Thanks guys for ur love so without wasting tym lets start
Oberoi came to know about annika and karan real identity

Adhiraj room
Adhiraj drag annika in his room and make her sit on bed
An: veer ji , what happened ,why u drag me herr
Ad: u just sit here
He sit beside her and start opening her bandage
An: veer ji what r u doing
Ad: u just keep quite and let me do what i want to do
Adhiraj open her dressing and tear start flowing from his eyes
Annika cup his face from one hand ,
An: veer ji what happened , why r u crying , plz veer ji don’t cry na , u know naa i can bear anything but not tear in ur eyes plz stop it
Adhiraj cup her face
Ad: and u also know naa i can bear anything but not ur tear and pain, and this (point toward hand )from where it looks minor to u haa , it must be paining
He caresses her hand gently
An: its not paining here veer ji
Ad: then where it is paining , should i cal the doctor ,no no no i should take u to doctor come
He start going but annika stop him by holding his hand
An: no doctor has medicine for my pain only one person has
Ad: who is this person , tell me i will take him here only
An: no need to go anywhere that person is here only
Ad: here where
Annika hug him and he take her in his embrace
Annika put her head in his chest
Ad: what happened princess
An: veer ji my heart is paining and only u can heal it
Ad: me , how
An: for this naa. U have to stop crying only ur tear make my heart aching
Adhiraj wipe his tear
Ad: now happy
An: yaa
Adhiraj break the hug
Ad: princess u wait here
An: okk
Adhiraj call doctor and ask medicine and hang up the call
An: veer ji its late night , why u disturbed him
Ad: 4 my princess i can do anything and u r important not his sleep so just relax
Annika shake her head in disbelief
He call his staff and ask them to bring medicine within 10 mins
Adhiraj start doing her fresh dressing , annika eyes fall on Gauri who was standing on door
An: arey chutki what r u doing here
G: nothing di actually i was passing from here
An: arey first u came inside
Gauri look at adhiraj whose full concentration on doing dressing
An:. Why r u staring veer ji , come na
G: no didi actually i have to go
An:so u will not listen to me na theek hai ,veer ji u call her she will not listen me
G: its nothing like that and i have to go
And she start moving but stop by adhiraj
Ad: Gauri come inside
Gauri eyes filled with tear and she turn and look at adhiraj
Adhiraj signal her to come inside and she does so
An: finally u came here now sit here
Gauri sat beside annika
G: di is ur wound is fine naa dard toh nhi ho rha
An: no not at all
Ad: kuch log apni muskaan k peeche apna dard chupa letey h , par dil ko sb pta hota h, aur dard ko me ab issey chune bhi nhi dunga , jitna dard milna tha mil chuka but not more
An: what did u say veer ji
Ad: i mean to say i know its paining but u r pretending that it is not but being ur veer ji i know everything ,everything mean everything
He look at gauri who couldn’t understand anything
And both look at each other
Annika break their stance
An: done
Ad: what
An: dressing and i think i should go
And she start moving but adhiraj stop her
Ad: where
An: room veer ji
Ad: not before taking ur medicines
An: but what the need for medicine
Ad: i m not asking u , i m telling u
An: chutki u plz try to make him understand him na
G: veer ji is saying correct dii , first u should take medicine
Gauri and adhiraj look at each other
An: veer ji ki chamchi
An: okk but where is medicines haa
Till than staff member came with medicine adhiraj gave her medicine and she left

Gauri start going out but her leg hit table and she whince in pain
G: aaahhh
Adhiraj gaze turn to her and he immedietely hold her
Ad: chutkiii ,
And he again make her sit by giving support
Ad: r u alright , dekh kar nhi chl skti, dekho kitni chot lagi h
Gauri eyes filled with tear
G: i m fine veer ji
Adhiraj apply ointment on her foot
Ad: no u r not , agar kuch ho jaata to what will i do
G: nothing can happen to me till than u r with me
Adhiraj look at her
Ad: i will not let anything happen to u chutki
G: veeeerrre jiii
Adhiraj wipe her tear
But his stance was broken by phone ringtone and he compose himself and move away from her
Ad: i think u should go to ur room now
G: yaa
Gauri start moving adhiraj from behind look at her with tearful eyes
Whenever i tried to accept u Chutkii , princess face come in front of my eyes , her tears , her pain come which u guys gave her, u trust ur shivaay bhaiya not ur sistet i know that tym u didn’t know that she is ur sister but love which she gave u like a sister ,i can’t forgive that family and u r also a part of that family, what if annika ko kuch yaad nhi h but i remember each and everything and it will take tym to me to accept u though i can’t forgive u but the love which u want u have to earn it

Gauri pov
Now i m sure there is some reason behind all this and my veer ji don’t hate me , he loves me and vEr ji i will do anything for ur love but for that i have to find out the reason behind it ,

Annika came to her room where she played with aahaan and aahana and after doing masti and playing session trio went into deep slumber of sleep in annika room

