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Bhavya point gun on karan and Annika point gun on Bhavya
A: ACP bhavya pratap rathore put ur gun down
B:who r u
Sometym before

Mahika place
Shivaay get up but didn’t find annika on his side so he search her everywhere but she was not there
S: early in the morning where annika was, i have to call her
He dialed her no. And heared ringtone coming from door he look at door and found annika was coming from outside
S: where were u gone , you know how much i get scared
A: i just go for jogging
S: jogging early morning
A: jogging early in the morning is same
S: yaa i know but how come u get up so early and if u want to go atleast u can inform me
A: i woke up early and jogging i used to it and that tym u were sleeping so i thought not to disturb u
A: if ur interrogation done can i go
S: yaa sure
S pov
She woke up early and jogging u changed urself so much annika but i like my previous annika who was kumbkaran and who don’t like jogging at all
Pov end
Samaira room
Adhiraj and kriyan enter in her room and found she is sleeping on couch with photoframe in her hand which she held near her heart and tear marks clearly visible on her face
Their eyes filled with water after witnessing her condition kriyan turn to go out but adiraj stop him by holding his hand and he nodded move to sammy
Adhiraj caresses her hair and kriyan take photoframe from her hand her sleep got disturb and she open her eyes slowly and found adhiraj and kriyan standing
Sammy: bhai and veer ji u both here , do u guys need anything
Both nodded
Sammy: what can i give u
Ad: only u can give our sammy back to us
Sammy: matlab i don’t understand ,plz say it clearly
Kr: we want our old sammy who always chirp , whose one smile filled life in this house
She looks on

Annika came to hall and found shivaay already prepare breakfast
A: i must say ur vry quick
S: lets start it before it get cold
And they peacfully have their food
Annika receive message on her mobile she open it and smile
Message:don’t forget to take medicines and come fast
Shivaay saw this
S: whose message has come
A: karan
S: (thinking) subha subha bhi peecha nhi chodta ye karan
A: what r u thinking
S: nothing actually i informed khanna and he has sent car to pick us
A: okk
S: i hope u pack ur and karan luggage
A: no need to pack it actually we didn’t get tym to unpack our stuff so its already pack
S: so come
A: u go i m coming
She go to her room and take her medicines and they start their journey

Karan was giving money to a person and bhavya saw this
B:why karan is giving so much money to him , i have to check
So she hide near them to heared them
K: i hope ur information is ryt if it is wrong na than u know very well what can i do with u (threatning tone)
Man:don’t worry
K: okk go now
Both karan and man left
B: who was this man and why karan is threatning him and information what information they were talking i have to find out
Bhavya go to karan room and search everywhere but didn’t found anything
B: oo god there is nothing
She heared karan’s mobile ringtone which was on couch so without any delay she answer the call
Poc: sir work done ab aap oberois k ek ek move par nazar rakh saktey hai
Hearing this bhavya shocked he cut the call and went out leaving phone behind
B:what was his plan against us , i have to find out
Back again to jaipur
Sammy: i don’t understand what r u two trying to same i m same
Ad: kisse jhoot bol rhi ho humse yaa khud se sammy
He take photoframe from kriyan hand and sat beside her and kriyan too
Ad: he caresses photoframe what is this pointing toward photoframe , i know sammy what r u going through we all have gone through same pain but ur pain is much bigger than us and humme se koi soch bhi nhi sakta
Kr: we all are here with each other to support each other but karan and mahi they are alone there and no one with them from us and their state of mind for them , wo dono wahan roz ek jang lad rahe hai dil or dimag ki , they don’t pretend but i know they also need him , un logo ne apni hassi k neeche apna gam chupa rakha h,we can’t join them in their mission but we can help, encourage them , ur smile give strength ur tear makes them weak plz sammy don’t do this with u
Sammy eyes filled with water she immedietely hug Adhiraj and start crying, from adhiraj and kriyan eyes tear starts flowing
Sammy : i miss him veerji i miss him bhai ,
Adkr: i miss him too
Sammy: ab mujhse nhi ho rha h now i can’t
Ad: u have to be strong sammy for us for him and u have to
Sammy: plz tell him to comeback to his sammy, he promised me that he will never leave his sammy he is always be with me , but he is not with me when i need him plz tell him he never disagree u guys , plz tell him i want hear him , plzz(she was literally crying) if he is angry on me so plz tell him to comeback for karan and mahi they need him plz comeback
Adhiraj and kriyan wipe their tear
Ad: u know him na he always fullfill his promise so this tym too he will and when he will come na than we all scold him that how can he do this to us and he promised u that he will never leave u na so he will never have faith in him
Kr: mahi told me that they r very near and soon they both will come with good news
Sammy: i know and i m waiting for that they when they both comeback after complete his work and now i promise u i will became old sammy
Kr: thank god u agree agar wo use pta chalta ki uske peeche se humne uski sammy ka khayal nhi rakha to wo hamari kya halat karta only god know
Ad: now keep smiling
She smile and hug them
Sammy: i love u guys
Adkr: we love u too
After sometym bhavya saw karan going somewhere in hurry so she decide to follow him

