I know i know some of u r upset and some r angry on me for doing OMM of ur curiosity ,but don’t worry now i m back to rectify my mistake ,last but not least Thank u guys 4 ur support which are u giving me from day one so a biggggggggg waaaaaaalaaa thank u to all the readers and silent reader , so without doing further bak bak lets

Adhiraj and Annika conversation
Ad: yes princess ,at last u remember ur veer ji
A: (emotional voice) veer ji i always remember u , but today ur princess needs u , she need ur blessing
Ad: what happened princess ??why r u talking like this??? Is everything okk there??
A:yes veer ji everything is under control here , but veer ji for the first time in life before impleting on strategy i was never scared for failing in mission like this but don’t know why today i m getting scared
Ad: relax princess , i can understand ur state of mind , thing which u r calling fear is not fear actually it is ur love toward us toward Raghav and don’t worry nothing will happen, u will win like always and so don’t stress urself and focus on ur AIM , u promised us that u will enter in this house with Raghav Only , now its high tym to three of u to come back ,this house and we all r waiting for three of u since 2 months , now our tolerating power is finishing , we want u guys here as soon as possible And MY BLESSINGS ARE ALWAYS WITH U
A: Yes veer ji , now ur wait is going to over and we will be there soon
A: Thanks Veer ji
And they hang up the call

K:u talked to veer ji
A: hmmm
A:now only few hours left between us
K: but before that we have to do some other works
A:yaa let’s go


T: so all set for party
J: yes tej , this party is one of the grand party in city that people will never forget after years
T: our stocks will increse when people get to know about that we r related to Rajvanshi’s and luthra’s
J: tej it can’t happen
J:bcz they don’t want to disclose it ryt now
T: and may i know why
J: actually mrs. Sagrika called me and told me that we should not reveal about gauri to media now , this is not the ryt tym , they informed everybody on ryt tym so i think we should respect their decision
T:okk ,but r they coming to party or not
J: no they can’t make it
T: okkk

Shivaay Room
Shivaay pov.
I saw love for me in annika’s eyes and today after party i will propose her and make her mine for always , only few hours can’t wait for the party, After that everything will be changed and so get ready annika ur billu ji is going to make her billi his once again and i make this day memorable to u , that we will never forget this party , which turns our life once again
Pov end
Outside OM
In car
Evil lady pov.
This OM is going to witness of my suceess after that no one will ever forget this OM, which became the reason of my sucess only two hours left between me and my dream and no one can stop me , i m waiting for this day for so long now i can’t wait just 2 hours
She smile evily smile and drive off
Pov end

Bhavya pov.
Only two hours left betwewn me and sultaan , now i can’t wait to see him and finish today i will settle my every score with him ,he have to pay for his deeds and my family will get their justice after so many years ,JUST WAIT AND WATCH SULTAAN ACP BHAVYA PRATAP RATHORE IS COMING
Pov end
Some where in dark room in Mumbai
Men tie up with chains
Men pov.
She is such a fool that she will destroy our country but her dream is never going to fullfill, i she thought she is going to fullfill her draem but that idiot have even no single idea that she is going to get her destruction , after that she will destroy she dug her grave by her own hands , she have no idea whose she going to tackle ,they are on their way to stop her and destroy her , so get ready to Destroy
He smile happily
Other men
Men2:why r u smiling
Men: i m smiling on her foolishness
Men2: meaning
Men:soon we are going to meet our family
Men2: how ??
Men: soon u get to know till than just do rest and let me sleep 4 sometym
He pass smile to him leaving him in confusion

Luthra’s mansion
Everybody was present on hall including OMRI
Suddenly everybody phone get message except OMRi
OMRI look at every body in shocked and confusion
Everyone open the message
Everyone look at each other and pass a satisfactory smile, now their wait is going to over the day has come which they were waiting for so long
G: Message on everybody phone on same tym how and whose message is this
Aahana and Aahaan :(together) BUJJI’S MESSAGE RYT MASSO
Sammy: ryt
Aahana: so when she is coming???now i can’t wait to meet them
Kr: soon she is coming with ur chachu and mamu
Aahaana and Aahaan start jumping in happiness
Suddenly Aahaana stop jumping
Aahana : o no
All look at her shocked few seconds before she is dancing and jumping in happiness and now suddenly what happened to her
Aahaan: what happend?? R u not happy that they are coming
Aahaana: this is the problem na , they r coming and we have to do preparations for their welcome , come lets plan something we have very less tym
They left hurriedly
Arohi: nothing can happen to them jb bhi inki bujji ki baat aati h ye serious ho jaatey hai and even samajhdaar bhi otherwise everytime they can never be serious
Chaya:u know them na how much they loved her and she loved them , for her they can go to any extent and she too she is more than their buji for them she is their mother , jo baat ye humse share nhi kr krtey they share with her
Ar: yes mom and i must say she take care of them like a mother and even she is the one who spoil them
Aahaana come
Aahaana: mom don’t u dare to say anything against our bujji she didn’t spoil us she loved us more than anyone and i can’t tolerate a single word against her
Ar: yes my mother i’ll understand everything and now i will not say anything against her now better
Aahaana: yes much better
And she left
Everybody smile at her antics
Sammy: they and their bujji no one can come between them
O: we can see that
O:when r they coming
Kr: soon

