U miss me??? I know u miss me , so i m bk specially 4 u , hello guys this is versha bk with nxt episode ,okkk okkk i will continue story otherwise u guys will beat me??? , just kidding guys so lets start

Adhiraj reveal shivaay and family in front of family ,gauri family forgive her bcz they knew that she ws not at fault instead of some member

(Night) ( guys raat ho gyi)

Doctor and team run inside icu bcz annika condition became vicious, and start treating her

Inside ICU
Doc: Ohh my godd
Doc2: what happened sir, is she f9

D: no she is not her condition is getting worst
Nurse: but doc why her head is bleeding
Doc: sister , go and inform her family that we have to do an immediate operation again
N: okk and she run outside
Doc2: sir why operation , i don’t think her body can handle one more operation
Doc: i know but we have no other operation , her organ start failing, so we don’t have other option, we have to do this

Till than nurse inform everybody about annika condition and another operation, karan call chaya and inform about annika condition and chaya told everything to Gauri ( who were at hospital temple in front of lord shivaa idol)
Outside hospital shivaay start feeling restless and his restlessness increase with every second , omkara try to pacify him ,but no use ,omkara went to bring water for shivaay , shivaay sit under the tree and he closed his eyes and flashes with annika running in his mind,
(Guys plz imagine these moments by yourself)
– how he met annika first tym annika in temple
-how annika break wind shield of his car and throw bundle on his face
-how annika save him from gayatri murder case
-how she used to throw water on her and how he throw her on water
– their silly fights

– how they got married
-how annika got shot to save him
-blush classes
-how annika say i love u to him
-their second wedding , how much happy they were
– titanic pose in chawl
His lips curved change into smile

Voice: Shivaaaaayyy
Shivaay open his eyes in response and found annika was standing in front of him ,wearing white anarkali , smiling face , shivaay eyes became teary (background was totally black and no one was there)

Shivaay run to her and engulf her in bone crushing hug and annika too responded with equal intensity
In same position
S: are u okk naa
A: yaa shivaay what can happen to me , till than u r with me
Annika break the hug
A: look at me , me ek dum tana tan hu
Shivaay look at her from top to bottom and again hug her

S: u don’t know my condition that tym , when i heared about ur accident, meri toh jaa
Before he complete annika put her palm on his mouth to stop him
A: sssshhhhhhh
A: how many tyms i told u that don’t say such kind of things , i don’t like this
Shivaay remove her hand from his mouth and kiss on her hand
Annika close her eyes in response
A: shivaay i want talk to u, bhut tym ho gaya hum ne baith kr ek doosrey se baatein nhi ki, today i want a listen u
Shivaay make her sit under the tree and he sat beside her

S: what u want to listen
A: whatever is in ur heart just say it shivaay
Shivaay start talking about their journey and their love , marriage and annika was just smiling without uttering a word
S: annika from how much tym i am taking , why r u silent , say something
Annika paas a smile
A: u never gave me chance to say anything whenever u start talking
S: look who is saying, it was u not me
Annika again smile

A: shivaay that was not me it is u , how can u forget that u never gave me single chance for explanation , u just took ur decision and opinion and told me
S: when i did this??? I don’t know
Annika pass a smile and hold his hand
A: kb nhi kiya aapne ye shivaay,u remember when u blame me first tym that i m traitor and came to OM to harm family, how can u forget Tia, Daksh, Ragini and last tym when u blame me
Annika eyes filled with water and she complete

Shivaay looks on and feel guilty and he understood what she want to say
S: annika i m sorry , i know this sorry is not enougj 4 my sins but i don’t have anything instead of this
Shivaay join his hand in front of her annika stop his hand by holding them
A: no shivaay , plz don’t do this ,i don’t have any grudges inside my heart ,and i forgive u before

S: how can u say this,
A: shivaay , stop talking about this, i don’t want yo remember all this
Shivaay put his head on her lap and she start caressing his hair
S: even i don’t want and i promise u that i will never repeat all this things
A: i know u will never do this again
A: waise what were u thinking before i came and why were u smiling
S: i was thinking about us ,the tym we spend with each other
Annika eyes became teary and tear fall on shivaay face
S: annika what happened, why r u crying
A: bs thinking about u shivaay

A: shivaay promise me
Shivaay get up and looks on
A: that u will be like this always, u will always be happy
S: i promise we will always happy
Shivaay hold her
Annika pass smile to him
A: shivaay promise me , anything happened but u never stop smiling
S: never
A: never leave ur tadi , which i love most
S: never

A: u again became same shivaay whom i met 3 years ago , i don’t like that one , u became tadibaaz again
S: never , i will be always same shivaay
A: promise me whenever u remind me u will always smile and never cry
S: why r u saying this , why will i remind u
A: so u will never miss me(fake angry)
S: why will i miss u , u forget what did u said me in morning
Annika remember her words
A: so i m in ur heart shivaay
S: koi shakk, u r heartbeat of my heart
A: now i m satisfied , that everything will be fine , now i can go
Annika stand up
Shivaay hold her hand
Annika looks on
S: where r u going

A: jaha ek din sb ko jana h
S: meaning
Annika smile
A: from where i came
Shivaay look at hospital
Annika start laughing
A: buddhu , i m not talking about hospital , i m talking about from where everybody came and one day everyone has to go
Shivaay understood what she means to say
S: u r not going anywhere , i will not let u go anywhere , he pull her in hug but this tym annika didn’t respond
Anika and shivaay eye became teary
Annika break the hug

A: now its very late shivaay, i have to go, , and where m i going i m always in ur heart, whenever u remember me just close ur eyes and i will come in front of u
S: nhiiii
Annika remove her hand from his hold and start taking back steps in dark slowly with smile
S: noo annika u can’t and his eyes became teary
A: shivaay u promise me u will never cry, if u cry naa toh me sukoon se nhi jaa paungi
She continuously taking step back
Shivaay run to her to hold her but before he hold her she became lost in dark
S: annnnniiiiiikkkkkaaaaaa
He fall down in his knees and start shouting

Voice: shivaay
Shivaay open his eyes and found om
O: shivaay what happened why r u shouting and why r u shouting
S: om annika she was here and he tell him everything
Om understood that shivaay saw a bad dream
S: how can she say this
Om hug him
O: nothing will happen to her , she will be fine, i will call gauri and u will see what will she say , she will definetely say that bhabhi is fine and we can take her to home anytym
Om dialed gauri no.

O: hello
Other side :
Om became shocked

To be continued

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