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So without further delay

Karan and Annika shocked to see kriyan in OM

Sometym before
Same day
Bhavya enter in OM alone
Rudra to Bhavya
R: where were u bhavya and why r u not answering my calls(worriedly)
B: actually rudra i went for urgent work and my phone it was on car so i didn’t notice it
S:but atleast bhavya u should inform us before going
B: i m sorry bhaiya , it will henceforth
O: okkk take care of ahead

B: i will
S: did u guys see annika anywhere or karan
B: bhaiya they left in afternoon for some urgent work
S: but its already 8 now and they are no where
Voice : kisi ne hume yaad kiya
All look toward voice
O: u guys here where u to gone ,
K: we went to complete an urgent work
S: now ur work is done
A: not yet , but soon it will complete(stern)???
D:okk come and have dinner with us

After dinner annika was moving on corridor busy in phone and suddenly she bumped with sahil, he fall on floor
A: ohh i m so sorry , actually i didn’t notice u , r u alright, khi chot to nhi lagi
She make him stand
Sa: no no i m absloutely fine , actually it was not only ur mistake i am too at equal fault didi so just chill
A: what did u say to me
Sa: i m equal fault

A: no after that
A: yaa didi
Sa: i m sorry if u don’t like it actually meri annika didi bhi aapke jaisei hi thi and i miss her so much if u don’t mind can i call u didi , if u don’t have any problem
Annika became emotional
A: okkkk u can call me didi and i don’t have any problem okk ,
Sahil immedietely hug her and she too reciprocate
A: now go to ur bed its late night and tmw may be u have school ryt
S: yes

A: so go i will meet u in morning ,
S: gud night
A: gud nyt

Sahil told everything to shivaay and shivaay feels happy for sahil
All came to dining table and having their lunch peacefully ANNIKA and KARAN phone get message together everybody look toward them weirdly , they open the message and after reading message they pass smile to each other and they excuse themself and left table , shivaay became JALKUKKDAA

Annika room both karan and mahira present there and talking with small boy and girl on videocall
Person on otherside : good morning gay tail lene
A: some thing is serious karan now tell me what happened why u call us
POC: we are confused
Mahika: confused for what
POC1: WE Don’t have any good clothes to wear om today music competition and now we don’t have tym what to do

POC2: agar mujhe aache kapde nhi miley na to i will not go for competition
A: this is a serious problem karan
K: but what can we do
Poc 1: only u can do anything plzz do something ,we want a look different
And they make puppy face
A: hey don’t make puppy face now let me think something
Girl: think fast
A: idea
Boy/girl: what tell
A: go to my room
Boy: but why
Girl: bhai do as she say

A: good girl they did so
Boy: now what
A:open my wardrobe and look inside u will find something i hope it will help u guys
Girl open the wardrobe and they shocked to see two beautifully packed gifts their eyes spark
A: now have it and open them
They found two beautiful dressess and they both jumped in excitement
Girl: these r very beautiful we loved it
K: now u r happy go and change u r getting late
B: okkk
Annika karan: All the Best and jeet kar aana
And they hang the call
Karan look at annika confusingly
A; i know what r u thinking ,so before u start, i will tell u ,i knew it this problem will come so i pre planned it
Karan pass smile
Everyone present except annika and karan
Tej gets a call on mobile
T: hello
Poc: is this Mr. Tej singh oberoi on other side
T: yes but who are u

Poc: this is KRIYAN LUTHRA
T: Hello mr. Luthra , why u called me all of suddeb
Kr: actually mr. Oberoi ,i called u to informed u that luthra’s are ready to deal with oberoi’s
T: that’s gr8, so when will we meet
Kr: today
T: but how is this possible ,i mean today
Kr: actually i m in mumbai for today , so we can do meeting
T: okkk
Kr: so Where will we meet
T: if u don’t mind ,Could u plz come to OM
Kr: okkkk ,i’ll be there in an hour, so byyy
He hang the call
Tej turn to other