Annika enter in her room and found beautifully packed box on bed with note on it
She take out the note
Note: beautiful dress for a beautiful lady , plz wear this dress on party
Annika open the box and found beautiful red and black colour coordinated gown
A: this is so beautiful , okk shivaay i will definetely wear this she smile and went to washroom
In front of idol
Sagrika and chaya: (folding their hands)
God plz take care of our children and help them in getting sucess , today they need u be with them
Party is on full swing, all guest has arrived ,everybody is in red and black combination clothes,everbody is praising and pleasing the arrangements
Annika came in same gown which shivaay present her , she was looking dead drop gorgeous ,shivaay was just staring annika wiithout blinking
R:bhaiya plz stop staring bhabhi everybody is gazing u
Shivaay compose himself and went to annika
S:(whisper in annika ear)beautiful
A(shocked +blushing): what did u say
S: i mean u r looking beautiful in this dress
A: thanks to u, ur choice is really awesome
S: i know ,that’s why i choose u
A: whatttt
S: i mean that’s why i choose this gown for u ,i know that u will look gorgeous in this dress and i must say u r
Annika : (blush) nothing is like this
S: u r blushing
A: no i m not and i have to check arrangements
And she left while blushing
S: my blushing queen , u never hide anything frm me
Tej to shivaay
T: so shivaay u r here ,
S: yes bade papa
T: actually i want to introduce u to mr. Sehgal
S: yaa i heared about them okk come

T: shivaay he is Mr. Ashok Sehgal from jaipur and mr. Sehgal he is mr. SSO
Shivaay and Ashok look at each other and say together: UUUU
T: u guys know each other
S:yes bade papa actually we accidentlly met one week before
Ashok: but at that tym we didn’t know about our identity
A: Waise i must say party is awesome
S: thanks
A: congratulation for ur deal with mr. Singhania
T: thanks
A: sorry but i have to go know
S: but party is just started and u r leaving
A:actually i have a flight for jaipur to catch so sorry
S: then i will not stop u
S: Mr. Mehta welcome
Mehta: Thank u for inviting us here and meet my daughter Shasha Mehta
Shasha: hello Mr. Oberoi
S to shasha : i think i saw u somewhere but yaad nhi aa raha
Shasha: ofcourse this party arrangements is done only by our comoany so may be u saw me here
S: may be
Mehta: i hope u like arrangements
S: yes , i m more than happy
Lady pov
Everbody is looking happy and this house looks like a bride but soon there happiness will be vanish and this house will turn into graveyard
And this happiness turn into grief she smirk
Bhavya was roaming in corridor ,she saw some mysterious person so she follow them ,men enter in store room and bhavya to enter
B: where is this men gone all of sudden
She check the room
There she saw Dadi tie up with chair and mouth close
She ran to her and free her mouth
B: Dadi who did this with u

D:i don’t know puttar
B: i will not leave that person
Dadi saw someone come with rod in hand from behind she gets scared before she warn bhavya person hit rod on bhavya head
Bhavya hold his head and turn but she saw a girl with rod in her hand and smiling but her face was not clearly visible and image blurr and she faint
D: bhavyaaa puttar , who r u and y r u doing this
Lady: how much u talk , soon u get to know the answer of ur question till than plz keep quite
She again close her mouth with cloth
Lady: only acp bhavya can become hurdle in my plan but now she is gone now no one create problem for me now no more hurdles
Lady to man:take her to another room and tie her
He nodded and drag her to another room without coming in anyone notice
Rudy: arey yaar ye bhavya kha chali gayi even she is answering my call andeven she didn’t tell anybody where is she going hadd h matlab
Chubby: rudy my boy what r u doing here
R: actually i was searching for bhavya
Chubby: arey yaar she must be here na come with me and he drag him with him
Chubby on stage
Ladies and gentle men party without entertainment must be boring so here comes special dance performance so plz enjoy
3 girls come on dance floor and Mouni roy is main performer
Haam hai jaam hai aur h nasha
Tan bhi h man bhi h aur pighla hua
Chaayi h ranginiya phir bhi h tanhaiya
Q dhadkata h dil q ye kehta h dil
Deewano ko ab tak nhi h ye pta
(She rotate around shivaay )
Aaj ki raat hona h kya pana h kya khona h kya ×2