(Annika room was not less than heaven it is 3 tymes bigger than shivaay room , pool is attached to her room , room wall are painted in white colour and blue curtains
Big king size round white bed
Childhood picture of annika and family is hang just above the bed)
(Sorry guys i m not good in explaining so plz adjust)
Next Morning
Luthra mansion
Everybody came for breakfast
Instead of annika and kriyan
(Breakfast , lunch and dinner rotatioN happen between RF and LF)
Everybody settle on table but shivaay eyes are searching for annika who was not there
Sag: where is Mahi
Rag: mom she went for jogging
Sag:but she came only yesterday late nyt and she need rest instead of doing rest she went for jogging
Cha: sagrika u know na she can skip anything but not her jogging
Sag: i know
Sag: so guys u plz start
And they start doing breakfast
After few minutes
Nikki: but where is kriyan, don’t he want to do breakfast
Sammy: yaa mom where is he
J: may be he was in room and sleeping last night sb late soye they naa
Nikki: wait let me call him
Sammy: no need , he was not in room
Nikki: so where he is
Karan and Raghav: we know where is he ?? And what is he doing
Everybody look at them and they pass smile
Sag: today i will not leave that girl, hdd hoti h
Voice: bilkul mt chodna usey
Everybody look at voice ,and found kriyan who was sweating very badly ,holding is knees with hand and taking breath fastly
Karan came to him with glass of water and handover him with smile
Kriyan take water and drink it in single go and then he sat on nearby sofa with thud
Karan and raghav pass a smile to him
Kr: bhut hassi aa rhi h na tum dono ko
Both: nhi toh
And they burst into laughter sammy chaya ,and shashank also join in laughter
Sag: stop it guys ,can’t u see how much he is tired
Dadi: arey puttar what happened to u and why r u sweating so much
Raghav and karan: yaa what happened to u and from where u r coming kriyan???
They ask in teasing tone
Kriyan throw cushion on them but before cushion hit them they catch it in nik of tym
Kr: all this happening with me its bcz of u guys
Rag: what we did
K: and how we r responsible for this haa
Sag: guys stop it all this and kriyan u go to ur room and after fresh n up come for breakfast
Kr: ji
He start going but stop by jhanvi question
J: waisey to whom u r talking about
Voice: they r talking about me
All turned toward voice and found annika on door she came to them
Kr: ohh u came i was thinking today u r not in mood to come back
An: very funny
K: how was ur jogging
An: don’t ask
Rag: what happened
An: his tantrums naa
Point toward kriyan
Kr: i did tantrums haa, chachi u know today she wake me up at 4 o clock
Sag: what 4 o clock
An: he is lying maa i woke him up at 5 not 4 jhoota khi ka
Kr: chachi u don’t listen to her
And when i request her , u know what she said
Kr:mahi plz not today yaar today i have an important meeting at morning and raat ko bhi me late soya hu mujhe bhut neend aa rhi h plz let me sleep and he cover duvet on face
Annika throw water on him
And he woke up by thud
Kr: what the hell is this mahi
An: this is the only way to make u up and one more think in my absence u never went 4 jog
And bcz of which look at urself how much u gain weight and if u will not remain fit naa ur lady clients who works with u only bcz of ur look they will break and didn’t do bussisness with u and if u didn’t do bussisness then tum kya khaogey
And what will ur staff say haa look our boss is so unfit and yaa one more thing no girl will marry u haa and i m doing all this for u r well being haa aur tum mujhe hi suna rhe hoo theek h aaj kl bhalai ka zamana nhi h
She make sad face and turn to go
Kr: okk meri maa i m coming
Anika turn
An: so wht r u waiting for haa come on
And she drag him
Flashback end
Everybody burst into laughter instead of
Shivaay who was burning on anger, sagrika who was shocked at her daughter antics
Adhiraj , and yash who were just smiling
Sag: mahiiii
An: what ,i didn’t say anything wrong , u guys tell me maine kuch galat kaha
Everybody nodded in no
Annika hug shashank
In same position
An: see everybody is agree with me
Kr: u all guys i will not leave u
Sha: first go and change than do complains , always do complaining and she is not saying truth
Annika and kriyan left to different room

Annika and kriyan came to hall and had their breakfast

Sometym later
Pinki was roaming in hall
A men came to RM
Man to pinki
Man: mam where is mr. Yash rajvanshi
P: who r u and wht u work u have with him
Man: actually mam i m his lawyer and he called me here
P: okk , waise what is in ur hand
Lawyer: mam this is the will of mr. Rajvanshu
P: if u don’t mind can i ask u something
L: yes ofcourse
P: rajvanshi’s ki total property kitney ki h
L: waise mam may i know how r u related to them actually i am not allowed to tell it to anybody instead of family
P: i m mil of their small daughter gauri
L: okk actually they are 75
Before he complete
Pinki cut him
P: 75 crore bsss they look more rich
L: no mam not 75 crore
P: toh
L: 75 thousand crore
Pinki in shock
She stumble in her place but lawyer hold her
L: mam r u alright
P: did i heared it ryt u said 75 thousand
L:yes mam
P: that means OMM



Adhiraj on phone call
Ad : yessss
Ad: whattttt
Phone fall from his hand , he sat on chair with thud
Yash: what haplened


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