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O: hello
G: omkara ji and she start crying
Omkara get shocked, chaya run to gauri to console her
O: gauri , what happened , why r u crying, bhabhi is fine naa
But no reply came from otherside instead of sound of crying and sobbing
Omkara heared chaya voice
Chaya: chutki, plz handle ur self, if u will break than who will handle others , ryt now everybody needs ur support

Shivaay who saw om in shock snatch his phone and put phone on loud speaker

G: how chachi, how will i handle other when i can’t handle myself
Chaya hug gauri and try to pacify her she caresses her hair
G: why did this happen with my diii,tell her na she can’t leave us like this , she have to come back
In same position
Chaya: nothing will happen to her , she will be f9 soon and dekhna she will be come back with bang ,she is playing with us , tumhe pta h na usey hume pareshaan karna kitna aacha lgta h, dekhna when she will come na we together pull her ears , now come with me
Gauri break the hug and turn toward lord shiva
G: not now, what ever he wanted to done with dii and other has done , he gave us lots of pain, now not more, he have to save my dii, he can’t snatch her from us, i will not let him do this again and today i will not go anywhere , me bhi dekhti hu wo kaise dii ko theek nhi krtey, agar ye ziddi h na toh i m not less , today he will loose
Gauri lights the wick
And put her hand one inch above the wick
Ch: chutkii , what r u doing, u will get hurt
G: i don’t care, today i will not remove my hand from this until my dii will not fine

Shivaay and om who were listening all this understood that annika condition is getting worst
Shivaay take step behind and stumble before he hit ground two pair of hand and support him to prevent him from falling
Shivaay look at person which were not other than omru
R: bhaiya what happen
But shivaay didn’t utter a single word and remember about his dream what annika said to him
And he look at forward and found annika smiling at some distance
A: shivaaaayyyy don’t break ur promise , u promised me that u will became tadibaaz again and why r u crying ,if u cry naa than me sukoon se nhi jaa paungi, i want u say good bye to me with smiling face not like this, don’t u fullfill my last wish
Annika forward her hand and start moving behind
A: Billllllluuuuuuu jiiiii (she shout) I AM GOING
shivaay run to her but again she lost
S: annniiikkkaaa
Omru run to him
Omru: shivaay /bhaiya what happen
S: omru annika u saw her naa , she again lost , how can she say this that she is going
Rudra look everywhere
R: bhaiya no one is there and even bhabhi
S: mazak mt karo she was here in front of us and she talk to me om u tell him naa, he don’t believe me
O: yes shivaay, i believe u, bhabhi is there
R: but o
Omkara look at him and he understood so he prefer to stop
R: yes bhaiya bhabhi was there , u know naa she loved play hide and seek and she is playing

They heread mosque sound
Shivaay start moving toward sound

Tere darbaar me
Dil thaam k wo aata h
Jisko tu chahe
Hey nabi tu bulata h

(Mosque is shown)

Tere dr pe sir jhujaye
Me bhi aaya hu

(Shivaay is shown entering the dargaah)

Jiski bigdi haye nabi
Chahe tu banata h

(Annika is shown)

Bhar do jholi meri yaa mohammad
Laut kr me naa jaaunga khaali×4

(Shivaay enter inside is mosque
Omru follow him)

Band deedo me bhr daale aansu
Sil diye maine dardo ko dil me×2

(Gauri is shown in temple and tear continuoysly brimming from her eyes)

Jab talak tu bana de na bigdi dar se tere na jaye sawali

(Shivaay and omru sit in dargaah and start reading namajh)

Bhr do jholi meri yaa mohammad
Dr se tere na jaunga khaali×2

(Bhavya and OF is shown praying in front of lord shiva in RM instead of pinki)

Khojtey khojtey tujhko dekho
Kya se kya yaa nabi ho gaya hu×2

(Annika is shown in OT )

Bekhabar dar badar fir raha hu
Me yaha se waha ho gaya hu×2

(Sagrika and Yash is shown)

De de ya nabi mere dil ko dilasa
Aaya hu door se me ho k ruhaasa×2

(Shivaay start reading namaz)

Kr de kr de karam nabi mujh pe bhi jarah sa
Jb talak tu bana de na dil ki dar se tere na jaye sawali

(Adhiraj is shown with Raghav)

Bhr do jholi meri yaa mohammad dar se terr na jaunga khaali×3

(Shivaay , gauri and adhiraj is shown)

Jaanta h na tu kya h dil me mere
Bin sune gin raha h na tu dhadkaney×2

(Shivaay came out from mosque)
(Cardiac monitor start fluctuating )

Aah nikli h to chaand tk jayegi
Tere taaro se meri dua aayegi×2

(Shivaay is shown under the sky with full of stars)

Aaeh nabi kbhi to subha aayegi
(Doctor inject injection in annika )

Jb tk tu sunega na dil ki
Dr se tere na jaye sawali

( lord shiva idol and gauri is showns shown)