Annika signal karan
Karan nodded

Do ghadi me hi yaha jaane kya hoga
(Bhavya and dadi shown in tieup)
Jo hamesha tha mera dil mera hoga
Kaun kiske dil me hai faisla hoga
(Shivaay look at annika)

Faisla h yahi jeet hogi meri
(Annika ,karan and lady shown in dark)

Deewano ko ab tak nhi h ye pta
Aaj ki raat hona h kya paana h kya khona h kya
(Mouni roy , shivaay ,rudra ,tej and shakti face shown one by one)

Aao me tumse kahu me bt chupke se

(She rotate around mr. Singhania)

Rang badlegi ye raat chupke se

( Bhavya struggling with rope and Mahika tip toeing going out without coming in anyone notice)

Jaaoge tum kaha dekho me hu yaha

(Lady face is shown who is none other than shasha mehta)

Deewano ko ab tk nhi h ye pta
(Pinki jhanvi and mr. mehta face is shown ine by one)
Aaj ki raat hona h kya
Bhavya free herself and run outside

Paana h kya
Shivaay is shown

Khona h kya
Shasha face is shown

Song stop
And lights off

Crowds: ye lights ko kya hua
S: khannnnna (shout)

Voice: don’t stress ur self soon ur all stress and problems will be finish soon
Spot light is fall on lady figure

S: who are u
Voice: mr. Sso u asked so many questions apne brain ko rest do and u want to know me so i will tell u who am i and why i m here


S: Ms. Mehta
Shasha: no mr. Oberoi not shasha but i m ur MAUT And today u all r going to die
T: what nonsense , i will call the police ryt now
Sha:u can try this too but koi fayda nhi i put network jammer everywhere and everybody get ready to die
Shivaay: let see who will stop me
He start going out
Shasha fire in air and everybody get scared and turn to her
Shasha: good try mr. Sso but if u try to take out even a single step out of this house so u have to loose the life of these innocent peoples so be a good boy and come back to ur original position

Shivaay look at everybody and found goons put gun on everybody head so he get scared for others and does same as she said
20 to 25 goons
Sha: don’t get scared guys i will not kill u so easily first i have to decide who will die first u, u aur u yaar i m get confused , i m confused somebody help me
Voice : why not i will help u
Everybody turn toward the voice and found bhavya with gun in her hand
OF: Bhavyaa
Shasha: ohhhh bhavya baby u freed ur self but now its too late
B: i said leave everybody otherwise i will shoot u
Shasha:ohhh i get scared somebody save me from her
And she laugh evily and goons too
Sha: so u will shoot me from this empty gun
Bhavya look at gun
Sha:yes baby i remove all the bullet
B: so what i can kill u even without gun and she run to her but two goons catch her
B: leave me
Shasha came to bhavya and slAp her
Rudra and sHivaay :how dare u
Shasha: u want kill me look i m standing in front of u now come and kill me
Goons hold bhavya both arms
Bhavya was struggling to free herself from their grip
Shasha:don’t waste ur eneegy in this bhavya u will not succeed and not even save them from me , ME EK AANDHI HU AUR AANDHI K SAAMNE KOI BHI NHI TIK PAATA TO TUM KYA CHEEZ HO ME JO CHAHTI HU WO PAA LETI HU AND TODAY I WILL KILL U ALL
SHA: have u gone mad , here i m going to kill u and u rlaughing
Goon: may be she get shocked she didn’t bear her loss
Bhavya suppress her laughter
B: shock and me not at all but now u will get shock
Sha: what u want to say
B: what u said u will kill us so let me tell u , u even didn’t touch us maarna toh door ki baat and u came here to kill us with ur hnd so i will clear ur missunderstanding ki tum YAHA AAYI NHI HO LAYI GAYI HO
Sha: what do u mean
B:u will understand in few minutes what exactly i meant but before that u said u are AANDHI RYT

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