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Unfairly fair… OS… (inspired from swaragini by – Divya Jyothi)


Wishing everyone a blissful time in future. Hi, everyone I’m new to writing. So I will start with a story I read somewhere, one shot, and I’m changing it a little, with random characters. Plz comment how it is, I will start an ff if you like my writing.

A girl was waiting for a boy to meet her at the college gate, just like any other day since nearly two months. Last semester it was, May’s scorching heat was not bothering her at all. She want to give him good news. She was totally floating as it was the best day of her life, so enthusiastic, excited, her face shone in achievement, revealing everyone that it was the moment she waited for ages. Every other student in the college knows about it. They were sure about them being together. They were silently waiting for the moment too, pretending to be busy with themselves. She kept looking at the gate…
And looked there again
He’s still not coming…
No response for her phone call…….

Waited too long for her bubbliness to last..
Remembered his words..
It was almost dusk..
She walked out of the gate with her precious pearls moistening the path…………………………..
…………Recalling what happened…………

Her pov

I was too excited to go to college. Why not? It’s the first day of college of the last semester! I finally am going to get my honours certificate, just few months more. And I will enjoy these last days in college with heart and soul. I’m not giving myself any chance to regret later!
Today is beautiful!!
Feeling fresh like it’s the first time I entered my dear campus. Nothings changed!
C’mon let me dream on the lawn… (I sat on the grass)
Felt like a gaze on me… Oh never mind. . .
“Hiiii uttara” I saw ragini running to me
She stopped on my horrified expression I made thinking that she would fall over me knocking me out!! I told her that…
“So mean! ” she pouted sitting with me..
“I never expected you to attend the first day, ragini”, I hugged her.
We chit chatted almost half an hour and walked to class with other friends joining us…
We came out and left for canteen… Days passed by as such, beautiful…
It’s been three months…I always felt like someone was watching me at least once a day… It’s increased to twice a day since last month… Well, never mind… No… Why am I feeling like that in the first place!?… I turned around many times to see nothing special… Uh… No one here… I was sitting on the lawn like any other day when….

His pov

I was watching her since the beginning of this semester… I know it’s not love, she’s beautiful and rich… I just want to make her mine forever… But I have to get her to love me… How can a poor student ask for a rich girl’s hand, her father’s gonna burn me alive!! She’s his only daughter, only she can convince him. If she can’t, we’ll run away, her parents have to accept some day… But I need to make her love me… Stop thinking duffer… Go to her… Talk… Proceed…
Thinking thus I finally went to her…
“Hi, I’m rajat.. ”
“Hi, I’m uttara, but what do you……”
“Oh, I’m also a final year like you, different department. I just wanted to ask you something, if you don’t mind..” I cut her..
“OK, what is it!?” (confused)
“Uhh, actually you know…. that there’s a dance competition…. this college fest… So… ”
“Soo…!?” she clearly doesn’t want this.., still I tried..
“So.. I was thinking…. You… ” I fumbled, she raised an eyebrow!
“Complete it..!”she was acting irritated…
“I want you to be my dance partner because all my girlfriends.. Chi.. Friends who are girls… Yeah.. Are occupied! No, I mean they chose their partner and I don’t have anyone to dance with but I really want to participate and win and you’re really beautiful so I thought to request you to be my partner.. Dance partner…!” I completed in one breath!! Shit so stupid of me!! She was looking blankly.. I understood…
“Uh, I’m sorry… Sorry for bothering you.. Never mind”.. I was leaving cursing myself..

Her pov

I felt amused but sad seeing his hopeless expressions and called him
“Hey… “.. He looked back tensed..
“I didn’t answer still” he’s now confused, hopeful, and blank at the same time! Haha
“I’m fine with it… It’s just a dance right?.. ” I smiled looking at his relieved and happy face.. He thanked me and left with a broad smile… OK fine uttara, you got another headache of dance practice… Hmmmmm.. It’s also fun, so no regrets… Enjoy uttara…
Dance practice started…
He used to stammer but only for first two days… Now we’re friends..
I’m happy dancing with him..
We won the competition… But I really didn’t see that happiness on his face! Strange! I think he just wants to dance with me..! I smiled, I like him!
We’re best friends now… Asking each other’s stories… Hanging out together… But sometimes he just keeps looking at me…I loved his company, his attention, his care…
It’s May, end of exams, we just come here to enjoy the campus atmosphere before taking our certificates… And I guess whole college thinks we’re lovers! Nope but I can’t control their thoughts, right?
One day we were talking about marriages..
“I won’t love anyone.. Even if I do, I will marry a poor girl after getting a job and will support her to make her life beautiful and bold.. Support her family… After all, happiness lies in making others happy right? Sharing joy is love.. “he said.
That’s it.. I decided he’s the one for me, I love him because of his this character… I loved him since we were best friends but wasn’t sure. Now I will talk to dad and convince him. I will convince rajat that I will help him in helping the poor, after all I’m so rich, and my dad won’t deny me anything either.. I just have to convince him carefully and patiently… I know it’s very hard but I’ll try my best..
And I will tell him tomorrow that I love him!
“Rajat, tomorrow can we meet at college gate like always… But a little early “I said. He accepted and left.

