Unexpectedly Fallen (SwaSan OS) Ending by Marsuu

Hello guys!! Back with the ending part.

Unexpectedly Fallen (SwaSan OS)
Glimpse of Beginning:
Sanskar met swara on road.
Swara pregnant and then lost her child.
Sanskar stern behavior towards Swara.
Swara and sujata’s bonding.

Next Evening:
Sanskar left early in the morning to his office bcoz of urgent work. He return back and got surprised to see sujata sitting sadly otherwise everyday she used to be with swara.
” what happened mom??” he asked going close to her.
” I’m so sad” sujata replied.
” why??” Sanskar asked getting confused.
” bcoz swara left” sujata’s eyes got filled with tears.
Sanskar forget to breathe for few seconds.
” why are you shocked?? You only ask her to leave” his mind mocked.
He reminiscences the harsh words he said to her yesterday night. He took deep breathe and left to his room.

” you know when I come near to you, my heartbeat increases. You have the power to make Sanskar maheshwari senseless” Sanskar whispered as he leaned to kiss the girl standing in front of him with pink cheeks.
” Sanskar plzz” she turn shyly before he could kiss her.
Sanskar back hug her and whisper huskily in her ear
” I love you swara”
And the next moment sanskar got up all sweating. He looked around and realized it was his dream.
” what you said no no its just dream” he tried to convince himself.
” where will be swara now she said she don’t have anyone” his heart was getting restless. He got up and went to guest house.

After opening the door, sanskar enter inside the room and saw the bed is empty otherwise every night when he used to come to see her she used to cuddle with the pillow. Her glowing face in the dim light was enough to flatter sanskar’s heart. But today she is not here. He can feel her presence, smell her fragrance.
” missing her” sujata said standing at the door.
Sanskar looked back and was not knowing what to say.
” why would I?” He avoided eye contact.
” then what are you doing here??” Sujata questioned.
” wo I just came and if I come here it doesn’t mean I miss or love her” sanskar blurted in frustration.
As much he is trying to suppress these unknown feelings that much only they are evolving.
” I didn’t said you love her” sujata smirked as he said truth
Sanskar was speechless. He closed his eyes not willingly to face the situation.
” why are you ignoring your feelings?” Sujata asked.
” mom she is not for me swara love someone else” sanskar sit on the bed.
” whom??” She asked
“The father of that child”Sanskar closed his eyes.
” did she said??” Sujata questioned.
” no I never talked to her nicely I always behave rudely with her so that I can kill these feelings” sujata can see the guilt in his eyes.
” you are just assuming, talk to her may be she also feel something for you” sujata give him hopes.
” she must be hating me for my behavior” sanskar chuckles sadly.
” i don’t know go and bring my dil back” sujata said strictly making sanskar smile.
” do you know where she went??” Sanskar asked as now he was determined to bring her back.
” she said she is going to her house and I was in so much grief that didn’t asked further” sujata sadly said.
” don’t worry I will find her” sanskar smile and left to his room.

After 3 months,
Swara left maheshwari house 3 months back and sanskar still failed to find her. He has applied his all sources but didn’t get to know about her where abouts.He most of the time remain silent and miss her a lot. It was just few days she live with them but it don’t take time to built connections.
Sanskar is silently having breakfast.
” any news of Swara??” Sujata asked
” no I’m scared she will be fine na?” Sanskar was hell worried for her don’t know where she disappeared.
” yes be positive” sujata assures.
” mom today I’m going to pune to school” sanskar said getting up.
” okay” sujata smiles and he left.

Sanskar was coming after meeting the principal of the school when someone striked with him.
” careful miss” he mumble.
Girl said sorry and started collecting her books from ground.
Sanskar was dumbstruck to see her. He was madly finding her in Mumbai and she is here in pune.
” swara” the only word came from his mouth.
Swara looked up listening to her name.
” sir” she stand up.
Sanskar was lost in her. She is same beautiful wearing light pink suit with long open hairs.
” Excuse me Sir” she again called as he didn’t responded.
” amm swara what are you doing here??” He finally asked.
” I’m doing job as teacher” she said
” ohh this is my school so came here” he told though she didn’t asked.
Sanskar has many charity schools in pune and Mumbai.
” okk” she said.
” may we talk??” He asked
He want to clear few things with her.
” sure” she tried to smile.
They came in the park.
” come with me swara” he directly said. He is not the man who will request bcoz he prefer to order.
Swara stare him how easily he is ordering her as if she is his slave.
” and why??” She crossed her arms.
She is not scared from him and living alone for 3 months has really help her to build self confidence.
Sanskar was not knowing with which right he should take her.
” mom is missing you” finally he got the best excuse infact which is true also.
” how is she??” Swara too misses sujata’s care and her company.
” she remain sad without you” he don’t want to leave any chance to take her with him.
” then what about my job?” She asked. Even she is craving to meet sujata.
” I’m there why you want to work” he said in flow.
” I don’t want to be burden on someone and I do have self respect” she said sarcastically.
Sanskar understood what she really means. He was regretting for the words he said but now nothing could be done expect apologizing.
” I’m sorry for being rude” he said and sorry word look foreign to himself as he never said to anyone.
” no need why would you talk politely with me I’m no one to you” she said looking away.
Sanskar was hurt. Do she think him no one. The fear to lose her engulfed his heart.
” You can work in my office” he tried to change the topic.
” hmm thanks but I will pay the rent also” swara said
“Alright then let’s go” he got up.
” but I have class now” she said
” don’t worry I will talk to principal and where do you live?” He asked.
” in teachers quarter” she said
” okay bring your things.” He again ordered.
Swara signed as this man won’t change.

