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Guitar string break and blood oozing out from annika ‘s finger and she stop singing
A: Aahh
Shivaay immediately jump from the window and run to her , and hold her hand worriedly
Annika look at him in shock
A: shivaay u here ????
S: this is not the time for all this question ,u just wait here ,I’ll go and bring first aid
Shivaay start dressing her wound gently
A: I’m fine shivaay , no need to do this
S: how could u say this that u r f9 ,look how much blood is coming out , and it must be paining and u r saying that u r f9 (angrily but yet in caring tone )
A: Pain , aur ye (pointing toward her finger) Maine issey BHI bade dard jheley hai or uske saamne this is nothing and I don’t need anyone ( she jerked his hand and leave from there angrily)
S: what happened to her all of sudden or kis dard k baarey me baat kr rahi thi

Rajvanshi mansion

Gauri and OM roaming in mansion ,they notice Sammy coming out from room and she look disturbed
Gauri and om go to her
Sammy: Chutki and Om u guys here, did u want anything
O: nothing , actually we r just having a tour of house
Sammy: ok , I will show u guys
G: but why r u looking so disturbed
Sammy: oh nothing actually I was searching for a file but i didn’t get it so I was just disturbed
O: ok but whose room is this????
Sammy turn to room , looking at room
S: this is Raghav’s room
G: this is Raghav bhai room ,can I have a look
Sammy: why r u asking , u can obviously go
Gauri and OM enter in room with Sammy
Gauri pointing toward photo frame which is above the bed
G: is this Raghav bhai
Sammy smiling :yes he is ur Raghav bhai
G: omkara ji see he is my Raghav bhai
O: yes Gauri, and I must say this room is very beautiful and interior is just awesome
Sammy: Raghav personally did everything
O:I must say he is genius
Sammy : r u guys planning to spend ur whole day here or u want to see more
G:of course
Sammy: so come
Sammy showing them house suddenly Sammy phone rang
S: I have to take this call , till than u guys go i will join u guys later
O: no problem
Gauri and OM notice a room they were going toward and OM was about to open the door but stop by a voice
Voice: stop, u can’t enter in this room
Gauri and OM turn and found Ahaan standing there
G: what happened Ahaan? Why r u stopping us to enter in this room???
Ahaan: I m sorry buji and fuf’s but u guys can’t go into this room
G:but why Beta
Sammy and Aahana come
Sammy: what happened guys
O:actually he was stopping us to enter in this room and we r asking him reason
Sammy: what happened Ahaan?? Why r u stopping them
Ahaan :masso this is bujji room
Aahana : guys plz don’t feel bad actually this is bujji’s room and no one can enter in her room without her permission
Sammy: guys actually they are her chamche and she don’t like anyone enter in her room in her absence ,
Ahaana: bs wo hi log unke room me enter kr saktey h jinhe wo allow krti h and she doesn’t allow u guys till now
G: aur wo log kon h whom she allowed
Ahaan: me ,Aahana, mom ,dad
Sammy:bs bs we understand actually she allowed everyone one instead of u guys , plz don’t mind
O: it’s ok ,we can understand , champs we will not enter without her permission ok,happy
They both nodded happily and hug Gauri and om

Next day
Shivaay was driving a car suddenly he notice Karan with girl in cafe he immediately stop the car and tried to look at girl with Karan
S: yaar who is this girl with Karan, I have to check wether is annika or not
So he enter in cafe and sit on side table to show them he was relief that girl with him is not annika but some other girl ,they were talking heartily , Karan makes her wear a beautiful watch in her hand and that girl hug Karan, shivaay click their picture and left from there leaving them alone
After sometym something he enter in OM and found annika standing on stool and doing decoration suddenly she lost her balance but before she fell on ground and get hurt shivaay quickly hold her from waist
Annika both her hand on shivaay shoulder and shivaay one hand on in her waist and other holding her hand
They both lost in each other eyes and they have an cute eye lock which was break by khanna
Khanna: sir wo Mr. Mehra wants to talk to u
They both compose themself and feel embarrassed ,shivaay mentally curse khanna for breaking their moment and gave him deadly glare , khanna gulped his saliva in fear and say apologise to him through eyes
S: u go khanna
K: g sit and he left
S to annika
S: are u ok
A: yaa ,thanks to u
And she left
S: I will not leave this khanna , always has a wrong timing , I have to take annika out where only me and my annika and no one come to disturb us
He smile and move to his room

