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Same day
Sag: chutki beta go and pack ur bags we have to leave for Jaipur within 30 minutes so go fast
J: what so hurry 4 going???
Ar: Aunt ji for u it’s hurry but for us this is a wait of 17 years and now every second is difficult for us to spend without her and everybody is there eagerly waiting for their chutki so it’s not hurry
D: jhanvi puttar let it be , I can understand their state of mind so don’t stop them
J: ji mummy ji, I will not stop them and Gauri and Om go pack it stuff
They nodded and move to their room
Sag: and Mrs. Pink Singh oberoi , don’t think I forgive u 4 whatever u did with my daughter ,I m leaving u for Bcz my daughter don’t want anybody get hurt Bcz of her and I r her family member but if I nxt even a single drop of her tear fall from her eye than I will destroy u and even my daughter and ur family can’t save u from me ,Bcz I forgive person only once so get it straight in ur mind ,so take it as advice , warning or threat choice is ur’s and I don’t like to repeat my self okkk (calm but threatening tone)

Pink get scared and even OF was shocked Bcz she said everything in calm but threat was clearly visible
OMRI room
Gauri and om enter in room
Gauri was looking bit tense omkara notice it
O: what happened Gauri why r u so tensed , u should be happy that u r going to meet ur family after long 17 year now ur wait is going to over than whats the problem
G: actually omkara ji I m nervous , I m going to meet them after 17 years , I have no idea how will I react and what will I say to them and what they said , I don’t know , what will happen
O: relax Gauri, take a deep breath and nothing will happen
Arohi was listening all this from door
G: but omkara ji
Ar: can I come in
O: Mrs. Rajvanshi plz come in
Ar: ☺☺☺☺ Bhabhi for I
O: ji Bhabhi, come in
Ar: I m sorry I heared u guys
G: it’s ok Bhabhi
Ar: chutki plz relax and don’t get worry about future and nothing will happen , everybody loves u there like they did 17 years before and specially Dad , Aisa koi BHI din no h jis din humne tumhe yaad nhi Kiya , so don”t worry and pack ur bags we have to leave
Gauri smile and nodded and she start doing her packing
O: Bhabhi I never saw her that much happy before
Ar: I know and we were also not happy without her but now she is back everything will be fine soon
O: soon????
Ar: yaad soon
O: if u don’t mind can I ask u something
Ar: yaad sure go ahead
O: u introduced everybody except two why???
Ar;???as I said before they don”t want that we will introduced them to her , they personally wants to introduced them to her
O: ?????
Ar: ok go and start packing otherwise we will get late and Adhiraj don’t like it
G: Bhabhi aur tell me something more about them
Ar: I will tell u everything in way so don’t worry

Annika room
K: are u fine Mahi
M: yaa ( without looking at him)
K: look at me and then answer me
M: I want a b alone 4 sometym
Karna sit in front of her and hold her hand and she look at him
M: Karan plz
He nodded and leave her alone

Karan pov.
I know Mahi what r u going through , but plz let ur emotions come out , jitna dard ko dil me dabaogi dard cum hone ki jagah dard badhega

Pov end

Annika pov.
I want that this pain , jitna ye dard badhega ,utna hi dard me use fungi
Pov end
Rajvanshi and LUTHRA enter in Rajvanshi mansion
Everybody is assembled in hall for Gauri welcome
Gauri and om was about to enter but stop by a voice
Voice : STOPPP, u can’t enter in this house like this
Kr: what happened Mom , why r u stopping them

