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Hearing this that annika took the car , the ground has slipped under the foot of yash and adhiraj because their life was in car
Adhiraj and Yash stumble at the same place
Adhiraj and yash look at each other
R: veer ji , dad is everything is fine
They didn’t answer
Everybody found their behaviour weired
K: Veer ji what happened, is everything fine , why r u asking about car
Words has died in their throat , bcz they don’t know what to say
Adhiraj disconnect the call
Everybody get shocked bcz he never do that, they understood their is something which is diaturbing them
Yash sat on chair and tear start flowing from his eyes
Y: doll , my doll car’s accident, she met with accident
Adhiraj sat on his knees and cup his face
Ad: dad nothing happened to her , i m sure she must be fine and mere hotey hue meri annika nothing can happen to her ,may be someone oother in car , don’t loose hopes she must be fine
Y we should not tell anyone about this they must get worried bcz no reason i m sure annika is fine but we have to check who is victim : we have to leave to hospital
Ad: yes Dad
Without wasting single second they stormed out of the RE and drive off
Same time

After call everyone are worried about yash and adhiraj behaviour
Sag:raghav call them , i m not feeling good , something is not good
Raghav try to call them but yash is not answering the call
Ra: mom dad is not receiving call and veer ji phone is not reachable
Sag: Mera dil betha jaa rha h, kuch toh sahi nhi h
Sag: call mahi and ask her where is she
Raghav does same but her phone was not reachable
Rag:mom even her mobile is not reachable
Karan phone ring he immedietely receive the call
K: yes Gaurav
Gau: sir , actually i was trying to call raghav sir , but he is busy on some call thats why i called u , hope u don’t mind
K: no it’s okk
G:actually i want to ask about his health and well being i m sorry i didn’t attend the party
K:he is good and its okk don’t say sorry
Rag: karan whom u r talking
K: Gaurav
Rag:ask him where is he
K: where r u Gaurav
Gau: i m in office
K: raghav he is in office
Gaurav was listening all the from other side
Rag: tell him to give phone to Mahira
K: okk
K: gaurav if
Cut by gaurav
Gau: sir Mahira mam she is not in office
K: whattttt
Sag: what happened , tell him na
K: but how is this possible , She left for office 3 hours bcz PC called her 4 urgent meeting before just go and check in office she must be there
Gau: sir i checked every single corner PC and Mahira both r not in office they didn’t came
K: okk , i will call u later
He hang up the call
Shivaay: what happened why u disconnect the call , tell him na to give phone to her
Rag: why u didn’t talk to her
K: she has not reach office till now
All:. Whatttt
Sag: where is she ??
K: don’t know
Rag: but pc called her naa
K: even he is not in office he has not come
Kriyan phone rang
Kr: yes
Kr: whatttttt???
Kr: okkk(he look worried)
He hang up the called
Sammy: bhai what happened
Kr: sammy go and switch onnn the TV
Sammy: but why
Kr: do as i say(angrily)
She get scared and does same
Kriyan change the channel into news channel

They saw same car accident news on channel and get shocked and scared after watching car’s condition
Raghav phone ring
He was not in his sense but he involuntary receive the call
Ra: yes PC
Ra: this in not tym for pranks , and next tym don’t do this kind of prank with me (angry and shout)
Hearing from other side raghav pause at her place

Ra: where r u ???
He loose his grip on his phone and look at everybody with pain and tearful eyes
Sag: what happened raghav , (she hold his shoulder) u talked to him naa??so where is he ?? Did he tell about mahi?? Where is she ?? She is fine naa??? What kind of question is this she must be fine , ye news channels wale toh kuch bhi boltey h, speak up
Raghav only stare her with pain anf didn’t say anything
Karan jerk him
K: where is she ?? Tell us, we r worried
Raghav look at him
Rag: wo…wooo(stammer)
Kr: why r u stammering , tell clearly, she is f9 na
G: bhai where is dii, i m sure she is not in car
Raghav look at her and nodded in noo
G: maa i told u naa that di is not in this car but where is she ?? Why she is not receiving call
Raghav went to sagrika and hug her tightly and tear start flowing from his eyes which shocked everybody
Sagrika rub his back
In same position
Ra: mom , i m sorry
Sagrika break the hug and look at him
Sag: why r u saying sorry
Ra: mom , , she is in city hospital
Hearing this everyone get shocked
Shivaay: what is she doing in Hospital she is fine na
Raghav nodded in noo
Everyone getting worried
G: what happened to her
R:(fix his eye on sagrika face) Accccciiiidennnntttt, this news is about her accident
Shivaay , Sagrika, Gauri, karan , kriyan , om and everyone shocked face is shown one by one
Sagrika slap him hard
Sag: mujhe mazak pasand nhi h
Ra: this is not prank mom , this is truth , she is in city hospital,PC bring her there , he found her
Sag: meri ANNIKAAA ko kuch nhi ho sakta , she promised me that she will be fine
No body notice her words that she called her annika not mahira
Everybody storm out of the mansion and drive offff