Annika pov
What happened to me ,?? Why I always lost in his eyes?? Whenever he is near me and care me I like all this thing?? Whenever I think about him why a smile covers my face??
What is happening to me

What r u thinking Mahi just stop it and don’t forget why r u here?? So focus
Pov end

Shivaay came to annika room
Annika was doing some work in laptop
Shivaay knock on door
S: can I come in
A: yaa yea sure shivaay
S: r u busy
A: not at all but I tell why are u here
S: actually I came here to ask u could u plz come with me ??
A: where??
S:actually I want to have something Indian so I m planning to go some Dhaba , actually OM and Rudy are not here so I was thinking if u don’t mind can u join me ??
A: hmmmm…..
S: what r u thinking ?? Are u coming with me or I have to go alone
A: ok I m coming
S: happily) so get ready fast , I m waiting for u in hall
A: ok
After 15 minutes shivaay shift was all set in denim Jean and t-shirt
Annika came she wear jean and top
S:so ready
A: yaa come
And they leave toward destination
In car they were talking on random things and making fun of each other they were enjoying each other company
After 30 mins of driving they reach at some dhabha
S: u know what Punjabi food of this dhabha is very famous
A: let see how much it is correct
They were going suddenly they saw a girl around 5 running after a puppy in road and on the other side a truck is coming in full speed
Everybody on dhabha got scared and numb they didn’t understand what to do
All were looking like spectators
Annika run to save the girl , shivaay run behind her
Truck was about to hit the girl but annika pull the girl in Nik of seconds and save her and hug her immediately ,girl start crying annika console her
Shivaay came to them
S: are u mad?? What if something happened to u?????
A: what if something happened to her ?? Look at her how much she got scared
S: sorry wo actually I got scared ?? Are u both fine
She nodded
Girl face was buried in her shoulder annika without looking at her
A: beta who has come with u
Men came to them without noticing her face
Men:actually she is my daughter actually I went to make an call and she
A: but at least u should care for her , what if something happen to her
Men: I m sorry it was my mistake ,I will take care from ahead
S: it’s ok
Annika break the hug
A: ur daughter is completely fine now but plz don’t be careless and beta don’t run in road
Girl nodded
Girl: Aunty u ??
Shivika look at her in confusingly
Men: beta u know her
Girl: yes papa how can u forget her, she is the one who save me from those goons
Men look at annika
Men: yes she is mmmmm… Mahira ryt
An: ryt , but how do u know me
Men: how can i forget my daughter saviour , u remember some months before u saved her from goons who were trying to kidnap her and again u save her thanks a lot
A: oh ya I remember , and no need to thanks me , it was my duty