She follow him in his car
Karan car stop in front of chawl
B: why he came to chawl i have to check
Karan knock on someone door and enter bhavya was observing from a distance after few minutes she heared gun shot and found karan was running behind a man
She immedietely went inside and found a dead body
She run behind them
That man enter in under construction building karan they reach on top
Bhavya saw karan point gun on men so she immedietely run on stairs she again heared gun shot
Man: leave me i didn’t do anything
K: its last warning to u otherwise get ready to die
Man: no plz no
K: if u can’t help me so u r useless for me
Man: i will i will tell u
K: good for u
Man: wo mein before he complete bhavya put gun on karan head
B: leave him and give me ur gun
Karan handover his gun to her
K: what r u doing here and its not safe go from here i will explain him everything
Man: mam plz save me, he wants to kill me

B:don’t worry i m here , i m police officer and i will protect u
K: u don’t know him
B: but i know u, u r cheater
K: u r getting me wrong
B: no i m not
B: who r u and what u want from us
K: i will tell u all this later try to trust me
B:trust and u not at all now tell me why u enter in OM
Bhavya try to distract karan and signal man to run from here but before he escape from there another gun shot heared and that man fall on his knees and whince in pain
Bhavya look toward the shot direction and found annika with gun on her hand
Annika immedietely point her gun on bhavya head
Bhavya get shocked
She did so
A:good girl
She take karan gun from her hand and handover him
K: thanks mahi
K: bhavya u r getting us wrong hum wo nhi h jo tum samajh rhi ho
B: who r u?????
A: we are just like u
B: meaning
B: NIA ???
K: yes NIA
Two man come they salute them
A: take him with u
And they did so
A: and bhavya its not ryt place to tell u about all this come with me
Mahika House
B: now tell me everything if u r from NIA thn what is all this event manager and why u hacked Oberoi system
K: smart girl directly come to the point
A: so listen to me carefuly what u think deal with singhaniyas and this party it happen all of sudden u r mistaken its all preplanned to kill OF
B: OF but why only OF
K: NOT ONLY Oberoi’s including them those bussisness families who will attend party
B: but why
A: so they distract police and government and they successfully complete their mission
B: mission what kind of mission
K: duniya ko dehlaane ka
A: terrorist attack on india and they are planning to do big tertorist attack on different states of india , bomb blasts in different different states wo bhi ek saath
K: OF and Bussisness families ko saath me maar kr wo isey ek accident prove kar denge jissesey india ki economy effect hogi aur govt and police iss case me uljhe rahenge and they will complete their work thats why we joined mehta company bcz this plan is made there and singhaniya is involved in all this
B: so why don’t we arrest them
K: we can’t
A: bcz we have to catch master mind of all this and we are very close to catch him
K: hamara ek galat move he will again run away from our grip and we don’t want to do that
A: even we have to catch all the people who involved in all this wo bhi ek saath
B: but who is behind all this
K: u know him
B: Me
K: yes u
B: who is he
A:none other than SULTAAN who killed ur family who killed many innocent people who tried to
K: relax mahi
K: now u say r u with us or not

B: i m with u sir
K: not sir only karan and mahira
B: but u r my senior
K: fir bhi only karan and mahira and don’t tell anybody about this
B: okkk
A:now u go we will come later
Bhavya went
A: why don’t u tell her full truth
she give her impossible wala look
Screen freeze

Kriyan in OM

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