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Shivaay came to know that annika is a officer and shivaay camr to jaipur to find annika

OF came to RM and sagrika and chaya greet them and Gauri introduce everybody to each other instead ADHIRAJ , SAMAIRA AND THREE
OF along with RF and LF settle down on sofa
Pinki pov.
OMM these rajvanshi’s are more than us ,and this fateechar gauri iski to lottery lg gyi , where she stays in jhoopadi and now this mahal , now jeth ji will move ahead of my shivaay in bussisness
But her chain of thought broke by chaya
Chaya: pinki ji whrere r u lost
P:me no where actually i was thinking that ur house is very beautiful and big
O: yes choti maa its 3 tym much bigger than OM
Chaya: thanks
J: waisey gauri u introduce us to everybody but not to ur veer ji
T: where is Adhiraj
Gauri face colour change and she became sad
Jhanvi and arohi notice this
J: is everything fine gauri
G: yaa wo actually veer ji
But arohi cut her in between
Ar: actually adhiraj is busy in conference call
J: okk
T: waisey i must say he is very hardworking and itni si umar me wo hum sb se aagey nikal gaya usne bado bado ko pachaad diya

Yash was silent bcz he don’t want to speak to OF
Sag: yaa it was all his hardwork
Shashak:yash why r u silent say something
Yash: just aisey hi i m not understanding what to speak
Sha: is everything f9
Ya: ohh yaa yaa actually i have an urgent meeting so i have to go
And he left from there
Sha: what happened to him
Sag: nothing bhai u know na him naa today his doll is coming after 2 months so he is just
Chaya: i think u guys must be tired so first go and have some rest later we will talk chutki plz show them their room
Gauri: okk chachi
G: come
R: but i don’t want to do rest na i want to see the house
B: rudra behave urself
Chaya: its okk Nikki beta plz show them their room and chutki u show them house till than sammy and adhiraj will also come
(Nikki is for niharika)
N: okk come
Dadi, tej,jhanvi,pinki and shakti went with niharika and rudra , bhavya, shivaay and om went with gauri
Gauri was showing them house
O: shivaay what happened ?? Why r u so silent and where is bhabhi yesterday u were going to propose her naa what she said
R: kal kaa to puchoo hi mat
G: whyyy
B: actually bhaiya
Bhavya explain them yesterday happening
OmRi: r u guys fine kisko kuch hua to nhi naa
S: yaa everyone is fine
G: bhaiya i m not believing that bhabhi is cop but how
B: she is not even cop bhabhi , she is NIA,and her way of doing work is brutual she has no mercy for criminals whatever she did with sultaan was horrible
R: yes o
O:but shivaay where is bhabhi now and who was that man
S: his name is raghav and annika she must be in jaipur
G: and how do u know that
Shivaay explain them how he met mr. Sehgal and his conversations with him
O: but how r u so sure thay she will came back to jaipur
S: believe me o, my heart is saying that i will meet my annika again in jaipur
G: we believe u bhaiyaa
They reach in front of annika room and shivaay get attracted toward her room he was about to open the door but OM stop him
O: stop shivaay
S: what happened Om
R; yaa o why r u stoping bhaiya
O: actually shivaay we can’t enter in this room
B: why
R:. Is this room us haunted and scary