Shivaay was waiting for food and annika went to washroom , suddenly a goon came and they start teasing a girl
Shivaay can’t bear this anymore and went to them
S:hey what r u doing???
Goon: can’t u see and mind ur own business nhi to iss chaand jaise chehre ka naksha badal dunga and he push him
Shivaay stumble
Shivaay anger reach in peak he grab him from collar
Goon: q maut ko dawat de raha h leave me
Shivaay slap him and he fell on ground
Goon: tu jaanta nhi tune kissey Panga liye h i will show u who am I????
Shivaay :and u don’t know me
Shivaay beat him and make him blue white
Goon run from there
Girl:thank u bhaiya from saving me
S: it’s ok
Annika came to them and ask him what happened and who was the guy
S: nothing
A:shivaay r u telling me or not
Girl: I will tell u
And she tell her everything
A: shivaay u should call the police ?? What if something happen to u
S: I don’t have tym for that
A:ok come
Both were sitting opposite to each other
S: what about tea before food
Chotu: sir or mam ur tea
A: waise I must say this tea is very nice
S: i knew it
A:to app yaha pehle BHI aa Chuke h
S:yea I came with I’m
Both were talking to each other annika saw 5 to 6 goons coming toward them with arms in their hand and one goon have bottle of liquid
Goon collide with one men and some liquid fall from bottle on carpet she notice that carpet burn
She silently message someone
Goon are coming toward them but she didn’t react
When the goon was about to touch shivaay ,she immediately get up and throw cup of tea on goon face he stumble and the acid bottle in his hand fall other face goon both scream in pain and cover their face
Shivaay ????shockingly turn and found two men on ground and screaming in pain and 4 people were looking at them confusingly and one was the same guy whom shivaay beat sometime before
And then he look at annika who has victorious
smile on her face???????
Goon1 : hey what u did I will not leave u,u have to pay for this
He move toward both shivaay and annika with rampuri in his hand he was going to stabbed shivaay but annika hold his hand in between and look at him angrily and goon also look at him annika twist his hand and knife from his hand fall down and he whince in pain she slap hard on his face and he fell down on ground
Other goon run toward them with hockey stick but before shivaay came in between and slap him and hockey stick fall on ground and he again run to beat him , annika eye fall on hockey stick she quickly took it and start beating goons with that shivaay was also fighting with them , a goon saw knife on ground so he took it and angrily move toward annika whose back was facing him , shivaay saw this
S: anikaaaaaaa (shout on top of voice)
She turn the goon was about to stab her but someone shoot his hand and he whinge in pain
Everybody look at the direction of fire and found police
Inspector: arrest them all
Shivaay run to annika and hug her tightly
S: are u ok
She nodded
Shivaay to inspector
S: thanks inspector u came on ryt tym
I:don’t thanks me I just did my duty , if u want a say thanks so say to that person who informed us
S: I will ,but who was the person
A: I informed them
A: thanks inspector
Police took goons with them
S: waise when u I informed them
A: that’s doesn’t matter
A: hey why did u call me annika again
S: Maine nhi toh
A:but I heard that
S:May be tumhare Kaan bj rhe h i called Mahira not annika
A: but
S: no but waise I must say u fight really well tumne to unki OMM kr Di
A: this is not big deal for me
S: what
A:nothing, now come we have to go home it’s getting late now
S: ok
They they left the place

Like this 7 days more pass
●Shivaay And annika bond became strong
●Annika start feeling for shivaay but she thought its all friendship
● OMRI came close to rajvanshi and LUTHRA family
● Adhiraj still avoid Gauri and Omkara, Gauri feels sad for even family member didn’t understand the reason of his behaviour
● whenever OMRI ask about Raghav, Karan and annika family make some excuse and avoid question
● Karan came to know about shivaay Subaru and annika relationship but he didn’t say anything to OF he discuss everything with Adhiraj who suggest him to stay quite and he understand and behave normally with OF

Somewhere in Mumbai
A dark room is shown and few man tie with chains and they were not in their complete sense
A Girl came and sit on chair in front of them
Girl: look officers Tmw is the day which I m waiting for so long , ur country will destroy and I became the reason of all this and no one can ever catch me ,MY BIGGEST DREAM IS GOING TO COME TRUE AND LOOK AT U GUYS U CAN’T Even stop me not even ur govt
SHE laugh evil
A men who is tie up with chair spoke
Girl: what u want to say yaa
She hold his hair
Men: I clearly understand what I exactly meant and ur DREAM to destroy my country never going to fullfill
Girl: let see
Men: we will see ur destruction tmw
Girl:I will never loose
Men: so get ready to taste it and he smile
Girl left in anger
There face is not shown

Karan room
Sitting on bed
K: at last the day has come Mahi
Putting her both hand on table and looking at table and angrily +confident
A: yes , the day which we are waiting for long
Karan out his hand on her shoulder
K: Not u alone we will do it together use pta BHI nhi chalega ki when her dream became the reason of her distruction
And smirk


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