Sujata opened the door as the bell rings.
” swara” she shouted and tightly hugged her.
” how are you mom?” Swara smile at her.
Swara call sujata , mom as she wants her to say.
” now I’m super happy after seeing you” sujata was so excited.
They all came inside and sit in the hall. Sujata and swara got busy with each other while Sanskar was staring swara with the corner of his eye.
” where were you in these months?” Sujata asked.
” I was with my friend in pune then she helped me to get job in sir’s school and there we met” swara explained.
“Okay today I will make all your favourite dishes” sujata said and ran to kitchen.
Swara laugh at her. Sanskar clear his throat to gain swara’s attention.
She looked down ignoring sanskar which hurt his ego.
” why are you ignoring me??” He asked
” when I did?” she said not understanding that what he really means.
Sanskar cursed himself for not controlling himself.
She picked her bag and went to guest room later to kitchen to help sujata.
Sanskar know it won’t be easy to know what she has in her heart.
Then he thought about the baby. Did she love someone else?? This mere thought was enough to prick his heart.
” now she is mine I don’t care whoever was in her life earlier” he convinced his heart.

Next day, Sanskar came in the hall ready for the office and saw swara and sujata near dining table.
” Swara you want to come to office” Sanskar asked sitting on the chair.
” she will come after few days” sujata said before Swara could say.
Swara nodded in agreement as she can’t refuse to sujata.
Swara serve breakfast to sujata then move towards Sanskar. He felt happy that she will serve him but bad luck.
She keep the bowl in front of him and waited for him to take it.
Sanskar signed sadly and himself served and started eating.

After few days,
Nothing has changed, swara totally ignored Sanskar. He always tried to talk to her and her answers were very short and stern.
Sanskar enter in swara’s room and saw her sitting on the bed using mobile.
Swara give him look ” don’t you have manners entering without permission”. Sanskar smile as if he read her mind. He moved back to door. Swara thought he will ask permission but no he closed the door which widen swara’s eyes but she acted normal.
” I need to talk” Sanskar said standing near swara.
” I don’t think there is anything to talk between us” Swara said silently praying that he should leave.
” swara don’t show attitude yrr” he said getting fed up of her negligence.
” this attitude I had learned from you only Sir” she replied.
” okay why are you ignoring me it’s hurting” he confessed.
” I was also hurt when you asked me to leave” her voice got heavy as tears welled up in her eyes.
” I’m sorry”he mumble.
” you know how much unwanted I felt” tears are now flowing down her cheeks.
” I was just confused” he was not knowing what to say.
He tried to wipe her tears but she jerked his hand and turn other side.
” you seriously don’t have heart” swara said
Sanskar smile with wet eyes and stepped closer to her.
” right bcoz I had given my heart to my love” he whispered against her ear.
She look at him with confusion in her eyes.
” swara I was scared to express my feelings that’s why I wanted you to go away from me but even I felt pain when I used to behave rudely. I was not knowing how to react. I don’t wanted to accept that….” He tried to justify his behavior.
” that??” She waited for him to complete.
” that I love you” he said looking straight in her eyes. She was beyond shock.
” I know you don’t love me and I will not force …..” He was saying when she cut him
” what you know about me?? I was pregnant what if I’m characterle…”
Next moment swara’s back hit with the wall
” dare you to use that word again” his voice was hell dangerous which scared swara.
” your eyes are so pure innocent and crystal clear I can read everything” he said moving back.
” don’t you want to know whose child it was??” Swara asked
” it was your past and I want to make my future with you so it doesn’t matter” he said sternly.
” but I want to tell” she sit beside him on bed.
” of course you can” he said though he has little fear that she will tell about her past love which will definitely hurt him but he won’t show.
” it was my bhai and bhabi’s child” she started and sanskar looked at her in dilemma but didn’t interpreted.
” my bhabi was having problem in conceiving so I became surrogate mother of their child with medical treatment” she said taking deep breathe.
Sanskar was shocked as he didn’t expected this.
” where are they??” He asked.
” I was one month pregnant with their child when they died in accident. I was totally broken, they were my everything. My bhai was never ready for my surrogacy as he cares for me alot but I want to give him happiness. After their death I thought to live for baby and nourish him as my own child” she was unable to complete as she was crying.
Sanskar give her water and side hugged her.
” when you met me I was 3 months pregnant. Some relatives asked me to give my whole property to them as no one was with me. I refused to give bcoz I have to take care of the baby. They ill treated me and beat me and finally surrendering ,I signed property papers. But still I failed to save the child. That night I was having no place and was injured and came in front of your car” swara completed with great difficulty gulping her tears.
Tears form in Sanskar’s eyes also knowing how much his love suffered and at the top his behavior was making him feel more and more guilty.
” thanks for listening” swara wiped her tears moving away from his arms.
” you can take your time swara I can’t even think how much you have suffered. I used to come at night to see you and never knew behind this pretty innocent face there is so much pain”. He said while swara smile sadly.
” good night” swara said thinking that he will leave.
” first you sleep then I will go” he said
Swara stare him blankly
” plz” he requested for the very first time so she nodded and lie on the bed. Soon when Sanskar felt that she slept, he got up. Kissing her forehead and switching off the light he left from there.