Aahaan and aahaana who were passing from there listen this and get angry
O: actually rud
Cut by aahaan and aahaana
How dare u say like this for this room
Aahaana: and what r u saying this room is haunted
Aahaan: and scary
O: relax bachchoo
Aahaan: nooo and fufs u plz stay out of it omkara nodded like a small child bcz he knows that rudra commited sin by saying bad about their bujiis room and even gauri too while other were looking at them shocked
Aahaan: so let me clear ur misunderstanding mr. This room is the most beautiful room in this house no not in this house even in this world bcz this is my bujjis room and how dare u say bad about my bujji i will not leave u
Ahaana: and who the hell r u to say bad about this room
O: he is my brother
Ahaana: so fufs tell him to stay in his limit if he is not ur brother naa than we will show him his place
G: relax bachcho i will make him understand u go and do preparation for ur performance
Ahaan: okk bujji we r leaving but that doesn’t mean we forgot him and u (point toward rudra) stay away from this room and from us too if i show u nearby this room naa than i don’t know what will i do with u and they leave from there
Shivaay , rudra and bhavya looking at them shockingly and then omri for explanation
O: that’s why i m stopping u and rudra can’t u be keep ur mouth shut for sometym u said anything
R: but o i didn’t say anything
S: yaa om
G: rudy bhaiya u said this room is scary
R: yaa but just for fun sake
O: that was fun for u not for them according to them u insult their bujji
B: bujji ???
O: garis sister
S: but om he didn’t
G: bhaiya saying scary and horror about this room is not mistake its a sin
O: they love their bujji more than anything
And om explain them everything
R: i just say scary for her room that tym their rxn was like that if anybody try to insult her
O: don’t u think about this , they r much beyond shivaay, for them there bujji is everything and jaha tk maine inn logo ko jaana h na she is life of everybody specially mr.Adhiraj and yash uncle
S: okk we understood and rudra be careful next tym haa otherwise we can’t save u
Rudra make crying face and everybody burst into laughter
G: okk come i will show u another places
B: yaa
They reach in front of raghav room
G: this is raghav bhai room
S: waisey gauri where is ur brothers and sister
R: they r such a myster
Before he complete he saw aahaan so he change the topic
R:yaa bhabhi where is ur sister and brothers
G:actually raghav bhai went to london and bhai and dii they went to singapore for important project
G: come i will show u his room
R: noooo
B: now what happened
R:nothing actually i m not in mood to see and tierd
Everybody eyes fall on aahaan who was coming toward them and understood rudra condition
R: bhaiya come naa and he drag them away from raghav room

Everybody is ready for party
Sammy enter wearing blue beautiful gown
She was looking gorgeous
She came to yash and stand beside him
Sammy: dad how am i looking
Y: like always beautiful but today spark and glow in ur face is different and may i know why he ask her teasingly
Sammy: Dad there is nothing like this
Sag: really there is nothing like this
Sammy: mom u too
And she blush hard
G: yaa diii even i notice this what is the reason behind this
Sammy gave glare to gauri but she give royal ignorance
Everbody burst in laughter
But in pinki mind something differrnt was going on
Pinki pov.
OMM so she is gauri elder sister if she get married to my shivaay than my shivaay bussisness also reach on top she is beautiful ,rich and have nkk not like that annika they look a good with each other , i have to bring them close
End pov

P: yes beta u r looking very beautiful
Sammy: thanks aunty ji
Sammy eye fall on adhiraj and kriyan who were coming from stairs so she ran to them
Sammy: veer ji , bhai how am i looking
Ad: u r looking beautiful
K: veer ji stop lying i will tell u ,u r looking like bandariya
Sammy: how dare u say like this , veer ji
Ad: kriyaaaan, stop teasing her
K: veer ji ki chamchi
Sammy:did u say anything
K: noo yesss actually, u r looking beautiful
Sammy hug kriyan and adhiraj

Party is on full swing
Everybody is enjoying party but rajvanshi and luthra’s eyes stick on door
Gauri came to arohi
G: bhabhi where r they now party also get startef
Ar: relax they are on the way
G: but
Ar: relax and go enjoy the party
After 15 mins
O: where r they
R: yaa bhabhi
G: don’t know but bhabhi was saying that they r on the way
Rajvanshi and luthra family pov
Where r u guys?? Now we can’t wait to see u ?? Plz don’t make us wait and come fast
Suddenly lights gone and spot light fall on dance floor where a girl was standing back facing everybody
Luthra and rajvanshi clan smile while of were confused even guest too
Gopiyo k sang ghoome kanhaiya

Raas rachaiya
Radha na jaye re
Ab sawara na bhaye e re

(Her back is facing )

Radha on the dance floor

Annika turn
(Lights came and OF and shivaay shocked to see annika )
Radha like to party
Radha like to move

And s*xy radha party×2

(She dance same like film)

Panghat pe aakey saaiyan marodey baiya
And evry body crazy on the radha
Chede h humko thaiyaan bade kanhaiyaan
And evrybdy crazy on radha
Hoga wo lakho dil ka chor humko to laage bor
Hua h aisey bawaara ki kehta jaiye

(Same like aliya bhatt in song)

O radha teri chunri o radha tera challa o radha teri natkhat najariya

(Karan came on dance floor and does same steps like siddhart malhotra)
Shivaay and of shocked

Oo radha tera jhumka
O radha tera thumka
Oo peechey peechey saari nagariya
( Raghav came and dance like varun dhawan)

(G: raghav bhai
Shivaay heared this and ruvya too
S: is he is raghav
O: yes shivaay but why r u asking
B: bcz bhaiya he is the same man whom bhabhi saved
OmRi: what
S: yes)

