Unexpressed love (EDKV) One Shot

Suman- do u love me??
Shravan- no.
Suman- then?
Shravan- then nothing..
Suman- but every evening just before the dusk, you come to the terrace..!!
Shravan- how do u know?
Suman- what how?? Its visible from our terrace…
Shravan- ohh.. saw me every day?
Suman- hmmm
Shravan- then do ‘u’ love me??

Suman didn’t speak up for the next few minutes…she put her head down and for a long..long time kept quiet. Probably she consoled herself, coz when she spoke she said “i like the dusky sky…that reddish-orange hue…I come to the terrace to see it”.
Shravan said “but for the last two days the sky is without any hue…its cloudy, matte and rainy”
Suman replied “i love cloudy sky and rain as well”
Shravan- ohh..ok I’ll leave then..
Suman didn’t reply.
Shravan turned back and started walking away. Suman stood there. Shravan crossed the small tea stall and entered the next lane. Suman still stood there. After sometimes shravan returned. Did she know??
Shravan- i also love the sky, the rain..the clouds..but……
Suman- but what??
Shravan- but when i watch the sky, the clouds or the rain I also need a pair of curious eyes from the other side of the terrace…

Suman- only from the other side??
Shravan didn’t reply…
Suman- the sky above both the terrace is one only..
Shravan- but the terrace is two
Suman- then??
Shravan- cant there be only one terrace (shade) just like the sky, ‘only one’ ??
Suman smiles, shravan as well.
Years later , just like the one and only sky above their head they have only one terrace (under the same shade)…. however, none of them had told “I love U”
Hey everyone… if u have any problem in understanding do ask me… as m writing after a long time.. and if u like my story plzz leave ur comments.. will be waiting..

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  1. Diya

    It’s very beautiful Tara !!! Loved it !!!

  2. RANdomfANCreationz

    Such a cute one shot I loved it Taru ???

  3. It’s superb Tara. Just loved it..

  4. Nikita

    It was reallly beautiful. I loved it. Please write more!
    Nishita ♥

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