Shivaay tried to go inside but guards block his way , he start struggling to go inside , but in vain guards throw him and he fall on road ,omkara and rudra run to him and support him
Bhavya and jhanvi try to console Gauri, who was crying miserebly, Tej and shakti support dadi, pinki is scared and shocked stand in one side but no one came to support her ,
Because today she saw different version of adhiraj his anger now destroy anythingin the world and even world , Raghav who was always loving and caring to everybody is now become destructor, the way he ran to shivaay his anger is clearly visible and karan , kriyan and sagrika anger she saw in past encounters, but still they didn’t do anything with them and yash is left no one can imagine what he can do, nobody still encounter his different side all these things make pinki scared now she can see her end very near bcz they know everything

Adhiraj and karan came to family
Sagrika and chaya stand in front of them and llook into eyes with anger
Ad: mom i kno
Before he complete sagrika and chaya slap them,
Sag: how can u do this haa??? Who gave ryt to u guys to do this with us haa??
Chaya: we were pampering and spending tym with those peoples and u guys were watching all these
Ar: mom thi

Sag: what u want to say arohi haa, we don’t have ryt to know about the person bcz of them my our daughter , ur sister suffered alot, u guys make us stranger
Ad: mom it is not like this , we don’t want to destroy ur happiness after so much tym i saw that kind of happiness in u after meeting chutki, tell me if we told everything to u than u behave like this with chutki, no u will not and the happiness aapki khushi sb khatam ho jaati , and we don’t want this
Sag: ab kon sa khush h hum ???

K: now u r not happy but before that u were happy naa
Cha: and 4 our happiness u guys suffer this much, we can’t imagine ur pain that , we were thinking that why u guys behaving rudly with them but in reality u guys were in pain and for our happiness u were
She can’t complete and hug Adhiraj

Sag: ek baar bol k toh dekha hota , kya zaroorat thi akele itna sb kuch sehney ki
Karan hug sagrika
Ad/ k: i m sorry , but we don’t want that the reason of ur happiness became the reason of ur saddness
Raghav: really our happiness (angrily)

Outside Hospital

B: bhabhi plz handle urself, sambhaliye apne aap ko, if u cry like this than who will handle everyone
G: how can i relax bhavya, my dii is in this condition bcz of me , my veer ji hate me bcz of me , my family hate me bcz of me , my family is in pain bcz of me
B: no bhabhi u didn’t do anything
G: no bhavya its all my mistake , and i deserve this

B: no bhabhi, u don’t deserve this , u deserve love
G: no bhavya i deserve more than this,

G: u know maa when i came here everybody gave me so much love the love for which i was craving for many years and but veer ji was the one person whom ignore me , i asked him why he wis doing all this to me , but he didn’t say anything not bcz he hate me but bcz he knows that after learning truth i will break , i can’t face myself and everybody , me kisi se nazar nhi mila pati, and the love which everyone gave me decrease he did all this for me and when i first met dii , me bewakkoof samajh hi nhi payi, ki this is the reason , i lost in happiness that i even don’t look at veer ji and other pain , i didn’t understand , i want veer ji love me in same way as he does to dii but i don’t understand that in this ignorance his love is hidden and he was protecting me , i don’t deserve all this love , apni khushi k liye maine sbko dard diya, maine gairo ki baaton me aakar apna parivaar kho diya , i have no ryt to do all this with my dii, bhai was ryt aisa to koi apne dushman k saath bhi nhi karta , which i did with my family
Everybody was looking at her without blinking

G: omkara ji u tell me , how can he shower love to me when i m the reason of his pain, tell me
She start crying vigrously

O: no gauri , u didn’t do anything , mistake is our not ur , u plz don’t say like this
J: yes beta don’t blame urself 4 no reason, u r not guilty u r the one of the innocent soul who suffered lot bcz of that so don’t blame urself
G: hey shankar ji if u want to punish us so punish me but plz meri dii ko theek kr dijiye, she face so much in life bcz of me ,not more

Kriyan who was looking all this from distance feel bad for Gauri

Inside hospital
Rag: for our happiness really veer ji
He drag him to the OT gate , he stare inside through glass and annika is shown, lifeless and pale face with bandages all over her head , oxygen mask on her nose and lots of life saving equipment attached to her body and doctor team is around her and treating her
Rag:look inside veer ji
Adhiraj look inside , and his eyes filled with tear after watching annika condition
Rag: is this our happiness veer ji

Adhiraj continuesly stare annika
Rag: no veer ji this is not our happiness, we never want this , our happiness is lie inside her , hamari khushi uske saath hai, uske bagair nhi, look at everybody and tell me u find happiness anywhere
Everybody is shown
Yash motionless sitting on bench, his tear dry on his face