Maathe pe pank mor
Kehtey hai makhan chor

(Niharika came to dance floor and start dancing with karan)

Bajaye basuri bada aaya chit chor
But radha wants more

( Sammy enter in dance floor and dance with raghav)

Dhoondugi chaaro aur milega koi aur
Dhoongi me haathon me mere dil ki ye dor
Coz radha wants more

(Annika does steps same like alia bhat)

Oo radha radha bholi deewani h
Oo radha radha do par jawani h
O radha ko sambhalo koi issey bata do
Ki milega na koi saanwariya

(Kriyan enter the dance floor and start doing dancing with annika)
Ohh radha teri chunri
O radha tera challa
O radha teri natkhat najariyan
(Annika and kriyan dance)
O radha tera jhumka
(Raghav and sammy steps)
O radha tera thumka
(Karan and nikki steps)
O peechey peechey saari nagariya
(Annika and kriyan shown)

Hey radha radha kahey itna guroor pala
Chodo bhi nakhrey ye kaisi ada

(Kriyan and annika )

Tune kya socha ek tu hi mashoor yaha
Lakho h gopiya bhi hum pe fida

(Karan and nikki)

Oo saari hi duniya ye maani h
Suru hum se teri kahani h

(Raghav and sammy)

Oo rehne de re kanha bhoolega tu satana
Jb girungi me bn k bijuriya

(Nikki , anika, sammy)

Oo radha teri chunri
O radha tera challa
Oo radha teri natkhat najariya
O radha tera jhumka
O radha tera thumka
Peechey peechey saari nagariya

(Karan. , Kriyan and raghav)

Radha on the dance floor
Radha like to party
Radha like to move
s*xy radha party×2

Nikki , annika and sammy)

Lights off

After few seconds light came again and dance floor was empty
OF was looking at shocked and shivaay ki to puchoo hi mt watching annika dancing with kriyan he was just like jalkookda but happy too seeing annika in front of him but confused too

Annika came on stage along with kriyan
Annika: ladies and gentleman
Kr: boys and girls
Annika and kriyan: at last the tym has come for which we all came here
A: welcome in the engagement of my best frnds
Kr: and my brother and best frnd
A&kr: so lets welcome on the stage Karan and Niharika
Karan and nikki came on stage together
OF and gauri was shocked that karan is none other than karan luthra whom was staying with them but he never reveal his identity on anybody

RF and LF were happy for them their dream come true
Raghav and sammy also came to dance floor
With holding rings in their hands
Raghav handover plate to annika
Annika and sammy change their position
Annika and raghav stand beside karan
And ktiyan and sammy stand beside nikki

Annika pass ring to karan and he slip ring in nikki finger
Sammy pass ring to nikki and slip ring in karan finger
Everybody start clapping hardly
Nikki and karan went to elders and take their blessings
(Guys nikki is orphan her parent died in car accident and she has no family instead of RF and LF)

Annika and karan was sitting in one corner and they were looking hell nervous
A: now what will we do
K: don’t know
A: but we have to face them
K: not now lets wait after party we will talk to them
A: till than what will we do
K: i don:t know but i know i can’t stay here i m going
A: where
K: that even don’t know
A: wait i m coming
They start moving
Raghav came to them
R: guys where r u going
K&A: don’t know
R: whattty
A: shhhhhh
K: don’t tell anybody about this.
A: we will tell u later
And she hug him and move out and karan did so
Raghav feel weired so he also move out
R: guys wait i m coming too
A: okk
And they left
Back to party
RF , LF and OF were searching for them but they were not here
Adhiraj ask security and they told them they left
After 2 hour party get over

