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Annika and raghav entwined their finger and looking at each other with tearful eyes and walk toward car and trio drive off
Shivaay toh dekhta hi reh gaya

G: maa if u don’t mind why did we do this shakti pooja and whose call is this
Yash: chutki this pooja was for UR SISTER AND BROTHERS
O: but why
Y: it was a big day for them , today they had an important test and they passed it , they got what they want from so many days bcz of which they are away from us but now they are coming
same of sammy age
Girl: hello everybody
Everybody looks on and pass a smile

Chaya , sagrika, arohi one by one hug her
Girl: i miss u so much guys and today i m so happy he called me and told me everything mujhse raha nhi gaya aur me aa gyi

Ar: we missed u so much and come i will introduce to chutki and om
Ar: NIHARIKA SHE IS Chutki i mean gauri and he is om her husband and chutki she is NIHARIKA UR WOULD BE BHABHI
Ni: yes i m his fiance and he told me everything about ur arrival
Gauri and Niharika hug each other
Chaya: waise i must say u came on ryt tym , tomorrow we have party here
Sag: chaya i was thinking , why don’t we do their engagement tomorrow
Cha : nice idea so done tomorrow will be ur engagement so r u okk
Niharika blush and nodded in positive
Ar: waise someone is vry excited for engagement

Ni: di u too
G: u too kya
Ni: i have to talk to sammy and she run from there
Everybody burst into laughter
Sag: we have to do lots of preparations and we don’t have enough tym
G: maa relax everything will be fine and i will handle everything
Chaya: i will handle decoration and gauri u will manage catering and sagrika guest is ur responsibilty
Yash: and what will we do
Sag: u guys do one thing plz stay away from everything u just come to party on tym
Ad: but mom
Chaya: specially u adhiraj , we know u guys very well so plz

Sha: but
Chaya:no but and all left toward each other room
Gauri gave look to adhiraj before going adhiraj ignore her and left

Shivaay :bhavya who was he
Bhavya: i don’t know bhaiya let me find out
Bhavya go and ask other caged officer
And come to shivaay
S: so what u happened did u get to know
B: yes bhaiya his name is raghav and he is one of the officer who got kidnapped by sultaan
S: anything else
B: yes bhaiya , officer informed me that usey pehle si pata tha ki wo yaha se jaaney waley h and he informed everybody about this
R:but how did he ??

B : that they even don’t know but he was confident about this
R: bhaiya may be bhabhi was talking about him u remeber she was saying that she have to settle score
Shivaay remember annika when she was singing and crying and she said i bear so much pain and this pain is nothing
S: bhavya where is sanaya
B: bhaiya we took her to police station what happened
S: u just follow me and they drive off toward police station
Same tym in police station
Annika , karan and raghav reached cell in which sanaya was lying like a lifeless body and whincing in pain and no body gave her any kind of first aid
Sanaya: u what r u doing here and now what u want
A: told u naa i came to u to settle my score
K: so we came to settle everything
Sanaya saw raghav
Sanaya: u

R: yes me and i told u na that u r going to loss
Sanaya: but how was u sure
R: sure
He remove watch from her hand
K: u remember this watch
Sanaya: yaa u
A: exactly
A: now don’t waste our tym come
She hold her hand tightly and drag her outside karan and raghav follow her officers just look them
Annika tie her hand with handcuff and handcuff tie with car and close the door she was standing outside barefooted
Annika ,raghav , and karan sit on car and drive off and she was running with car with car speed and blood start oozing out from her hands and legs
After covering almost 20 km annika stop car on silent road and release her and she fall on road
A:u must be thinking naa why we took u here so i will tell u today u will die like a lavaris no one came here
A: karan

Karan gave her same injection she start cried in pain till 28 min after 28 mins karan gave her antidote
A: u must be thinking na why we gave antidote to u so let me tell u i want u to feel the same pain which u gave to everyone
Annika gave gun to raghav

A: if u want to leave na so run as much as u fast run
Sanaya start crawling
Raghav shoot on her both legs

Annika hold her hair
A: now get ready to die
Annika forcefully make her drank petrol and she start breathing heavily
Karan throw lighten match stick inside her mouth her face burnt completely and she not able to cry for help and at last she die
And they left leaving her body on road and drive off
After sometym shivaay, bhavya ,rudra reached there and found dead body on road and they get scared seeing the body condition , they close their eyes
S: annika

R: aisi maut to koi soch bhi nhi skta jaisi maut issey mili h
(Guys they went to pc where officer told them everything)
B: but where is bhabhi
R: may be they went to OM

After some tym they reach OM
Shivaay heart broken and left to his room

After sometym jhanvi came to his room
J: shivaay
S: ji badi maa
J: actually gauri mother called me and she invite everbody to jaipur so we have to go
S: but i can’t i have to find annika
J: i can understand thats why i m not forcing u and we are also not
S: no badi u all have to go
J: but shivaay
S: no badi maa and here i will find annika u dont worry

Jhanvi start going
Suddenly something strike in shivaay mind
S: badi maa
Jhanvi turn
J: haa shivaay
S: i m also coming with u
J: but annika

S: u trust me na
She nodded
J: okk
S: but badi maa why they were calling us
J: actually their children are coming after long tym and also there will be engagement of mr. Luthra second son
S: okk
Jhanvi left

Shivaay pov
I know annika i will find u in jaipur
He remember mr. Sehgal he was also from jaipur

Next day everybody left for jaipur in private jet

They reach jaipur after 2 hours and they reach rajvanshi mansion
Adhiraj , yash, shashank , kriyan and om were sitting on hall
Gauri was roaming here there when her eyes fall on OF standing on door

Adhiraj saw OF AND he start boiling in anger and left the place
Yash also get angry but he control himself and went for their welcome
Om goes to dadi he hug her than shivaay ,then rudra and jhanvi
Ladies also reach there

Arohi get shocked seeing OF and her eyes start searching adhiraj who was not there
Adhiraj reach to his room and bang his hand on wall and look at wall angrily
Screen freeze on Adhiraj angry face

No Precap

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