Bhr do jholi meri yaa mohammad dar se tere na jaye sawali
( OF is shown praying)

Hey taras kha mujh pe bhi tu aaka ab laga le tu mujhko bhi dil se×2

(Adhiraj came to temple and fold his hand in front of idol)

Jb talak tu mila de na bichdi dar se tere na jaye sawli

( Raghav and family also came to temple)

Bhr do jholi meri yaa mohammad laut kr me naa jaunga khaali×2

(Every body is shown one by one )
(Shivaay saw some people walking on ambers)
(He also start walking toward them he remove his shoes)

Omru try to stop him but a priest stop them
Preist: mt rok aaj isko , aaj ye khuda se fariyaad karne aur mangne nhi. , Apne hq cheen ney aaya h, aaj iske aur uss parvar digar k beech ek jang h,, lets see who will win , if his love is true than he will definetely win if not than and he left

(Dum aali ali dum ali ali ×2

Shivaay start moving in amber ,he closed his eyes and annika face is shown simuntaneoysly annika start taking heavy breath , her pulse , bp and heart beat start decreasing

Dum ali ali ×32

Shivaay moving in amber is shown
Gauri and family is shown praying

Annika taking heavy breath is shown and she stop breathing and equipment show zero pulse rate and no heart beat
Doctor inject injection in her heart and give shock on her body by placing device
(Guys i don’t know the device name which look like press)

But no use annika didn’t respond

Doctors and nurse look at each other and senior doctor move his hand in no

Before shivaay complete it start raining and everything drenched
Shivaay and omru look at shock

In temple both hospital and RM
The wick extinguish

Everybody look in shocked

Doc: we lost her ,
And they cover annika face with white linnen

Shivaay, omru , gauri ,adhiraj , yash, sagrika run

( Guys it was nyt and guards thought that shivaay has left so they fall asleep)

Shivaay run inside hospital and reach in front of OT with omru
Gauri and family also came

OT bulb stop glowing and doctors came out
Everybody rush to him

Instead of shivaay who was standing at one corner

Rag: Doctor how is my sister ,?? She is fine na??? Could we meet her??? When we took her to home ?? U don’t know that she doesn’t like hospitals

Doctor put his hand on raghav shoulder and look at him and other

Doc: we try our level best to save her but

Ad: but kya doctor


Saying this left doctors left

Everybody breakdown and start crying instead of Adhiraj and Shivaay who were paused at their place

Everybody rush inside OT
Annika body is shown cover with white linen

Gauri take remove cloth from her face


Everybody scream together

Sagrika and Sammy faint
Nikki and arohi hold them

Raghav: annu u can’t do this to me, u can’t leave me like this , i promise i will never tease u plz get up
And he fall on his knees and start crying ,karan hold him and hug him and both start crying
Rag: how can she go

Gauri: dii , u can’t punish me like this , abhi to muje aap mili ho , u can’t leave me , i want a spend tym with u plz get up
She shake her body but no use

She break down , omkara hug him
G: omkara ji plz tell her , that she can:t do this with her chutkiii
Omkara didn’t say anything and tear start flowing from her eyes
Chaya , kriyan , shanshak and rudra they were numb and continuosly crying

Yash was in shock he sat beside annika
Y: ssssshhhhh , don’t make noise , my doll is sleeping , don’t disturb her
Everybody look at him

Adhiraj came inside he look at annika at stand beside her

Annika body is shown with lots of bandages and injuries

Ad: princess , get up , bhut mazak ho gaya h, now i m not liking this anymore
He try to make her up by pulling her hand but no use

Ad: princess now u r making me angry get up, u very well know about my anger and u clearly know that i don’t like this kind of joke , if u didn’t get up naa than i will never talk to u

Y: sssssshhhhh, she is sleeping, let her sleeping after how many days she is sleeping peacefully , let her sleep , don’t disturb her

Shashak came yash and kriyan to adhiraj and put their hands on their shoulder
With tear in their eyes
Both nodded in NOOO

Adhiraj and yash looks on
Kriyan: she is not joking,wo chli gyi, she left leaving us alone

Shanshak: she break her promise, now she will never get up


kriyan hug adhiraj and adhiraj hug yash

And everybody remember the tym which they spend with annika and in her memories

Shivaay came inside and he continuously staring annika who was lying lifelessly on bed

Nurse came
N: all of u plz wait outside
Rag: i will not go anywhere leaving my sister alone
N: plz try to understand
K: sister don’t worry i will handle everything
K: come raghav
And every move outside crying instead of shivaay

Nurse to shivaay

N: dekhiye plz go outside ,
S: i will not leave my annika alone , u wait outside i want talk to her
N: i can understand ur condition but we have to examine body

S:(angrily) first of all she is not body she is my wife mrs. Annika singh oberoi and don’t u dare to say this again and i said leave i want talk to my wife
Nurse became scared and left
Leaving shivaay and annika alone

Annika body is shown

To be continued

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