His pov

I know,,, she’s totally flat on me now after hearing my talks… Haha finally… I sense she herself is going to propose me tomorrow… Wow.. Nothing can be better…

Next morning… (his pov)

I was humming in the shower…. La la la…
I’m so excited today, she’s going to express her love, I saw it in her eyes… And she’s so innocent too… So what if I misused it, I’m gonna be loyal… She’ll convince her dad anyways…. Wait. Shit.. Her dad!! What if he doesn’t agree! Rather worse… What if he acts like accepting and… Oh shit he’s too dangerous.. What if he plans against me!! I can’t lose my life for money…. Shit! Why didn’t I think before! I can’t go there, no… (phone rings) It’s her on the phone!! I’m not picking up… I’m not going to college for these last days”…

Her pov

I’m soooo happy my dad got convinced after a lot of struggle explaining his pure heart character and that no one else can be perfect for me than him… Blah blah.. Of course buttering up… Finally he accepted for our marriage and want to meet him… I’m waiting for you janooo… I know you’ll be very happy to get me as your life partner…
I waited…
Called him…
Then his words struck to me… Tears rolled out of my eyes… He’s so pure! So he really meant what he said… I love you janooo but I respect you more… I will follow your footsteps and marry a poor boy and love and support his family… I can’t forget you either… I will always remember you as my best friend… You’re really my inspiration… And gave my life a beautiful direction… Thank you for everything….
I left my blissful dream behind me and never looked back……

Oh, please read this….

First I thought to take swasan as pairs, because seeing recent behaviour of sanskaar in the serial I was totally upset and I concluded that he’s not worthy of swara, so this character would suit him, but not varun.. He’s too good for that…
Next I thought swalak, but I can’t see laksh as negative character.. So mean….
So then I thought… Why always these four.. Can’t other characters play well?…
So I decided uttara and rajat… They really fit perfectly according to me… What do you guys think?? Please express it… And also tell me whether you are happy with sanskaar’s behaviour in the serial.. OK? I’m waiting…

Plz forgive for typing mistakes if any, and also do comment on the way of writing and how it can be improved.. Thanks for reading.. Love you all

  1. Silent_writer

    Great dear unique thought

    1. DivzS

      Thank you very much dear writer

  2. U r the first writer who wrote something on uttara and rajat
    I appreciate ur hard work and effort
    I have a confusion ——
    Does rajat will accept his mistake of marrying uttara for her money or uttara will leave after knowing his truth? ????

    1. DivzS

      Thank you so much dear… Rajat and uttara are still not married. Rajat never meets her as he realizes life is important than money and he can’t be happy with uttara and his fake image of being a good person will stay in uttara’s heart forever as an inspiration.

  3. Rabia

    Awesome divz and awesome concept 😊😊

    1. DivzS

      Thank you so much di… 😃

  4. Wowww!!! Story was nice!! This is the first story which I read with uttara and rajat as main pairs!!!

    1. DivzS

      Thank you chandu dear.. ☺

  5. Wow Di…It’s amazing..I must say this is the first story on Rajat and Uttara

    1. DivzS

      Thank you chandu dear.. ☺

      1. DivzS

        Sorry typing mistake!! Thanks sm… 😅

  6. Mica

    Divz!!!! it’s yours ? oh Gosh, somehow i love this kinda ending,
    write more ff dear! bout serial.. uuhhh what to say….you knew it 😀

    1. DivzS

      Thank you so much mica! It really means a lot 😃☺

  7. It’s unique n loved it. Iliked the story’s amazing.u can start writing ffs also dear

    1. DivzS

      Thank you so much shiksha, I’m glad you liked it 😃

  8. Fantastic

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