S: kiska call tha bade papa
T:actually Kriyan luthra is ready to deal with oberois and he is coming to OM in an hour for meeting
J: congratulations TEJ AND SHIVAAY
T: thanks so guys he is coming , plz take care of everything, i want everything will be perfect
J: relax tej i will personally take care of every arrangement so don’t worry
T: i m so excited
Karan was passing from gauri mother room , he saw gauri mother crying , so he immedietely went to her
She hold her and gauri picture in her hand
K: aunt ji
Hearing this she put photo on bed but it fall down and stick on karan shoes karan didn’t notice it and and wipe her tear
GM: arey beta , u here
K: if u don’t mind can i ask u something
GM: why will i??? U can ask anything what u want

K: so plz tell me why r u crying
Gm: me no i m not
K: don’t lie aunt ji , u called me beta to apne bete ko nhi bataengi kya hua h
Gm: nothing beta , wo bs kuch yaad kar ke aankhein bhar aayi
K: and what was that
Gm: beta today is the day when gauri enter in our life
K: (excitedely) ohh to ismey rone ki kya baat hai, u should be happy afterall its ur daughter’s BIRTHDAY , i want party from her she didn’t tell me about this
Gm: no beta its not her birthday

K: i don’t understand u only said na that day she came to ur life if its not her birthday than how
Gm: beta aaj k din 17 saal pehle gauri k bauji usse hamare ghr adopt kar k laye they
K: gauri is not ur real daughter
Gm: yes she is not ,but she is more than ,
What happened if i didn’t gave her birth but for me she is more than my real daughter
K: toh ismey rone ki kya baat h

Gm: when she came to me and call me maa humne socha tha ki hum use koi bhi dukh nhi hone denge but my faith ,i only became the reason of her sufferings bcz of me she bear all those thing ,bcz of me she lost her childhood, jis umar me mujhe uska khayaal rakhna chahiye tha wo mera khayaal rakh rhi thi
She told him everything about her uncle aunt torture , kaali thakur ,how she got married everything
Karan eyes filled with water after heared about her struggle
K: anut ji u should proud on her that u got daughter like her now stop crying agar chutki ne dekh liya na than she will become sad and i know u don’t want it so relax and smile
She pass smile
But before karan say anything gauri came

G: what is going on here
K: nothing we are just chatting u say why r u here
G: oo yaa bhai and maa come with me she drag them with her to room
Gm: beta why u brought us here
G: maa i want a give u something
K: and what was that

She take out a packet from her almirah and handover to her mother
Gm: what is this gauri
G: maa first open it
She did so it has a picture of her bauji and maa wedding picture
G: hows it did u like it

Gm: no i love it , thank u beta
K: wow aunty i must say u look very gorgeous
G : afterall whose mother
K: ur chutki
And she hug her mother
A: karan whats goung on here , there is so hustle bustle in this house u know anything
K: no i don’t know
A: bhavyA
B: yaa
A: what is happening here
B: actually papa k client aa rhe h to this is all for his welcome
K: who is he
B: wo kr..

Before she complete jhanvi called her
B: sorry guys talk to u later and she went
K: wo hiccup wo hiccup
A: pehle paani pee kr aao tb baat karna

He nodded and go to kitchen
Annika gets a call so she move to other side to attend the call
T: welcome mr. Luthra to OM
Kr: thank u mr. Oberoi
T: it doesnot have any problem in finding OM
Kr: not at all
T:come plz make ur self comfortable
He sit on sofa and everybody sit around her

Tej introduced him to everybody
T: she is my elder daughter in law GAURI
G: Namastey
Kriyan feel some connection to gauri
Kr: Namastey
G: i’ll be back in few minutes
Kr: okkk

Gauri move to kitchen
G: bhai u here
K: actually i came here to drink water but u
G: yaa actually guest has come so i came here to check all arrengements
K: so do u check everything
G: yaa now come
Karan and gauri was coming from one direction and mahira coming from opposit direction they saw each other but kriyan back is visible to them suddenly ankle twist and she sit on same place
G: AAAAHHHH (But not too loud)
Karan and mahira saw this

All gaze turn toward sound and found gauri whince in pain MAHIKA sit hold her
Kriyan was the first one to run to Gauri and other follow him
Kr(worriedly): what happened
Annika and karan didn’t notice each other and even kriyan too
K: (without looking him): her ankle twist
Kr: mujhe dekhne do
K: okkk

Kriyan hold her foot gently and look gauri whose tear were flowing bcz of pain
G: no plz it is paining
Kr: just relax and look at me
She did so and lost in his eyes
Kr: u trust me
She involuntary nodded
Kriyan gently twist her foot and twist it

