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Adhiraj room
YASH ,Arohi and Adhiraj were seriously discussing about something’s
Y: what happened beta , why t u behaving like this???
Ad: what happened to me ?? I am not understanding what r u both trying to say
Ar: so u don’t know what we r talking about so let me explain u , why r u behaving like this with chutki and om
Ad: I m behaving normally with them
Y:normally this is called normally;, everyone beta everyone notice this the way u r behaving with them
Ar: U r ignoring her
Ad:no I m not and u guys must be over thinking
Y:over thinking ryt , so plz tell me when was the last time u spoke to her ,when was the last time u Sat beside her ,when was the last time u called her chutki ,so tell me
Ad: ok I accepted that I didn’t spoke to her Sat beside her but that doesn’t mean that I m ignoring her,I am busy in bussissness
Ar: Dad he is busy in office work , from when business comes before family to u , for u always family comes first not business
Y: u saw her ,She is craving for ur Iove, she wants to hear chutki from ur mouth she wants u beside her ,I saw her face every time whenever u ignore her , she feel disheartened it’s hurts her what u think she didn’t understand anything she understand everything but the difference is this she doesn’t say anything to anyone
Ar:plz Adhiraj don’t do this with her , don’t punish her for no reason ,She needs her veer ji not Adhiraj Singh rajvanshi
Y:yes beta talk to her
Ad (angrily): what u said no reason ?? And yes I m ignoring them , so u guys tell me what should I suppose to do , U guys can forget everything but not me , I still remember everything what they did??? And Dad craving for love do they guys know the meaning of love ?? They don’t even deserve my attention and u guys want me to talk to them lovingly ?? AAP LOGO KA DIL ITNA BADA HO SAKTA H BUT NOT MINE and plz drop this matter here ,I don’t want to discuss anything about this
And he leave the room angrily
YASH: NOW only she can make him understand , he will never listen to us
Ar: yes hope she will come soon
And they both also leave the place

Gauri came out behind the wall with tearful eyes
Gauri to herself
G:what they r talking about ?? I thought that veer ji is not able to express his feeling he is like this but no I was wrong there is some reason behind his behaviour his ignorance
She wipe her tear
And I have to find out the truth
Adhiraj was moving on corridor , Gauri came to him and stand in front of her , Adhiraj start moving ignoring her
G:again u r ignoring me veer ji
Adhiraj stop at his place and turn and look at her confusingly
Ad: it’s not like that actually
Cut by Gauri
G: it is like this ,I want a talk to u
G: not here , come with me
She drag him in his room and close the door while Adhiraj didn’t understand anything
Ad: NOW say what u want to say Gauri
G: Gauri aap kbse mujhe Gauri butane lage veer ji , I m ur chutki
Ad: I mean chutki that’s just slip of tongue
G: stop lying ?? U mean Gauri only but that doesn’t matter let’s come to the point , veer ji I want to know the reason of ur behaviour why r u ignoring me
Ad: I m not ignoring u
G: (angrily) what u think that I m dum or idiot that I didn’t understand anything, I know everything
Ad: everything (shockingly)
G: yes I heared ur conversation with papa and Bhabhi
Adhiraj shocked
Gauri start crying
G: what have I done ? Why u hate me veer ji plz tell me
He can’t see Gauri crying and feel bad
Ad: don’t cry and who said that I hate u I didn’t
G: no u r , I hate me and I want to know the reason ,if u didn’t hate me than why were u saying all this ,I want to know the blo**Y reason
Ad: I already told u that u r imagining things and I have lots of work so I have to go and he start moving but Gauri hold his hand
G: not before giving me answer of my questions ( angrily)
Adhiraj become angry because he don’t want to repeat all this and she is forcing him
Ad (angrily): he hold her shoulder what u want to know haa?? And yes u r ryt I m ignoring u Bcz I don’t want talk to u and yes u r asking reason so Mrs. Gauri omkara Singh oberoi reason of all this is y…
Before he complete his phone rang he shows the caller I’d and it flashes PRINCESS
He look and Gauri and understand what is he going to say so he compose himself
Ad: sorry for all this and I have to go
He went out leaving completely shattered Gauri behind

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I know u r waiting for Mahika mission that will be in not episode
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