So guys she is Chaya
Chaya: arey beta they can’t enter like this ,she is coming back after 17 years so I have to do her AARTII
C: now u can come in chutki to ur own house
Gauri and omkara observe the house it’s 3 tym much bigger than OM
Gauri eyes filled with tears
C: what happened beta ,why r u crying
G: I m not crying these are tears of happiness , I m meeting u guys after such a long tym
Chaya hug her
Sammy: Mon she didn’t change , she is just same who became emotional for everything
Gauri look at her
Kr: and we love her like this do u have any problem with that sammy
Sammy: not at all bhai even i loved her like this ,do u recognise me chutki ????
G: Samaira Diiii
Sammy smile and immediately hug her
Sammy:welcome back chutki , u know how much I missed u ????
G:even I missed u too Diii
Sha: don’t u meet ur shashank chachu
G: I will
She rushed to him and hugged him and he reciprocate
G: I missed u chachu
Sha: missed u too Chutki , how is my chutki ??? Krishna look at her kitni badi ho gayi u he???
G: jitni BHI badi ho jau but I m always be ur chutki
Shashank hugged her and everybody smile
G: where is papa??? Chachu
Y:I m here chutki
Gauri run to him and hugged him and start crying
Y: where were u gone ??? U know how much I find u ??? Don’t u miss ur father
G: i missed u so much but I don’t know anything about u , but now I will never leave u
Y: even I will not let u go anywhere away from me
They remain in this position for few minutes their trance was broken by voices
Voices: what is going on here ???
Everybody look at the direction of voice and found two small kids
G: papa , they are Ahaan and Aahana ryt
Ahana ; ryt but who are u and why r u calling my dadu papa???
Ar: Bcz he is her papa
Ahaan and Aahana look everybody confusingly
Kr: don’t be confuse superstar I will tell u , she is ur BUJIIII
AH: oh she is buji”s friend
Kr: no she is ur Bujiii, ur Gauri Bujiii, our younger sister
Ahana; ohh she is chutki Bujiii
Everybody nodded
Aahana and ahaan: hello Bujiii
G: Hello , how r u
Both :we are good
G: don’t u hug ur buji
They nodded and she hugged them
Ahaana: but who is he pointing toward omkara who was passing smile to them
Ar: he is ur fufa ji,ur Gauri buji s husband , say hello to him
Both: hello
O: hi
G: papa where is Veer ji
Sag: where is Adhiraj yash ????
Ad: I m here mom
Sag: where were u ??? Look who has come to meet u ??? Ur Chutkii
Ad: Hii chutki (sternly) mom I have an urgent meeting so I have to go
G: but beer
Adhiraj ignore her and left from there
Gauri eyes filled with tears , everybody look at him in shocked ,Arohi and Yash look at each other Bcz they know the reason of his behaviour
Kr: what happened to veer ji
Ar: nothing u I know him naa , he don’t know how to express his feelings but don’t worry he will be fine soon and chutki u don’t worry he is like this only he loves u
Gauri nodded
G: never mind Bhabhi, but where is Raghav bhai and other I really want to meet them
Hearing this everybody shocked
Sammy: excuse me , I have to make an urgent call and she rushed from there
O: what happened to her
Ar: nothing ,u both go and have some rest
G: but before that I want a meet them , where are they ???
Kr: they are not at home
G: whatt ??? Where r they ?? They know na I m coming so how can they do this with me
Everybody remain silent because they can’t tell her truth but at last Aahana save them
A: Arey buji Raghav Chachu went to London and buji and mamu went to Singapore for an project
G: ok if it’s like that than why all of u keep quite , ok when will they come now I can’t wait to meet them
Sag: Arohi beta plz take them to their room
She nodded and left with them

Shivaay was watching news on channel Rudy, bhavya and Karan came
R: bhaiya what r u doing
S: nothing rudra but just watching this news
Everybody watch the news
Reporter: Aaj se theek ek mahine pebble major Sanjay Sinha apne ghar se Mandir k liye Nikle they par Aaj take Mandir nhi pahuche , kisiko nhi pata ok wo aachanak kaha Gayab go Gaye or police no Aaj take koi evidence nhi Mila h ki wo aachak kaha aur Kaise Gayab ho gaye wo jinda BHI h yaa mar Gaya aur jaankaari k liye let’s talk to Mr. Sanjay Sinhas wife
Reporter:mam could u plz tell us how ur husband got missing and what action police took in this case
Sanjay wife : i don’t know how all this happen but I m sure my husband is alive and he must be in some problem and this police is doing nothing just saying that we r trying to find him but till than they didn’t get even a single clue about him, I want my husband back

R: bhaiya what so special in this news
S:rudra u don’t know this is high profile case , he is not the only one who got missing but like him 16 more Army and other squad officer missing within 2 months
B:yes rudra
Karan was listening all this but didn’t utter a single word he found that annika is also watching this news from distance and she became sad and move to her room