City Hospital
Annika was taken to OT
Doctor start treating her
A man is standing outside OT
Shivaay and family reach there

Karan found PC in Reception
He went to her
K: sir where is annika
Pc: she is OT
Adhiraj and yash also reach
Everybody rush to OT

Annika is shown lying in bed with full of blood

Nurse came out from OT
N: has patient family member arrived
Pc: yes,
N: who is he point toward yash
Y: i m her father, she is my daughter?? How is ahe now
N: sir patient condition is very critical we immedietely need to do urgent operation
Ra: toh kariye naa what r u waiting for
N: we want her family members signature on ths consult form
She forward pen and paper to yash
N: sir this is the form u have to fill before operation
Kr: what is written in form
N: if something happen to patient during operation so hospital will not be responsible
Kr: how can u say this nothing will happen to her
K: u go and start operation we will fill this form
N: okk
Nurse went inside
K: chachu i know whats going on but plz sign these papers
Yash involuntary sign
Operation has stated
Everybody was standing outside lifelessly

Jaane nhi denge tujhe
Jaane tujhe denge nhi×2

Annika face is shown

Chahe tujh ko rab bula le
Hum na rab se dar ne wale
Raaho me dat k khadey h hum

Anika face is shown
Shivaay , Adhiraj , yash ,Sagrika, Gauri and Raghav shown standing lifelessly

Yaaro se nazrey chura le
Chahe jitna dum laga le
Jaaney na tujhko aisey dengey hum

Kriyan , karan , om, rudra and bhavya face is shown one by one
Again annika face is shown
Shashank and chaya shown

Jaane nhi denge tujhe

Annika is shown

Jaane tujhe denge nhi

Sammy , Nikki and dadi is shown

Do kadam ka ye safar h

Annika and shivaay shaadi is shown flashes come in front of shivaay)

Umr choti si dagar h

Annika tie rakhi in adhiraj hand in childhood is shown)

Ek kadam me ladkhadaya q

(Annika is shown)

Sun le yaaro ki ye baatein
Beetengi sb gum ki raatein

(Raghav and annika is shown hugging each other)

Yaaro se rutha h saalein q

(Kriyan think how he dance with annika)
(Karan and annika kitchen fight is shown)

Jaane nhi denge tujhe
Jaane tujhe denge nhi×2

(Gauri and annika lovely bond is shown )

Maa ne khat me kya likha tha
Jiye tu jug jug ye kaha tha

(Sagrika shown when she first tym carry annila in her arms)

Chaar pal bhi jee na paya tu

(Annika is shown
Feeling difficulty in breathing)

Yaaro se nazrey chura le

(Om and annika is shown in chawl)

Ek baar toh muskura de

(Rudra and annika making fun of shivaay is shown)

Uth ja saale u satata h qqqq

(Sammy hug annika when she came with raghav)

Jaane nhi dengey tujhe
Jaane tujhe denge nhi×3

(Yash and annika is shown when he say sorry yo her for scolding her and she did pinky promise and hug him)

Annika is shown


Nurse came out from OT
Everybody rush to her
Ra: how is she now
N: we can’t say anything now , her condition getting worst and she lost so much blood we urgently need AB-ve blood

Sh: mine blood group is AB-ve plz come take my every drop but save her, i can’t leave without her

Adhiraj hear this
And his anger reach on peak

Ad: no need to give ur precious blood to my sister her veer ji is there for , nurse mine blood group is same come nurse
Everybody get shocked with his statement
Sh: why r u saying this ,i can
Ad: no need of ur favour , u go and celebrate
Sh: celebrate for wht
Ad: u don’t know
N: sir this is hospital plz maintain silence
Ad: sorry , came
Adhiraj and nurse left
Everybody look at him with shocked bcz they don’t know the reason but they know he will never behave like this with anyone without any reason
Adhiraj came back after giving blood
Ar: are u okk
Ad: not until she is fine
Ar: don’t worry nothing will happen to hurry
K: veer ji plz control ur self its not ryt tym for all this
Ad: how can u even say that when the person who is behind all this is standing in front of me, tumhe nhi pata uss insaan ko apni aankho ke saamne dekh kr mera khoon kholney lagta hai
Ar: i know , and we also feel same but plz control urself
Ad: okk

After 2 hour
Light get off and doctor came out of OT
Everybody rush to him
Kr: doctor how is she she is fine naa
Doc: i don’t want to give u false hope we did operation but her condition is still very critical , she is not responding to any medicine and drug , accident was major her brain hurt badly , she loose so much blood , we tried our level best, but chances r very less for her survival

