deep breath in shivaay arm
A: shivvvvvvaaaayyyyy
S: anikkaa ,annikaa ,i m here , doctor ,doctor
Everybody run inside by hearing shivaay voice anf doctor too came and shocked to see that annika was taking deep breath. And their eye fill with tear of happiness
Everyone: didi/ annu/ bhabhi/ doll

Annika again became unconcious

D: ooo mmyyyyy goddd, sister quick
N: everybody plz go outside and wait we have ti check patient

Omkara take shivaay with him who was not ready to leave her annika
Everybody wait outside for doctor to come outside

After half an hour doctors and nurses came out

Everybody rush to them
S: how is my annika , wo theek to h na
Doc: i must say in my 20 year career i never saw this , but i must say it is miracle , annika maut k mooh se waps aa gyi , she won the battle of life,now she is out of danger, aap logo ka pyaar usey waps keech laya and doctor went

Same nurse came whom shivaay scold in ot

N: i must say , i never saw this kind of love i my whole life, ut love is pure and it has no bounds , ur believed come true, aisa pyaar kismat walo ko milta h , and she is that lucky one to have u in her life

N to yash
N: ur daughter is very lucky ki usey aisa pati mila h ,
Y: why r u saying this
She narrate everything to them and left
Everybody look at shivaay with tearful eyes
Everyone means everyone

Screen freeze on shivaay face

To be continued

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