Every body went back

A car arrive in RM
Annika , raghav and karan came down from the car
R: guys now plz tell me whats the problem , u guys were roaming here and there in car
A: soon u get to know
R: what
A: karan u go and check naa everybody has slept or not
K: are u mad and i m not going alone in lion den marenge to saath marengey
Both look at raghav and raghav understood that their intentions were not good
R: what u guys upto
A: nothing just go and check is everybody slept or not
R: and may i know why
K: plzz go and check na can’t u do this thing for us
Annika and karan shade fake tears
R: don’t emotionally blaclmail me ,and okk i m going
Raghav open the gate and found dark so he immedietely call karan
R: hey karan everybody is sleeping u can come inside
Karan put phone on loudspeaker
A: what r u sure
R: yes
K: but how is this possible
R: guys r u coming or not
K: yaa we r cominh
A: but daal me kuch kaala h
R: don’t think too much and come inside
K: okk we r coming
They came to main gate where raghab was waiting for them
R: guys come fast
Karan and annika stand behind him
R: now what happened
A: nothing u just start moving we r following u
R: guys u r really mad
K: we know that but u just start moving
Raghav step inside karan and annika following him when they reach almost half of hall suddenly lights come
Trio get shocked
RF,LF and OF were standing on hall
R: veer ji , what r u doing at this tym
Ad: just forget all this ,u tell me where were u guys
Yash: who is behind u
R: my behind
Sha: yes ur behind
Raghav move aside and karan came out he make innocent face bcz he knows he is going to died
Chaya: so mr. Karan luthra will u plz move aside
He nodded innocently and move to direction opposite to raghav and annika back is shown

Sag: will u plz show ur face to us
She nodded in negative
Sag: i said turn
Annika turn and make a puppy +innocent face and shocked to see everybody on hall
Both karan and annika look at raghav angrily
Raghav make i didn’t do anything face

Servant come to them with water in hand
They gave confused look to him
Servant look at Adhiraj
They look at adhiraj who show his hand to proceed
They took glasses in hand and start drinking
Annika and karan bow their head down and sipping water without looking at anybody
OF is confused bcz they don’t understand anything what is going on
Ad: u r thinking na why i gave wter to u
R: yes veer ji i m thin
Before he complete annika and karan gave him glare and he stop
Ad: why u stoped u were saying something
R: nothing
Ad: r u sure
He nodded
Ad: so i will tell u , u guys must be tired na u did so much hard work , u were playing hide and seek with us am i ryt
Karan put his head down and nodded in no
They were still sipping water
Yash: so u r not playing hide and seek so may i know where were u guys
K: actually we went for important work
Ad:is he ryt
Anika nodded in positive
Raghav look at them with shock
Ad: if u are saying truth than look at my eyes and say
They look at him and found anger+ love+concern
Sha: i thought ur work has finished 1 day before
First they nodded in postive then suddenly in no
Y: ur work had finished or not
K: actually chachu wo kuch kaam bacha tha
Y: and u mahi
She just nodded in positive
Y: and u my dear son
R: yes dad
Ad: okk so first raghav u tell me after how many days u are coming back to this house
Raghav was shocked with this question
R: approximately 2 months
Ad: okk and u too what u want to say or should i said do u have anything to say
Karan and annika: approximately 2 months
Raghav look at them shock and ask them question through eyes
Ad: approximately 2 month
Ad: mom , dad , kriyan , sammy, arohi, nikki u heared them what they said
Mahika look at everybody for help but they give up
Mahika: traitors
Ad: did u say anything
Nodded in no
Ad: so where am i
Kr: veer ji approx 2 months
Ad: yaa thanks
Annika gave him i will kill u look but he smirk
Ad: so i will tell u raghav u came here after 2 months 15 days and 9 hours
Sammy: no veerji 11 hours ,he left party na
Ad : yaa
Raghav look at him shock
Ad: but that was not ur mistake so we can understand
Raghav take breath of relief and again start sipping water
Ad: and u guys u came here after 2 months 15 days and 7 hours
Hearing this raghav spit water in shock and look at them in shock
Hearing this OF is shocked
Shivaay look at annika whose eyes were fixed on floor
Annika: wo..woo..
Before she complete two voice cut her
Aahaan and aahaana :. Bujjjjjiiiiiiiiiii
Everybody look at them and they run to annika and hug her
OF was shocked
S: annika (low tone)
G: diii
Omru and bhavya: bhabhi
OF: buji
Ahaan and aahaana: u know how much we miss u
Annika match their level and cup their faces
A: even i miss u sooo much
And she hug them
A; now u go i will meet u later
Ahaan; but
A: apni buji ki baat nhi manogey
Ahaan: who said we always obeys ur decision and we r going
And they start going but with sad faces
A: hey u guys stop and come here
They excitedly come to her
Annika: go to my room i m coming after that we will do lots of fun(only audible to them)
They nodded happily and run to her room
Annika stand up
Annika saw adhiraj who was start going
Annika feel bad
She run to adhiraj
A: veer ji ( she shout)and back hug him tightly
Adhiraj close his eyea and lone tear escape from his eyes
Screen freeze on adhiraj face

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