Kr: done
She came out her trance
G: thank u soo much and its not paining anymore
Kr: its okk , and he pass warm smile to her
K: thanks buddy
He turn his gaze to kriyan and kriyan did too
Both didn’t utter a single word and stand on their place in shocked both even didn’t blink their eyes

Karan hiccups again start in shocked
Annika notice sudden change in karan behaviour so she asked him
A: what happened karan why r u so shocked
Hearing this kriyan move her gaze on annika and annika did too
Her phone slip from her hand in sudden shock which kriyan give him
Om voice break their trance
O: what happened guys everything is fine
Kr: yaa everything is fine

O: gauri r u okk
G: g omkara ji and she again look at kriyan
Annika signal kriyan from eyes and he understood what she want to say
So he assure her from his eyes
Kr: waise mr. Oberoi who r they ??? U didn’t introduced them
P: in me introduc ( before she complete annika gave her angry look and she got scared and shut her mouth everybody notice it and kriyan pass a smile to karan )
Shivaay: she is miss. Mahira and this is karan ourfriends and they r event managers and taking care of arrangements of upcoming party in OM
Kr: hai
Mahika: hai

Kr: mr. Oberoi i think i should leave now it was pleasent meet u guys
J : how can u go without doing dinner
Kr:sorry but i m getting late next tym i will definetely do it
G: plz ruk jaiye for me (she request him in full innocence)
Kriyan :okk
Smile appear on gauri face kriyan felt so happy

What happened to me why i fall so weak in front of her , why can’t i denied to her ,when she smile i feel that i m top of the world , why can’t i bear her pain her tear when she cried it feels like some one pierced in my heart and karan why he was calling her chutki and what r they doing here i have to talk to them his trance broke by dadi
D: arey puttar why r u not eating anything
Tej pass him kheer

Kriyan stop him
D: what happened puttar u don’t like food
Kr: its nothing like that dadi ji actually i m allergic to full cream milk and kheer always prepare in full cream milk
J: oh sorry hume pata nhi tha
G: u can have this , this kheer is not made in full cream milk so u can have it
J: tumhe kya pehle se hi pata tha

G: no i didn’t know its just co incidence
Kr: thanks
G: what a co-incidence na u karan bhai and u have same kind of allergy
Karan, kriyan and annika food stuck in their food pipe listening this and start coughing badly
Shivaay pass water to annika
Gauri pass water to kriyan
Om pass water to karan
And they drink in one go
P: teeno ko ek saath kaise

K: i have to make a call ,i’ll be back
He hurriedly move from there
A: i’ll be back
She follow him
Kriyan look all of them weardily
Kr: yaa what a mere co-incidence

Karan and Mahira came to hall from where dining table, kriyan , gauri , tej and rudra is clearly visible to them
Kriyan eyes fix on them
A: why u came from here all of sudden
K: u tell what should i do , i should go and tell them why we both have same allergy
A: i didn’t mean it
K: yaar i must say , what a piece she is, sutli bomb k roop me atom bomb h
A: kya bomb foda h isne , hum teeno ko hila diya
K: chota packet bada dhamaka h ye

Annika nodded suddenly her gaze move on karan shoes and notice something stick on her shoe
A: what is this on ur shoe
Karan without looking at shoes

K: i was eating chewing gum in noon so that and that chewing gum stick on my shoes
A: this is not chewing gum just have a look
Karan look at his shoes
K: arey yaar pehle hi chewing gum lag gyi thi now what is this
A: may be its a photo

K: i think so dekhtey h kon mere kadmo me aa gira h
He remove it and look at picture with shock and tear appear in his eyes annika see this
A: hey karan whose photo is this ???is everything fine naa
But he didn’t say anything HIS GAZE FIXED ON GAURI
He remember gauri mother words
A: why r u staring gauri like this , tell me something
Kriyan also notice this from distance
Annika take photo from his hand and she look at the picture in shock and she also stare gauri and tear of happiness flow from his eyes

Kriyan who was noticing all this from distance now get worried for them
Their trance broke by message ringtone
They check it

K: why is he messaging
They look kriyan who sign them to read it
They look at each other and compose themselves and nodded
Screen freeze on
Gauri ,Annika,Kriyan and Karan face collage

Pinki insult Gauri
A Lady slap Pinki in front of OF

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