Sagrika is continuesly crying
Karan was standing with support of wall with closed eyes and tear brimming from his eyes
Arohi is in same state like karan
Sammy , nikki were sitting on bench and continusely staring ot door with tear in their eyes
Crying Chaya was hugging shanshak who was consoling her
Rag: no veer ji there is no happiness, our happiness is lying inside lifelessly fighting for her life and we are just spectator but can’t do anything , agar use kuch ho gya
Adhiraj cut him

Ad: nothing will happen to her , i will not let her happen anything got it
Raghav hug him and start crying
Rag: plz do something veer ji, i m feeling helpless plz bring her back, she never deny u, plz tell her that she have to fight and win this battle for us
Ad: she is fighting and she will be back soon , she promised me that she will never leave me and she never break her promise
Annika face is shown

Gauri stand up and start moving aimlessly toward road , kriyan and jhanvi notice this
Bcz they were only whose focuse on her and other were busy in handling each other
Kriyan notice a car coming toward Gauri which can hit her anytym
Kr: chutttttkiiiiiiiiiiii

He shout and run toward her and pull her toward himself before car hit her and hug her tightly
Everybody attention move toward gauri and kriyan, they all run to her
In same position
Kr: have u gone mad??where were u going like this?? If that car hit u??do u think once what will be happened
G: mar jaati aur zyada se zyada kya hota
Kr:just shut up, don’t u dare to say like this
G: ji kar bhi kya karungi, what left for me to survive ?? I by myself hurt my dii ?? Its all bcz of me ?? I have no ryt to survive ?? Aisi zindagi ko toh khatam ho jana chahiye
Kriyan break the hug and slap her hard

Kr; who r u to take life, u have no ryt on ur life , this is not ur life , this is our life, so agli baar ye sochne se pehley ye yaad kr lena that this is not ur life but our life , if u try to play our life na so no one will be worst than me
He again hug her
G: i m sorry bhai, i know sorry is just a small word for whatever i did and my mistake is not small a sorry can’t rectify it but plz forgive me.
She join her hands in front of me
He stop her hand by holding her hand

Kr: why r u saying sorry , mistake is not ur’s and i believe u , galti jiski h usey toh koi farak hi nhi padta
He stare shivaay
Kr: come
G: where
Kr: inside
G: no , i can’t , i don’t have guts to face them
Kr: u trust me
She nodded

Kr: so come everybody needed u inside
He turns towards OF
Kr: yaha pr bheed lagane ki koi zaroorat nhi h , our family is with her and we don’t need outsiders so go back to home
Everybody look at kriyan with shocked

Sh: i am not going anywhere leaving my annika alone , she needs me
Kr: don’t u dare to say her name, and yaa needed she needed u 2 years ago when u accused her , when u called her murderer of her own child but not know , she don’t need u her family is with her so get lost from here
Saying this he left inside with gauri
Everybody feels bad for shivaay

OmRu: shivaay/ bhaiya
Sh: i m fine omru, u all plz go back to home i will stay here
Om: are u mad shivaay and we r not going anywhere
Sh: plz om dadi and everybody need rest plz take them meri kasam
Om: okk rudra and bhavya will take them anf i will stay here. With u and i don’t want any arguements about it , get it
Sh: okk

R: i m not going anywhere
O: rudra go
R: but o
O: i said go everybody need rest its not good foe their health plz take them
R: okk i will take them but i will come back after dropping them and that’s final
O: okk
Rudra and bhavya take OF again back to RM

Kriyan took gauri inside and everybody get shocked
Kr; i know what r u guys thinking but plz listen to me first after that decision is urs
He explained Them everything
Sagrika hug gauri
Sag: how can u do this with us , this is not the way to behave , i know we r angry on u but that doesn’t mean u finish ur life
G: i m sorry maa
Sag: it’s not ur mistake

Everybody hug her instead of Adhiraj , Raghav and Yash whose full concentration is inside
Gauri went to raghav and put her hand on his shoulder
G: bhaii
Raghav turn and saw her , he immedietely jerk her hand and move aside without uttering a single word
Gauri eye filled with tear

Karan came to her
K: chutki don’t feel bad, he need some tym
Gauri nodded and wipe her tear

Inside OT
Nurse was examing annika
Annika feels shortneing of breath , she start taking deep breath and blood start oozing out from her head
Shivaay : anikaaa
Nurse get worried and run outside
Nurse: Doctor , Doctor(scream)
Everyone run to her and doctor came to her
Ad: what happened nurse
Nurse: wo patient

Doctor arrive
Nurse: doctor patient is sinking and blood is coming out from her bandage
Doctor: whattt
Doctor and team run inside
Everybody get worried
And tear make their way from eyes instead of Adhiraj and Yash
Crying Gauri run from their
Sammy , nikki sat on floor with thud

Chaya run behind gauri
Sagrika , kriyan and karan pause at their place
Raghav stumble at his place Arohi hold him
Adhiraj and Yash became motionless

To be continue

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