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Annika back hug Adhiraj , lone tear escape from his eye because of this pleasure and love for which he was craving for 2 months
An: i m sorry veer ji
Ad: leave me mahi
She clutch him more tightly
An: no i will not, i know u r upset from me plz forgive me , i promise i will never repeat this anymore
Ad: why are u saying sorry and i m not upset from u , now u have grown big enough to take ur decision, so who am i to stop u
An: no i m not grown up , i m still ur bachcha who can’t do anything without her veer ji , who need her veer ji at every step of her life and one more thing u r my everything , u have every ryt to stop me
Ad: is it
An: yes
Adhiraj make himself release from her clutch and turn toward her
Ad:than what was all that
An: i m sorry veer ji , for hurting u but that tym i didn’t understand anything and in anger and frustation i took that decision but really i didn’t mean to hurt u ,if u want to punuish me than guve me punishment i deserve that but don’t go like this , it kil
Before she complete adhiraj close her mouth with hand
Ad: don’t u dare to say anything like this , if something will happen to u na than i don’t know what will i do with my
Before he complete annika hug him very tightly
An: don’t u say anything
Adhiraj reciprocate the hug
Tear start brimming from annika and adhiraj eyes

Rajvanshi and luthra clan were smiling but oberoi were shocked because they didn’t understand anything whats going on why annika saying veer ji to adhiraj and all

Raghav break their moment
Rag: if u didn’t forget me so guys i m also here
Annika and Adhiraj break the hug
An: something is burning naa veer ji
Rag: hey i m not burning haa
An: who took ur name haa
Rag: no use to talk to u
An: so who said to u to talk with me
He ignore her And he went to adhiraj and hug him
Rag: i miss u veer ji
Ad: i miss u too
Karan : even i missed u too guys
Ad: i know and he pull him in hug and trio share a emotinal hug
Annika ; went to yash and hug him tightly
Ann; i know i also.made u upset papa but will u not forget ur doll , i m sorry Papa
Yash: i can be angry on anyone but not on my dol
And i m not upset with u , i can understood ur condition at that tym so no need to say sorry
Raghav went to sagrika and karan went to chaya and hug them
Tear start flowing from their eyes
Annika hug shashank and than Arohi and than sammy
Sammy: thank u mahi , for fullfilling ur promise , u give me my life back to me thanks
An: i didn’t do any favour and i did all this for me too
Raghav come to sammy and hug him
Rag: i m sorry 4 making u cry sammy
Sammy: its okk now u r back na so everything will be fine
Rag: so that means u r not angry on me
Sammy: why will i
Rag: i love u sammy
Sammy: i love u too
Hearing this ground slip under pinki feet her deeam to make her bahu was broke
Karan went to nikki
K: i miss u
Nikki: even i miss u too
Annika went to sagrika and chaya one by one
And hug them
Raghav hug chaya and shashank and than Arohi
Karan went to yash and sagrika and hug them
And then Arohi
Annika move nearby kriyan but stop by sudden pull
Kriyan pull her in a hug and she reciprocate too
Shivaay clenched his fist in anger and jealousy
Kr: don’t u meet me mahi
An: and why will i haa
Kr: aachcha baba i m sorry , i just try to make fun haa
An: fun haa now i will tell u what is fun
She take cushion from nearby sofa and start hitting him
Kriyan run here and there to save himself
At last Karan pull annika and kriyan hide behind yash
Kr:chachu plz save me from this devil
An: today no one will save u from me and he start moving out from karan clutch
Sag: mahi , kriyan when will u guys grow up haa
Mahi and kriyan: never
Everybody node their head in disbelief that nothing can happen to these guys
And kriyan and mahi pass smile and hug each other
Kr: i miss u
An: i miss u too
RAGHAV went to them and stand in front of gauri
R: who r u guys
Everybody attention went toward raghav
Sammy: guess karo
R: there is no kbc going on sammy
K: this is the surprise about which i told u
R: and how is this surprise even i don’t know them
Chaya: i know u don’t know them but u know her pointing toward gauri
R: i don’t think so. , Because how much i remember i never meet her
Sha: u know her very well
R: guys will u plz tell me clearly
An: she is Gauri
R: Gauri
An: yaa not even Gauri she is ur chutki bhai
R: chutkiiiii
He look at everybody for assurance with tearful eyes and they nodded in yes
Without wasting any single second he hug her tightly
And tear start brimming from her eyes
R: u know what how much i miss u chutki
G: even i missed u too
Annika hug adhiraj
Karan hug arohi
And kriyan hug sammy

Raghav break the hug and look at gauri from top to bottom
R: why didn’t u guys tell me before
K: agar hum bata detey to surpeise kaise rehta haa
R: but who r these peoples
Sag: they are her inlaws
R: what she got married
Sag: yes he is her husband OSO,
She introduce everybody
R: hii everybody
OF: hello
Raghav found confusion on gauri face so he ask her
R: what happened why r u so confused
Gauri look at Annika And karan
Who understood her confusion so they step forward
K: i chutki this is karan luthra
G: yaa i know but why didn’t u tell me before
K: it was long story behind this but it is not necessary for u to know ,ryt now present is important not past so just forget everything and start new
And he hug her
G; i will never ask u about this and this is my promise, whenever u feel to tell me u can come and tell me
Karan break the hug
K: that’s like my chutki
K:. Hii everybody (in stern voice)
And turn his face before they reply anything
Oberoi found his behaviour weired
Annika come to chutki
Before annika could say anything gauri pull her in hug
G: no need to say anything , i know u r my diii
Annika caressses her hair
Ann: yes chutki , i m ur diii
Ann: and i miss u soo much
G: even i missed u too
Annika break the hug
An: chutki let me introduce my self to everybidy
Ad: Mahhhhhiiiiiiiii
Annika turn toward him
An: yes veer ji
Adhiraj came to her and hold her gently and look at her with questioning look
Ann:i m fine veer ji its just a minor injury
Ad: from where it look minor to u
RF&LF instead of karan and raghav: this is not minor mahi
Ad: karan how this happened and who did this to her i will not leave that person who hurt my princess
Adhiraj eyes become wet
K: (murmer) zinda bacha hoga to chodengey na she killed him
Ad: what r u saying
K: wo nothing veer ji actually her hand hit vase
Ad: vase really am i look dumb to u
K: no veer ji this is nothing like that actually woo..woo..
He look towrd annika for help
If he get to know na how she got hurt than karan will died for sure everybody kill him
An: veer ji let it be naa , kya baat le kar baithe hai aap sb
Ad: u come with me and he drag her toward his room
Yash: i think we should go and do rest it is very late now
Kr: but chachu mahi
Ya:she is fine , her veer ji is with her nothing and no one can even try to harm her
While saying he look at Shivaay
Sha: i think he is ryt we should leave now

Gauri became sad after watching adhiraj and annika bond she also want the same love from adhiraj but he is not giving her he doesn’t understand her pain after saying but he understood annika without her saying ,she wany the same thing , she is also her sister but why he is behaving like this with her she didn’t understood now she want her question

Shivaay pov
Annika , mahira rajvanshi kaisey ,and she is gauti sister how , annika told me that she is orphan then how all this happened and when kriyan and RF came to OM why they behave like this as they don’t know her ,i have to find out

Yash pov.
I will not allow anyone to come near my annika my doll specially OF , i m tolerating them bcz of chutki otherwise watching those people in front of my house is just that some one is killing me and i can understand adhiraj behaviour too now i can’t tolerate any more tear in my doll eyes

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