Next day:
Swara talked nicely with sanskar but didn’t reacted on his confession.
They trio are sitting in the hall. Sanskar is busy on laptop and swara is reading newspaper.
“Mom listen this breaking news” swara said giving a look to sanskar but he was totally indulged in his lappy not to forget he is workaholic.
” tell tell” sujata is excited.
” one man got heart attack bcoz he was tooo arrogant” she press her lips.
” what???? Sanskar stop being arrogant” sujata got worried for him.
Swara was suppressing her laugh.
” okay” sanskar give fake smile to sujata who ran to kitchen as she remember about the milk she kept for boiling.
Sanskar smirk and went near swara while she gulp her saliva.
” show me that news” Sanskar lean on her and she fell on sofa completely.
” wo its not there” she whispered looking down.
” then making fun of me??” He move more closer.
” mom” swara said looking back. Sanskar instantly moved back.
Swara giggles and ran to kitchen and sanskar realizes she made him fool.
He smile and again got busy in his work.

Sanskar’s POV:
I enter in my room all devastated and tired due to the over work in office only to see my beautiful wife setting bed. She look really breath taking in that royal blue simple saree. It’s been 6 months since we are married. She married me as mom wants and swara accepted on our first night that she also love me and it feel heavenly when your love reciprocate your feelings. But still we didn’t took our marriage ahead. To be honest it is really torcher to be near her but not to touch her. Just kidding nothing like that she is with me and that’s enough for me. Ohh she noticed me..
Sanskar’s POV ends.

” sanskar you came” swara said looking at him.
“Hmm” sanskar came closer and back hugged her.
” you look tired?” Swara brushed her hands in his already messy hairs and lossen his tie turning towards him.
” I’m okay” Sanskar nuzzles his nose in her cheeks later leaving wet kisses there.
” I need you” Sanskar look intensely in her eyes with his tried once.
” I’m always yours” swara said kissing his cheeks.
Sanskar smile and lean on her as the result they fall on the bed with sanskar on the top.
Sanskar pull her more close to him and started kissing her neck caressing her waist under the saree.
Swara’s hand crawl in his hairs pulling him closer.
” sanskar dinner” swara said as she remembered he didn’t took dinner.
” you had?” Sanskar asked not leaving her skin.
” hmm” she was so lost in his touch to speak anything.
” I don’t want to have” sanskar stare in her eyes and then placing his lips on her and kissing softly. His one hand caress her bare back opening the string of her saree.
” Sanskarrr” she mourn as he bite her lower lips.
Later, after their passionate love making Sanskar took swara in his embrace covering them with the single comforter. Sanskar’s one hand is wrapped around swara while with the other hand’s fingers swara is playing.
” swara” Sanskar said
“Hmm” she look at him who was already staring her.
” you want to meet your relatives in the court” he asked.
” no plz just leave them” swara was scared as she remembered those worst days.
” I had taken your brother’s company back and I will merge it with mine.Even I had filed case against them of blackmailing” Sanskar said casually.
” when you did all this?” Swara was shocked.
” from last few months I was doing and then trapped them” sanskar said
” I don’t want to see their faces and you have my brother’s company that’s enough”Swara hugged him tightly not willing to face her past again.
” don’t worry I will handle” with that he placed a soft kiss at her forehead.

Next morning:
” What the hell!!! I want him in my office otherwise he can resign” Sanskar yelled on the phone. They are still lying in each other’s embrace.
Swara opened her eyes and look up to see her angry husband.
” it will be better” he said sternly on phone and cut it .
” you start shouting in the early morning” swara nuzzles herself more in his chest.
” huh!!! My employees irritate me what can I do” Sanskar justify himself.
” control your temper” swara said
” that only I can’t do whenever I try to act politely it comes out to be angry one” sanskar reasoned.
” yeah!! How can I forget after all you are Arrogant Maheshwari” Swara teases him.
Sanskar smirk and instantly turn taking her beneath him.
” Sanskar what are you doing?” Swara said as he started kissing her cheeks.
” let me show what this arrogant maheshwari can do” he smirk and before Swara could say anything he seal her lips with his and they kissed each other passionately.

After 2 years, swasan are blessed with baby boy whose name they kept after swara’s brother ” Sanjay Maheshwari”.

The End

I hope it was Worth reading bcoz to cover so many things in one shot become little difficult.

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