Guys this scene is simultaneously taking place in both annika and Samaira room so don’t get confused
Sammy: now plz come back , now she is also back and she is asking for u but what will I say to her that where r u plz come back (she hold a photo frame near her heart and crying)
Annika:I know ur very near to me and I promise soon I will find u (he hold a locket in her hand and looking at the picture inside it )
Sammy: I miss u
A: I miss u vry much
Sammy and Anika : plz come back?????plz come back Raghav/ Bhai
So guys he is Raghav Rajvanshi

After sometym Samaira enter in Raghav ‘s room
And saw his belongings and sit on couch holding his shirt in her hand and tear start flowing from her eyes
R: bhaiya who is playing guitar in this house
Shivaay : I don’t know rudra may be Karan
Karan : what’s going on guys
B: if u r here than who is playing guitar
Karan Pov
Mahira is playing guitar , that news increase her pain so much
Rudra jerk him
R: where u lost Karan bhai
K; nothing so where we are
S: actually we r discussing if u e r here than who is playing this guitar Bcz no one from us know how to play guitar
K: she is Mahira who is playing guitar
All :whattt
K:yaa but why are u shocked
B: nothing bs aisey hi ?? Do she know play guitar
K; of course,
R: even I want see her playing guitar come guys
K: no can’t go
S: why
K: Bcz she didn’t like it
All: but why
Karan pov
Now what will I say about Kya jhoot blou
S: where u lost and why can’t we go
K: actually I don’t know but she didn’t like it so guys plz don’t go
S: ok we will not go
R: but why bhaiya
S: Rudy do as he say
R: ok come bhavya and drag her
Karan (thinking): thank God he naan Gaya
S:shall we
K: yea sure
And both left
Shivaay came after few seconds
S: but I will saw my annika playing guitar and singing
So he move toward her room and found window half open
And he watch her from window
Annika playing guitar and singing a song
Parallely Sammy is also shown

Tum bin jiya Jaye Kaise
Kaise jiya Jaye tum bin
(First annika and later sammy face is shown and Tear brimming from annika and Samaira eyes)
Saadion si lambi h raatein
Saadion se lambe his din
Aaja laut kr tu ye dil
Keh raha h
(Annika memories Raghav is teaching her how to use gun and she is running behind him , Raghav is lovingly hugging her
A: bhai plz don’t go na I m not feeling good
Raghav: relax Mahi I will be back soon so don’t worry and he hugged her and left from there)
(Tear were continually flowing from her eyes)

Phir shaam e Tanhai jagi
Phir yaad tum aa rhe ho
Phir jaan nikalne lagi h
Phir mujhko Tadpa rahe ho
Iss dil me yaadon k mele h
Tum bin bahut hum Akele hain

(Sammy memories
Raghav: I love u Sammy will u marry me
Sammy hugged him
Sammy: I will
He wear her ring
Raghav: i will never leave u alone I will always be there with u
Raghav kisses on her forehead)
(Sammy clutched his shirt and plant kiss on her shirt her tear make his shirt wet)

Kia Kia na Socha that Maine
Kia Kia n.a. sapne sajaye
Kia Kia na Chaha that dil ne
Kia Kia na Armaan jagaye
Is dil se toofan gujartey him
Tum bin to Jeetey na marte h

Both memories
Sammy: Mahi plz try his phone,
M: I m trying but his phone is not reachable
M:hello Mahira speaking
M: where is Raghav crying
Sammy: where is Raghav
M: his car is found near a cliff in burnning state but Raghav is no where
Sammy: where is he
Karan:relax Sammy nothing will happen to him , we will find him
M: yaa don’t worry guys we will find him
K: we will come back with him
K: what the he’ll it’s now 15 days and till now I don’t found any clue about him
A: I want my brother u get it

K: Mahi 16 more officers like this disappear )

(Shivaay eyes also filled with tears watching annika like this)
Aa jao laut kr tum
Ye dil keh raha h
Tum bin jiya Kaise
Kaise jiya Jaye tum bin
Annika stop singing

Screen freeze on
Annika crying , Raghav picture and Samaira crying collage


Annika save shivaay and leap

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