Hearing this everybody break down from inside
Raghav hold doctor collar
Ra: how dare u say this she is my sister agar usey kuch bhi hua naa toh i will kill u , u don’t know me who m i and whag can i do for her just go and treat her properly
Sammy make him release
Doctor gets scared
Doctor: i can understand ur condition but u know her brain condition this tym her condition is worst than last tym andwe tried our best just pray to god for some miracle
Doctor left
Gauri break down and sit on floor with support of wall , nikki run to her and try to console her
Raghav bang his hand again and again sammy hold his hand and hug him
Kriyan and karan hug chaya
Shashank support yash who was not showing any emotion
Bhavya try to console rudra
Sagrika with arohi
Adhiraj stand in his place
Om saw shivaay
O: shivaay
Shivaay hugged him and start crying badly
Sh: om plz do something i can’t leave without her nothing can happen to her
O: yes shivaay nothing will happen to her soon she will fine , and she will come back to his shivaay
Sh: om i love her so much
O: i know and she too loved u wo apne tadibazz k paas wapas aayegi
Adhiraj who was listening everything get angry and he went to them
And slap hard on shivaay face
Everbody get shocked
O: ye aap kya kr rhe hai
Ad: whi jo mujhe bhut pehle karna chahiye tha
Ad: its all happening bcz of u but now its enough not more
He hold shivaay hand and drag him out of hospital
And throw him out of hospital
Ad: get out from here and don’t u dare to come close to my sister
Kriyan try to move toward adhiraj to stop him but stop by karan who hold his hand and nodded in no
Sh: i know u don’t like me
Ad: like really u know what i hate u and ur family bcz all this happen bcz of u guys
Sh: but what we did
Ad: leave it u guys go and celebrate bcz wo tum log chahtey they wo ho rha h
Sag: what do u mean and why.r u behaving like this with them
G: veer ji what r u saying
Ad: don’t call me veer ji , u r not my sister ,u r part of his family who is responsible for anything
Ad: jb se meri behan ki zindagi me aaya h uski zindagi tabah kar di h, u r curse for my sister
Sagrika and sammy hold gauri hand
G: what u said that i m not ur sister
Ad: yes u r not my chutki , if u r my chutki naa than u don’t do all that with ur own sister
Sh: what u want to say ,say it clearly
Ad: tum log wohi ho jinki wajah se me ek baar apni princess ko khotey khotey bacha hu , now u guys came again to kill her
G: me , aur apni didi ko how can u think like this
Ad: yaa i can’t think like this but u , u all did this
Sh: gauri didn’t do anything and not my family so stop blaming them,
Ad: ohh how can i think like that sso can’t tolerate anything against his family, for his family he can do anything
Ad: u know what even i can’t tolerate anything against my family and watching u all guys in front of me in my house mujh pr kya beetti thi pal pal marta tha me but know its enough
G: humme saamne dekh kr aap pal pal martey they, to why u allowed us to stay in ur house tell me
Ad: i never allowed u guys it was mom decision and i can’t go against her wish bcz for them u r their chutki and ur family is their family but for me u all are culprits for my princess suffering
O: how we r responsible for her suffering
K: bhool gaye ki kya kiya tha tum logo ne uske saath
Karan speak in between
Everybody look at him
Chaya: what do u mean
K: mom ye wohi insaan aur wohi family h
Hearing this everybody get shocked
Raghav and kriyan anger boil
Sagrika and sammy leave gauri hand
Gauri look at her in shocked

Ragahav and kriyan run to shivaay to beat him Om and rudra came in front of him and arohi and karan stop them
Ar: guys don’t forget what promise we did to her that we will not harm them
Kr: dii i know what promised we made to annu but tell them to go away from here
Ra: other wise it will not take a single secondto me to forget everything
G: bhaiiii
Raghav turn his face in different direction and kriyan too
Sag: adhiraj do whatever u want to do but these guys should not come close to my daughter , i don’t want their shadow fall on her
Leaving OF , gauri ,adhiraj and karan everybody went inside hospital
Ad: and u gauri u always want to know why i bwhave like this to u so let me tell u , u ,ur bade bhaiya and ur family is responsible for all this tum logo ne jo MERI ANNIKA ke saath kiya na , the pain u give her aisa toh koi apne dushman k saath bhi nhi karta but u guys did all this with ur family member
Ad: the girl who always gave u love who always support u , what u guys did with her
K: u guys believe an stranger but not ur family member , she begged u all to listen her but u didn’t and u mr. Oberoi shaadi ki thi na uske saath pr jo vaadey kiye ek bhi nibhaya
Everybody bow their head down
Ad: for me annika is not my sister but she is more than this she is pride , my heart , soul,she is everything i can’t bear her tear and u guys hurt her give her pain and tear which is unrecoverable
Tumne uski aatma pr chot ki hai
Sh: i accept whatever u s
Adhiaraj cut him
Ad: not a word , i heared u enough but not more
Adhiraj to security guard
Ad: ye log andar nhi aane chahiye if their shadow fall on hospital naa than u know very well what can i do
He left inside
Shivaay try to move inside but guards block his way
Gauri breakdown and burst into tear
Karan saw her and feel bad

To be continued
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